TRA TV & Podcast #1 How to Read Tarot Like a Natural Intuitive with Kate the Daily Tarot Girl

TRA TV & Podcast #1 How to Read Tarot Like a Natural Intuitive with Kate the Daily Tarot Girl

In this episode, Kate, the Daily Tarot Girl and I discuss what intuitive reading is, the main benefits of it and much more!
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In this Tarot Readers Academy TV & Podcast Episode Kate, the Daily Tarot Girl explores how to read tarot like a natural intuitive with us.

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What is Intuitive Tarot Reading?

I feel like this idea of reading the tarot intuitively a lot of people aren’t sure how to do it. Often the type of people who are drawn to tarot are naturally intuitive people, but it’s not always obvious how to incorporate your intuition and intuitive gifts into tarot reading.

Basically, there are two ways to read the tarot. The first is to read it with your left brain, from your intellect.  You draw on your knowledge of the card (its symbols, numbers and suits) and its meaning.

Then there is this other way of reading where you use your feelings, emotions and the five senses to get a feel for the card.  The process is different. When you try to read that card from the mind only, you’re looking at the card from a knowledge base. But when you read with your intuition, you’re allowing the card to communicate with you.

Reading intuitively is something we can all do. Ideally, you want to combine reading intuitively with the knowledge you have about what the cards mean.

The secret of reading intuitively is being relaxed and letting go of expectations around specific goals or outcomes.  When reading for clients, who are question oriented and want an answer, I will always answer the question, but I spend most of the reading talking about the journey to the answer and being ok with it being a process and that every card in that progression or in that reading  gives you a little bit more to go on and has just as much to offer you as the answer by reading what the card does.

Reading intuitively should feel kind of fun and I think if you approach the cards with the spirit of fun and lightness and exploration, that’s going to help your intuition come out of hiding. When we’re really serious with the cards that can be a big block to overcome. Our intuition doesn’t want to come out when we’re really serious or if we’re really tense when doing a reading. Joy should be part of the recipe when it comes to working with the tarot.

What are the main benefits of intuitive tarot reading?

I find working intuition into the mix enables you to find creative and surprising solutions to problems. When I read intuitively it helps me to connect with my inner calm and renews my sense of enthusiasm for the tarot.

What are some of the roadblocks to reading tarot intuitively?

Fear is the biggest roadblock. We’re afraid of looking stupid and getting it “wrong”, especially if we’re new to the tarot or haven’t been reading for long. We can also be afraid of opening up a can of worms – that we will suddenly know things or see things that you don’t really want to know and that can be overwhelming. But that’s not the case at all. I believe that we aren’t given things that we aren’t supposed to see or that we are unable to deal with. Intuitive reading is just another tool to use in your tarot readings.

Another roadblock to learning the tarot is that people feel they have to memorize all the tarot meanings right off the bat and that’s so overwhelming because there are so many cards. Yes, it’s important but have fun with your deck. Spend time looking through the cards and getting to know your deck. You don’t have to focus 100% on memorizing the meaning of the cards.

What are some of the ways to connect with a new deck?

When I get a new deck, I love to interview my deck, so I’ll ask it what card sums up your personality? Or do you have any areas of expertise? What do you look for in a tarot reader? Think about your deck as if it was a person. It’s a fun way to get to know your deck and to connect with it. The stronger your connection to the deck, the better the readings will be.

How often do you change the decks you use?

When I use a deck for too long I start saying the same things when I get certain cards and by swapping out decks seasonally or every couple of months it helps me see the cards in a different light. Not only does that help me have a much broader understanding of the cards but it does really challenge your intuition so that you don’t get stuck in a rut. I encourage people to have more than one deck for that reason.

Kate has a free resource to help you work with your intuitive reading. There is a 30-minute video and worksheet and it’s called The Four Secrets to Amazing Tarot Reading. And it’s basically very similar to what we talked about today. There are some exercises and tips and fun worksheet so if you like what we’ve discussed in this interview you might like this free class.

Kate also has a 4-week online course and it’s called the Daily Tarot Girl’s Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading. Each week you get 4 to 5 new video lessons with accompanying worksheets. There’s a private Facebook group for members of the course and that’s where you can ask Kate questions, interact with fellow students, practise some of your skills. There’s going to be weekly challenges with prizes. A Facebook live event each week where you can ask questions and chat about tarot. The course is fully downloadable, and you will have lifetime access. The course is for beginners and intermediate tarot students who want to learn how to read tarot with more skill, more intuition and more confidence. Classes start Oct 31st.

Kate also does tarot mentoring which is a one on one service private tarot lesson.

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