NYE 2015 Tarot Spread

2015 BannerSo here we are Folks, the last days of 2014.

It always seems to arrive so quickly.

I have a 2015 Tarot Spread if you want to take a peak at what is in store for you in 2015.

I did the Tarot Spread myself to see what energies are going to be around for the coming year.

Ethony New Years 2015 Tarot Spread

NYE Tarot Spread
1. Celebrate – (What to be grateful for) Queen of Pentacles – She is the Earth Mother Archetype. Perfect for me becoming a mother the first time. It is really a reminder that even though I am often tired I have so much to the thankful for every day. I love the artists statement about her nudity representing being secure in her own skin and her abilities.

NYE Tarot Spread 22. Leave Behind – (What to leave behind in 2014, it no longer serves you) Six of Cups – Maybe I am reminiscing too much about how things ‘used to be’ and it is time to quit it.

Eight of Pentacles3. Jan – Mar 2015 – (The energies around you during these months) Eight of Pentacles – Lots of hard work and dedication. Which is pretty exciting because I have a lot of projects I can’t wait to work on. I love that feeling and I love my job.

Knight of Swords4. Apr – Jun 2015 – (The energies around you during these months) Knight of Swords – The get shit done card but it can also be a little hectic to it is time to button down the hatches and hold on tight. It is also a reminder to think before I speak.

NYE Tarot Ace of Pentacles5. Jul – Sept 2015 – (The energies around you during these months) Ace of Pentacles – Abundance, new prosperity and finances and new job opportunities. It also is a beautiful visual reminder to reconnect with nature.

NYE Tarot Death6. Oct – Dec 2015 – (The energies around you during these months) Death – Endings and beginnings. Transformation. It will be interesting to see where in my life this manifests.

The Emperor Tarot7. Theme for 2015 – (The energies around you during these months) The Emperor – Leadership, success, planning long term, being tactical. Not giving up when things get a little hard. Awesome card for the year. It also feels like a direct progression through the Major Arcana as I was very much in The Empress mode this year.

Aura-Soma 079I was so drawn to the first two cards. They both have the same colour scheme. What are the odds of that for a deck that was created by 78 different artists? They remind me of the 79th Aura-Soma bottle – Orange/Violet Ostrich Bottle which is all about deep insight used in service. These colour vibrations are something I am going to have to keep in mind as they are in a present position and a letting go position.

An interesting insight for 2015 for sure.



Tarot Deck Used – 78 Tarot

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