Three is a Crowd in a Tarot Reading

Three is a Crowd in a Tarot Reading

Find out why I am not a fan of company in the Tarot Room and why I think you should avoid it too.

Hi Tarot Tribe it’s Ethony and today I want to talk about a Ménage à Tarot. This happens when carrying out a Tarot reading with other people sitting in, watching and listening. I’ll share why I am not a fan.

These are just my observations and offerings from being a Tarot reader in many situations over the years and as with anything I share, take what works for you and simply leave the rest.

I know that this does not apply all of the time.

I have read for people at parties with many other people around, and in rituals and circles where we all read each other’s Tarot cards for each other. I have also read Tarot for people who have brought in their mothers, sisters, aunties, boyfriends, girlfriends and brothers.

I understand that not every situation is the same.  However, if you are going to read the Tarot professionally, it is a good idea to have an idea of how comfortable you are with people sitting in and how you will respond to any requests for these types of readings.

I have no objection with my readings being seen by other people.  All of my readings are either in writing or recorded so I am never trying to be a dodgy witch and say something that is completely unethical. But I do feel that the person for whom the reading is intended should be able to take it in for themselves first.

So why am I not a fan of a company in the Tarot Room? Here are some reasons:

The Peanut Gallery

It is annoying enough to have people in the back seat of a car telling you which exit to take, but in a reading it is not only annoying, it also takes you and your client out of the reading. This can be exceptionally jarring if you channel your readings, use mediumship or your ‘clairs’ in a reading.

It’s extremely distracting as a reader to have someone who is constantly commenting and interrupting. The other person is going to interpret the reading they are listening to through their lens and their relationship with the client with comments like “Oh that Page of Cups card is soooo you” or “The Lovers, maybe that is the cute girl at your workplace”.

When the peanut gallery, PG for short, has knowledge about the Tarot themselves it goes to whole new level of fun. I have had people cancel out my reading with their own for their friend, or ever talk over me.

Yep, it has happened.

It’s Private

Depending on the type of reading, there are some hugely private things that come up. I don’t want to embarrass, stress , or even out (sexually, religiously or secret wise) a client in front of other people. What we choose to share with the people in our lives should remain our choice, which is a big reason why I don’t like voyeurs in my reading room.

People rarely, genuinely relax and open up when they have an audience in a Tarot Reading. We worry about judgement from other people and may not want to really delve into what is going on.

Even if I am reading at an event, I request a private area to read. If at the end of the reading my client wants to go out and tell their friends everything and replay the reading recording, that is totally fine. It is their choice however.

As a professional Tarot reader, you are the one who is setting the tone and space for your clients and I feel it is important to create a safe, sacred space for people.

Intercepting Strong Energies

This has happened to me many times. Even though I have been reading for a long ass time and I know how to channel and focus my energy, there are times when your reading may get hijacked by the person sitting next to your client, meaning you may just end up reading for the wrong person.

I have been half way through a reading before and asked “Does any of this sound familiar to you?” and the person just looks at me like I am a total fraud, but then the friend pipes up and says “That is me, that is totally what I am going through”. At that point I just ask nicely if I can complete the reading for who it is energetically intended and come back to the other person afterwards.

Some people have BIG energy (I should know as I am one of those people). If they are keen enough, they can project their desires for answers and a reading over the person who is there for the reading. While this one is not the end of the world, I like to avoid confusion and keep things simple and streamlined.

So these are some of the reasons that I have for not being into witnessed Tarot readings. Did I miss anything? How do you feel about having other people in your Tarot readings besides the person you are slinging cards for?

Until Next week...

5 thoughts on “Three is a Crowd in a Tarot Reading”

  1. I am also not a fan of having others sit in during a reading. If they do asks to sit in I have them to sit away from the table and not directly in my line of sight.. I also only talk to you he person whom I am reading for.

  2. I am also not a fan of having others sit in during a reading. If they do asks to sit in I have them to sit away from the table and not directly in my line of sight.. I also only talk to you he person whom I am reading for

  3. I separate people all the time! Especially couples. I have had them argue over the top of me, and I’m not a psychologist or referee. Like Eleanor, if they insist that their friend sit in to “see’ what it is like, I ask that they sit to the side and take notes for the querent so they are occupied. I tell them that I deliver a lot of info quickly and they may not be able to remember it all.

    Couples will ask the questions they really want to with their partner out of the way. Like “I’m thinking of taking a job out of state,” and their partner has no clue. I totally agree that the time they purchase is theirs alone and confidential.

  4. Yes, I totally agree. From a querent point of view. I don’t think I will be able to open up if there’s someone next to me listening in, watching, and for sure judging, consciously or not.

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