Tarot Readers Guide to Mercury Retrograde and MR Tarot Spread

Tarot Readers Guide to Mercury Retrograde and MR Tarot Spread

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that occurs approximately three to four times a year when the planet Mercury appears to move backward in its orbit when viewed from Earth.

Mercury will be in retrograde three times in 2024.

  1. April 1 – April 25th
  2. August 5 – August 27
  3. November 25 – December 15

Mercury Retrograde is a time known for its potential to stir confusion, delay plans, and unearth misunderstandings. Still, it’s also a powerful period for reevaluation, revisiting old projects, and internal growth.

Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread

This seven-card spread is designed to help harness the reflective energy of Mercury Retrograde, offering insights into how to navigate these turbulent times best.




  1. The Messenger: Your current communication challenges, where you need to be more precise or where you need to hear others better.
  2. The Trickster: The area of your life or a project that may benefit from a second look. Think revisiting, reviewing, and refining.
  3. The Crossroads: The decisions or commitments you might need to reconsider or approach more cautiously.
  4. The Tech Glitch: Advice on how to mitigate technical issues or where to be more vigilant.
  5. The Reflection: The aspects of your inner self or life that you should reflect upon during this time.
  6. The Lesson: The lessons or growth opportunities presented by the current retrograde period will help you evolve and adapt.
  7. The Path Forward: How to move forward with the insights and lessons learned.

If you want to learn more about the astrological significance of Mercury Retrograde, keep scrolling. I’ve provided some information to help you understand and navigate these MR times.

All About Mercury Retrograde

MR is the result of an optical illusion. The difference in the orbital speeds of Earth and Mercury around the Sun makes it appear that Mercury is moving backward. Mercury Retrograde periods are often associated with confusion, delay, and frustration in various aspects of life, including communication, travel, technology, and contractual agreements. These associations stem from Mercury’s role in astrology.

The Astrology of Mercury

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that governs communication, intelligence, technology, and travel. It is connected to the Greek God Hermes and the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. It influences how we think, communicate, and interpret information. Mercury is also associated with commerce, trade, and the logistical aspects of day-to-day life. Given its influence over such critical areas, when Mercury goes retrograde, those areas are said to be disrupted or go “awry.”

What can Happen when Mercury is in Retrograde?

  • Communication Breakdowns: Since Mercury rules communication, retrograde periods are famously associated with misunderstandings, miscommunications, and difficulties expressing thoughts clearly. Astrologers advise against signing contracts, making important agreements, or starting new ventures that require clear communication during Mercury Retrograde.
  • Travel and Technological Glitches: Mercury’s influence over travel and technology means these areas are also prone to disruptions. Travel plans may face more complications, and electronic devices or software are more likely to malfunction. Astrologers might recommend backing up important data before Mercury Retrograde and being more flexible with travel plans.
  • Revisiting the Past: Mercury Retrograde is a good time for “re” activities: revising, revisiting, reviewing, and reflecting. It’s an opportunity to pause and reconsider decisions, resolve past issues, or complete unfinished projects. This reflective aspect is often highlighted as a positive side of Mercury Retrograde, encouraging individuals to slow down and reassess their paths.
  • Internal Growth: Mercury’s retrograde’s introspective nature is also seen as a period for internal growth. It’s a time to reflect on personal growth, communication styles, and how we process and share information. This can lead to significant personal insights and improvements in how we relate to others.

How to Navigate Mercury Retrograde

Here are some tips for navigating Mercury Retrograde periods more smoothly:

  • Double-check all forms of communication and travel plans.
  • Avoid signing new contracts or starting significant new projects if possible.
  • Use this time for introspection, revisiting old projects, and resolving past misunderstandings.
  • Practice patience and flexibility, as delays and plan changes are more likely.

Despite its challenges, Mercury Retrograde is not all doom and gloom. Many astrologers emphasize its potential for positive growth and reflection. By understanding its influence and adjusting actions accordingly, individuals can navigate these periods with less frustration and more grace, using them as opportunities for improvement and careful thought.

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