Northwest Tarot Symposium Recap 2019

Hi Tarot lovelies today I am going to recap my weekend in Portland for the Northwest Tarot Symposium 2019. I share a lot of what I purchased over the weekend on the video so if you are not into haul videos please click away now.

I drove down, or should I say, Michelle drove us down, Thursday early in the morning to Portland. Michelle is my friend from EOChakra Products and Jillian is the creator of the Naked Heart Tarot. I love me a gals road trip. We managed to get to New Renaissance books on the way to the hotel which is one of my top three must, stops in Portland.

Then we checked in and got ready for the annual pre-NWTS dinner at the Olive Garden. We descended on the Olive Garden for the second year in a row. Yes, they let us back. I wish to the Gods that places in the US would let you reserve your table, they do this in Canada too you have to wait for ages and it is just so annoying. I don’t get it, it saves no one time and you can always give peoples tables to walk-ins if they don’t show for their reservation it is just so infuriating. Dinner was awesome, so it was worth the wait but that is because of the company. They at least gave us a table to put our decks on that we wanted to sell and swap with each other as we do every meetup. Then it was time for bed.

Friday was a long day. If you are ever going to vend (which I thought was well worth it) know that Friday is the busiest and longest day. You have to get set up and then be there at your booth until 9 pm.

I did manage to get to a couple of booths to make some purchases. I got the Tarot of Brass and Steam and Ethereal Visions Tarot from the Tarot Garden.

Saturday I was unable to get out of bed until 2 pm, the spirit was willing the body was not having a bar of it! I am sorry about missing all of the people I missed on Saturday.

I did a lovely live talk with Amie Mouser on FB which was super fun. No shopping for me on Saturday it was a quiet purchasing day.

Sunday I was ready to speak and able to make the whole day. Thank you to Kayti from 78 Tarot for helping me set up. I had a great time sharing my experiences on Tarot Rituals and Sacred Space in Tarot Readings.  After that, I got to do some last shopping at the Ravens Wing table, so glad they had a stall as I was unable to make it. I purchased crystals from Global Minerals and other goodies from Plum Deluxe teas. I was so lucky to speak to so many lovely people and connect with new and old friends.

Then we packed it all away and had another amazing dinner with some Tarot folks and then it was bed! No partying for me this year being miss sick and all.

We drove home Monday really early, unfortunately, had to miss the professional development day. We also missed going to Raven’s Wing which is one of my favourite shops in all of Portland as we left at 6 am.

A lot of my time at NWTS was spent at the table. My head was also really fuzzy too as I was on so much cold and flu medication that I would not have been able to take much in if I were to go to the talks so it was probably best for me to sit and socialise with people.

Thank you to everyone who came by and said hello, to the new and old friends at this event, you make it all worth going to. To Michelle and Jillian who helped make this weekend possible as I was so sick and they were so supportive and did not mind going to the Cheesecake Factory over and over again. We don’t have it in Canada and I love it.

Congratulations and thank you to the NWTS team for putting on a fantastic event.

Here are all of the links!

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Tuesday I got hit with one of the worst migraines I have ever had, a fever and told by the Dr I had bronchitis and needed to be in bed. I could barely move. Then I spent the next five days in bed fighting fevers and trying to heal. They at least went away Friday morning at like 3am.

So this is the personal part. I want to give a massive huge shout out to my son’s father and co-parent for being just great while I was sick. I am so lucky to have the friendship that I have with him and I am not sure what I would have done without him that week. Another big thank you to my sister Jaime who came and was my Dr on Friday and helped me with my son while I was stuck in bed. To my PA/AA Sammi for everything during the week.

I am so looking forward to NWTS in 2020 and I plan on being healthy and attending talks next year.

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    Posted at 12:14h, 12 March Reply

    beautiful labradorite! Re The secret teachings: apparently there are different versions and publications; could you recommend one in particular (presumably the one you bought?). Thanks!

    • Ethony
      Posted at 10:46h, 18 March Reply

      Which product are you looking for specifically lovely?

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