#TarotToolsTrio VR to Brian Cormack Carr

Have you seen the #TarotToolsTrio YouTube tag that Brian Cormack Carr has created?

No? Well, let me introduce you to it through my video response.

The idea behind the Tag is that you are in a situation where you do not have access to your full Tarot arsenal, collection, and library. What tools essentially would you use as absolute essentials?

There is also a giveaway happening for those who reply to the Tag for the next couple of weeks. You can find out more in the original video. I have also linked to it in my video response over on YouTube.

First Category – 3 Absolutely Essential Tarot Decks

Centennial Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Bad Bitches Tarot

Aura-Soma Tarot

Here’s a resource if you want to find out more about the Aura-Soma system and Tarot.

Second Category – 3 Absolutely Essential Tarot Books (non LWB)

The Heart of Tarot

Spiritual Tarot

Learning the Tarot – Joan Bunning

Third Category – 3 Absolutely Essential Tarot Spreads

Ethony’s Five Card Spread

Three Card Spreads

Action Oriented Tarot Spread

Action Tarot Spread Ethony

  1. Do More
  2. Do Less
  3. Embrace
  4. Release

My Essential Wild Card

EOChakra Spray – Speak Your Truth

Thank you to Brian for a really great Tag and I hope you enjoyed it along with the new Tarot Spread.


Interested In Joining In?

See Brian’s original video for more details.

***RULES FOR THE #TarotToolsTrio TAG***

Imagine you don’t have access to your full library of tarot tools but you DO have your handy, portable tarot toolkit with you, so you can deal with any tarot emergencies that might arise. Someone in need? Maybe that someone is yourself. NO PROBLEM – #TarotToolsTrio to the rescue!

Share your:
– 3 Absolutely Essential Tarot Decks
– 3 Absolutely Essential Tarot Books (general ones – not LWBs or books associated with a particular deck…)
– 3 Absolutely Essential Tarot Spreads…
….plus ONE ‘wildcard’ tool (any additional deck, book, spread…or something else…that you’d just HAVE to include in your toolkit).

You can do it in a single video (as I’ve done) – or you can do it in several. It’s entirely up to you…

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