New Moon In Scorpio Tarot Spread

Hi Tarot Tribe. We are coming up to New Moon time again soon. We have the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th of November in 2017 and like with all New Moons, it is a wonderful time to set goals for the coming lunar cycle.

I have a new Tarot spread for you all, of course, and I also wanted to share with you a little bit about the energies of the New Moon in Scorpio and how we can work with the cosmic vibes at this time.

As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

There is something very sexy about the sign of Scorpio. It is mysterious, deep and Scorpios often have an air of magic around them. All of this energy can be felt in the air when the moon is in this sign.

Scorpio is a very psychic sign, which means that reading your cards and working with any form of divination at this time is going to benefit from the extra psychic juju around.

Intense is a word that is used a lot when speaking of Scorpio energy. Couple this with Scorpio’s tendency to hold onto old grudges and not letting go of pain from the past, and you may find old wounds come up to finally be healed and let go of. This may be disruptive, but it will be an opportunity for you to finally move on.

If you find that people are looking for a reason to fight or even mope around, be authentic with your own energy, keep your personal and energetic boundaries, and spend some time alone to re-charge.

With all of those Moon energies in mind, let’s look now at the New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread.

New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread

This Tarot Spread can be used at the New Moon in Scorpio every calendar year. This spread looks at supporting you through releasing outdated beliefs and holding your own inner peace during this moon cycle.

  1. What needs transforming at this time? (gain additional insight from the suit of the Tarot card)
  2. What do I need to let go of?
  3. How can I best cultivate inner peace?
  4. How can I best heal old pain?
  5. What do my guides want to tell me going into this moon cycle?

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Theme song for this New Moon – The one and only Frank Ocean who is a Scorpio is providing some deep tunes for this season.

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