Imbolc Blessings and Vegan Apple Crumble Pie

Imbolc Blessings and Vegan Apple Crumble Pie

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While preparing food for our Imbolc feast I originally started out with the idea of making Vegan Apple Crumble. While the apples where cooking I got rather adventurous and decided to make it into a pie. Now the last time I made pie, which was a yummy cherry pie, I burnt myself and the pastry broke several times. It made me rather frustrated and I still have a scar from the burn but I didn’t want to let that stop me from being a master baker of pies. So instead of following a recipe for short crust pastry I made my own. (I did follow rough recipes that I know by memory, but don’t ask me to tell you the measurements for anything)
I used self raising flour, nutlex (vegan butter essentially) cinnamon (everything can use more cinnamon) brown sugar and oat milk. The pastry worked so well and I even made star cookies with the left overs and iced some of them with maple icing (so good!) I am pretty happy with my efforts. The actual filling is just apple, cinnamon and a little brown sugar and the topping is rolled oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and some more nutlex to keep it together. It tasted pretty friggin awesome too!
Never mind the cracks in the pie base. Trust me when I say it is better than my first attempt. 
Best warm with custard!
The ritual for Imbolc was intimate and very inspired. Brigid was invoked into circle to bring the light and inspiration back into our lives. As the seasons change and the days get warmer the inner light reflects the growing strength of the sun. 
Reading through the Ritual, this is my owl mug and my hand 🙂
Imbolc Ritual Altar
The flames of the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

Until Next week...

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