New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread and Moon Energies

New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread and Moon Energies

There is a whole lotta Leo coming our way in the next 30 days. The New Moon in Leo on the 23rd of July is the first of the TWO New Moon in Leo’s we are going to experience in the next two calendar months (that is some rare mystical shit right there). total solar eclipse along with the 21st of August Leo Moon.

And, then there is also total solar eclipse along with the 21st of August Leo Moon.

That is a heck of a lot of bold ass energy being sent our way. I am going to be sharing some of the energies for the moon and my New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread and sharing a sample reading of the spread.

New Moon in Leo Scope

‘Love is a Battlefield’ or that is at least how it is going to feel to many of us. With Leo’s fire (not to mention the energy of Mars), you may feel like fighting or just walking away without looking back. While stress can sometimes show us what we are made of, and show us other people’s true colors, fighting for the sake of it can be damaging to personal relationships. Go to a boxing class instead (I shit you not, Eye of the Tiger started to play as I was writing this).

It is a wonderful time to get in touch with your inner child and play, or spice it up and role play in the boudoir. Have some fun. If you need a good Spotify playlist to inspire you, this 80’s Smash Hits is giving me life at the moment.

Leo energy has a bit of a bad rap for being selfish and wanting ALL of the attention, while that can be the case, sometimes we need to have some attention and we all have needs. It is time to speak up, stand up, shine bright and allow yourself to take up space. You matter. Oh and I am a huge believer in the Parks & Recreation Treat Yo’Self movement.  (Side note, I love that show so hard)

Back to the battlefield for a moment, it is a good idea to check your pride around this New Moon. If you are finding that you are being maybe a little too cocky and closed off, move that energy into the warm openness that Leo energy is also known for.

There is little use in trying to make long term plans or try to lay foundations at this time. Things are going to be moving all over the place. It is better to tackle short term goals and get shit done. Lay siege to your to-do list.

Extra Leo points if you:

  • Ask someone you fancy out on a date
  • Do something nice for yourself that you wouldn’t usually do
  • Plan a romantic date for your boo
  • Finally sing that karaoke song you have been longing in your heart to sing


If you show me on Facebook or IG that you have done these things, you’ll go into a draw for a Tarot deck.

The New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

You can use this Tarot Spread for both of the New Moons in Leo. Note that with the Solar eclipse in August 2017 alongside the New Moon you may find your readings to be very different. It is a really great opportunity to check in and see what has moved, what could use a shake up and where you have progressed in the time between the two Lion New moons.

This Tarot Spread is focused on the energies of the New Moon. You can do your reading before the New Moon or on the night.

Playful lioness – Where/how can I be more playful in my life?
Rocky babe – Where should I use all that warrior energy?
Action star – Where do I need to take action?
Open heart – Where am I being asked to be more open?

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Until Next week...

3 thoughts on “New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread and Moon Energies”

  1. You or someone else must have shared this somewhere on Facebook because that’s how I found it. Can’t find the post though. But anyway just did this and all 4 cards were majors so I thought I’d share.
    1. Death – Lots of change and transformation in my life right now and it’s telling me to chill.
    2. Temperance – Need to focus on my purpose in life.
    3. Empress: My creative endeavours. There is writing to do!
    4. The World: I need to share my life and story more openly so that I can use it to help others.

    Thanks for the spread!


  2. Hi Ethony!

    Always looking forward to your New Moon blogs and spreads! They are great! With the moon (new or full) in Leo I too always feel that goddess warrior energy 😉 Today I already did your beautiful New Moon in Leo spread and with the second question I came up with the Tower ….And the third one came up with the Queen of Wands, which I always consider a bit as my warrior queen 😉 I guess it is going to be a feisty month…..

    Lots of love from Holland!

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