The Compassionate Witch, A Sneak Peak Into April’s Awakened Soul Coven

The Compassionate Witch, A Sneak Peak Into April’s Awakened Soul Coven

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Each month in the Awakened Soul Coven we work with a Goddess, exploring in a facet of them and bringing it into our life and practice of the craft.

In April we are working with the Goddess Kuan Yin, the Chinese Buddhist Goddess of compassion, loving kindness, and mercy.

The energy you put out in the world is important to your quality of life, the success of your spellcasting, and your impact on the world around you. Compassion has the power to heal and create peace – both in yourself and others.

Kuan Yin is the omnipresent mother and extends her unconditional love to all beings, and teaches us how to embody those qualities.

Here’s how we are exploring Kuan Yin’s teachings of unconditional love in The Coven this month:

full moon ritual

Making A Petition Of Forgiveness During The Full Moon Ritual

Our full moon this month is another Libra. Libra is about peace, harmony, and balance, perfect elements to complement working with Kuan Yin.

In the Full Moon Ritual on April 18th, we’ll be calling in Kuan Yin as we create a petition of forgiveness to break the cycle of anger, shame, and guilt with another.

Sometimes when we hold onto hurt, we find little, subtle ways to punish the person who hurt us. A situation like this is a good choice for performing this forgiveness ritual with. This will allow you to make the choice to act with mercy, rather than repeating the same pattern that creates negative karma.

You’ll receive a beautifully designed Full Moon Ritual Guide, prep infographic, and an image of Kuan Yin for your altar.  For those who can’t make the live video call, it is recorded for replay.

Create A Space Clearing Fan During The Witch’s Workshop

One of the highlights of the month is the Witch’s Workshop. Every month we work on a new activity that will enhance your magical practice on a live video call.

In the Witch’s Workshop on April 8th, we are making a space clearing fan that you can use to help move your sage or sweet braid smoke through your space before rituals and as part of your regular energetic hygiene.

For those who can’t make the live video call, it is recorded for replay.

Practice Loving Kindness With A Guided Meditation

The meditation this month is the Buddhist Meditation of Loving Kindness. We’ll meet with Kuan Yin and have her guide us through this beautiful meditation that you can add to the end of any meditation to share the merits of your practice for the good of all beings.

The meditation is available for download so you can use it any time.

Participate In The Kindness Challenge

Each day in April we’ll be looking for a way to be kind to others without expecting anything in return. At the end of the month, we’ll create a combined list from everyone who participated so we can see all the good we’ve shared as a group. Included is a 30 day journal.

Connect with Amazing Witches From Around The World

Not only will you benefit from having access to myself, a high priestess with over 20 years experience, you’ll be able to access hundreds of years of collective practices from different cultures from the Coven members.

Our group of modern witches range from maiden to crone will encourage, empower, inspire, support, lend and share resources, cheer you on, give you space to share what’s happening with your life.

With membership, you’ll get access to the Awakened Soul Coven’s private Facebook Group.

Find out more about the Awakened Soul Coven.

Until Next week...

  • Freda Grossman
    Posted at 14:57h, 06 April Reply

    Hi Ethony, . I am in Melbourne Australia, and would dearly love to meet up with any local witches or maybe a coven. Not the commercial kind that are only interested in selling things just the friendship kind. I live alone with a very small circle of friends, as most of them have passed over I am 86 years old, and exist on age pension. I have been reading tarot over the internet no money just for feedback, as I am an aspiring reader and this is the only way I can get practice. I love your weekly letters, and have followed most of your hints re reading. Blessed be Freda

    • Ethony
      Posted at 20:07h, 08 April Reply

      There are a few Australian witches in the AWC there is also a lot of meetups in Australia for witches.

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