The Risks of Getting or Giving a Free Tarot Reading

Please note that this is an opinion piece for the most part and these are things that I feel are a good idea for Tarot Readers to think on before they offer Free Tarot Readings. As with everything that I share, take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest.

I did do free readings all the time at the beginning of my Tarot journey for practice and feedback. I did do free readings when I moved my business online. I am not knocking it. There are two posts a week in the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group that are dedicated to offering Free Tarot Readings so it is not something that I look down on at all.

These are the short notes on the video.

When you carry out a free Tarot reading you do so at your own risk. When you receive a free Tarot reading you do so at your own risk. There is always risk involved and I feel that if you are going to offer or receive a free Tarot reading you have to reflect on whether or not you are okay with that risk.

People will do and say anything, even when free reading exchanges are controlled in a group for example. Admins and mods can not control anyone and can only enforce the rules to a certain point. We can’t fine anyone or make anyone do anything they don’t want to.

Getting negative feedback when you give a free reading is going to happen at some point. Read for long enough or do anything for long enough and you are going to find that someone does not vibe with you or your work. Your reading may not have been very accurate or resonated with the person, that also happens, especially when you are learning. Or the person may be an internet troll or they may not be in a place where they are accepting your message at the time. You have to be okay with the fact that these things can and will happen at some point.

People will bounce, people will join groups, use Readers for a reading and then leave. I call them burner people like burner phones. This is a risk. It happens a lot.

People will not honor agreements. Simple as that. It sucks and it’s not a integrity move but people do it.

If you have decided you are perfectly okay with the risks these are some things that you can do to make things easier and less risky.

Use the trusted reader thread and document to minimise risk if you are in the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook group. It is there for that reason.

If you are in a group and offer free reading and see the same person asking for a gazillion readings all the time…take a moment before agreeing to work with them. They are likely fishing and going from Reader to Reader. I mean if you don’t care then go for it but that for me is a massive red flag.

Own your ability to say no. You do not have to say yes to people.

If you are worried about the risk of getting a free reading then support some of the people in your Tarot groups and community and pay for one. There are readers at every financial investment level. Yes there is still risk but with reviews etc there is a lot less.

What are your opinions on giving free Tarot readings? Do you do them? Have you received a free Tarot reading? Was it a good experience? I would love to hear from you. As always thank you for watching.

  • Lyndsey Mcnairn
    Posted at 16:22h, 25 September Reply

    I would have to agree with you, any free reading I’ve received has never quite hit home and rang true like the readings I’ve paid for. I don’t know why this is but I am now sceptical of the free readings being offered where as once upon a time I would have jumped at the chance.

  • Sandra Agate
    Posted at 16:53h, 25 September Reply

    Great video! Important information! I’m always happy to give a few readings for free as it is valuable experience. Thank you for having a forum for that to happen in 🙂

  • Jessica Karels
    Posted at 17:21h, 25 September Reply

    Hi Ethony,

    Thank you for your thoughts. I did free tarot readings through the Biddy Tarot community platform (part for practice, part because it’s part of their certification program requirements). Now that I am running my own business, I offer those who sign up for my email list the opportunity to have one free Tarot reading (3-5 cards, 500-word write-up) delivered by email. Fortunately, only 1 out of every for people who sign up for my email list request the reading. The free Tarot readings give me the opportunity to fine-tune my process and get more comfortable with decks that I purchase. I’ve received positive feedback (and a few testimonials!) from the free Tarot readings that I’ve done as part of my business. I’m aware of the risk of a troll or getting negative feedback, and have built up a thick skin towards them.

    • Ethony
      Posted at 19:55h, 27 September Reply

      I am so glad that you have had such positive experiences

  • Jessica Ripley
    Posted at 17:00h, 27 September Reply

    I post a free reading for each zodiac sign every new moon and full moon, and I post a free reading in the form of “card of the day” mon-fri every week. This is the extent of the free readings (I don’t give free one on one reading) I give and it allows me to give to the community while also maintaining my boundaries. I usually discourage anyone who wants to read professionally to start out in their business with giving free readings because people who don’t want to pay for a reading to begin with won’t remain a client later when you start charging. But when you’re just learning, it’s important for practice.

    • Ethony
      Posted at 19:47h, 27 September Reply

      You can convert people but it is harder for sure.

  • Susan Ellis-Saller
    Posted at 04:13h, 29 October Reply

    Great article, Ethony! I agree that free readings can have a purpose, but you have to do them with your own energy in mind as well. There are plenty of people out there who will take advantage.

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