My Tarot Deck Just Broke Up with Me!

My Tarot Deck Just Broke Up with Me!

What to do when you have a deck that no longer speaks to you

What do you do when you don’t resonate with a Tarot Deck?

I’m going to paint you a picture.

It’s your Birthday and you are so excited because you hope that you are going to be gifted a new Tarot Deck! (Yes!)

You unwrap your presents and you do in fact get a new Tarot Deck but you find it downright ugly and you don’t resonate with it at all.

What do you do?

Or you have been working with a deck for some time now and you aren’t connecting with it as much as you used to. Readings aren’t clear, even after you have smudged it and the images aren’t speaking to you anymore.

What? Did your Tarot deck just break up with you?

Two different scenarios, same outcomes.

So what do you do?

This is the subject of this week’s episode of the Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Cafe.

My passionate plea about not burning the deck or just throwing it away is because I am extremely passionate about unnecessary waste and our environment. There is no need to put a deck to flames unless you desperately need to start a fire for survival and you have NOTHING else. It’s so wasteful and you are robbing someone else of a gift.

You can:

  • Gift it to another community member or swap it
  • Take it to a second hand book store and get store credit
  • Sell it (see below for some suggested sites)
  • Host a giveaway on your social media account
  • Donate it to a thrift store

Here are some places that you can gift or sell your unwanted Tarot or Oracle Decks.

The Tarot Marketplace –

Tarot Collectors Forum –

Ebay –

Have you ever had a deck that no longer speaks to you? What did you do?
Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Apprentice

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