New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread

Theme song – Let’s get physical (I mean who doesn’t love some Olivia Newton John in 80’s workout gear?) I am going to be sharing the energies around this New Moon and my New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread with you all today. As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

There are a lot of P’s in this post and these are the keywords that this New Moon in Taurus is aligned with. The Tarot Spread for this moon is centered around these P’s. I am going to run through each one of them and then we can take a look at the Tarot Spread and I will do a sample reading.


There are times when dreaming big, huge, imaginative and downright wacky is totally the way forward. Now I am not saying don’t stop doing that, ever, but also don’t forget to look at some of the practical things in life. Yeah it may be boring but it makes life easier. Things like checking your car’s fluids and tyres, taxes filed, paperwork done and spring cleaning.

If you are working on projects embrace this energy to get things done. Cut the red tape and stop over thinking things. Done is better than perfect and you don’t know what is going to work and what is not going to work until you try. #getitdoneson


I have to admit it, this is not my strong suit and it doesn’t help that our western society is built to celebrate and feed instant gratification. That is why practices that encourage patience are valuable. They are can also be triggering, just see how people act when you tell them they can’t have the thing they want straight away. Like it or lump it there are things that are out of our control and we are best to give it some room and be patient. If you are forcing things at this time, it may be a sign.


We are moving into May, so we are well and truly into 2017 and man are we being tested this year. Looking at where you are spending your energy right now can help you ascertain what is a good investment for you time and effort. There will be worthwhile projects, relationships and goals that totally need our attention. Others may need a trim with a good pair of weed wackers and be used for mulch. Check in with yourself and get clear on what you want to focus on for the next moon cycle.

Physical Value

Looking at your finances is a good idea at this time. Where we spend our money shows what we value. Bringing your awareness to what you are spending your money on and even tracking it for a few days is an incredible powerful exercise. Getting financial goals, both personally and professionally is also encouraged. Magic and Manifestation with increasing money flow is so aligned with this New Moon and something that I know I will be doing.


This New Moon in Taurus is a moon that will see us in our bodies and wanting to explore our desires. This is through the connection to Venus (Taurus ruling planet) and the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. So don’t be surprised if you are a little frisky. #staysafehavefun

New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread

Now that we have looked at some of the pillars of this New Moon, I am going to change camera and dive into the New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread.

This Tarot Spread is a way to look at implementing and applying the energies of the New Moon in Taurus into your life and spiritual practice.

Practical – Where can you be more practical?
Patience – Where can you apply more patience?
Perseverance – What requires you to just keep going?
Physical – What does your body need
Passion – How can you express/embody your desires

New Moon in Taurus with words

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