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King of Swords – Blog Hop Post for International Tarot Day



I’m so happy to be taking part in the very first International Tarot Day Blog Hop! You can find the previous post on The Queen of Swords HERE.

I am joining 78 other Tarot bloggers from around the world celebrating today on this blog hop. We have each chosen a Tarot card to talk about.

My card for today is the King of Swords.

In this video and post, I am going to talk about how we can evoke the Archetype of the King of Swords to apply their energy into your life and business for positive impact. I have also created a Tarot Spread for you around the King of Swords to help you get focused and use with your projects and manifestation goals.

Let’s get to know this King

I see the Tarot Court as the people and personalities of the Tarot and in our lives. This is why they include representing our own personal archetypes. I believe that we can be any of the Tarot Court in different aspects and roles in our lives. I see the power and message of the Tarot Court as their title, not as their assigned gender that we can see in different decks.

The King of Swords illustration woman holding a single upright sword

I also have my own personal Tarot Court archetypes and am hoping that my book on this will be available next year. So you may find that I see the King of Swords in a different light to you and that is cool. As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

The King of Swords is the Scientist / Expert in my archetype system. This is the person you go to when you need someone who is the subject matter expert in their field. They are often laser-focused on their work and have dedicated a substantial part of their lives to their particular field.

The King of Swords is not someone you go to for a cup of tea and a chat about life. This is the professor you listen to at a university or the advisor you hire for their golden knowledge.

This is the perfect archetype to consult and invoke if you are feeling as though you have lost your direction or need to refocus on your work. They will share with you sound, logical advice and be able to do so without having an emotional attachment to you or the outcome. While this may sound a little harsh, it is perfect when you are getting in your own way or have a lot of people trying to get you to choose a path that is also going to benefit them.

The next time you get stuck or can’t seem to plot your path forward here are a few ways you can embody this archetype and work with this expert’s energy:

  • Ask yourself, What would Spock do? He is one of my favourite pop culture representations of the King of Swords. If Spock doesn’t work for you, you can also ask what would Sherlock do? Then take that advice.
  • Consult an actual expert in that field, whether that is going to see you reading a book by an expert or booking a consultant. Know when you have reached your limit and who can help you get to the next level.
  • Carry out the King of Swords Tarot spread below.

King of Swords Tarot Spread – Cut the Crap

The King of Swords does not mess around and wants to get straight to the point. This King of Swords Tarot Spread is just that, simple and to the point. It can be used when you are feeling as though there is way too much trying to get your attention or you have too much to do

To add the King of Swords energy to this spread more, you can take that card out of your Tarot deck and place that in front of you as a point of focus while you shuffle the deck. As The King of Swords is the expert, treat this reading as if you were asking this archetype for expert advice.

  1. Focus – Get back on track by focusing on this
  2. Forget – This is a distraction
  3. Forward – The next step or action to take

I want to take a moment to thank Bree from Nyms Divination for being the blog wrangler and the other members of the Tarot Nerds FB Group for being on this blog hop.

I will place the link to the Blog Hop below and come and check out the amazing work our community has provided this International Tarot day.

I hope you all have been enjoying this very first International Tarot Day blog hop! Please visit Maria’s blog read all about The Three of Cups.


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