9 Tips for Developing Your Intuition

9 Tips for Developing Your Intuition

Intuition or inner knowing is such a gift. It can help guide us away from bad decisions and people and keep us on the path.
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Intuition or inner knowing is such a gift. It can help guide us away from bad decisions and people and keep us on the path.

Now I truly believe that we are going to experience things in our lives that we can’t always avoid but if we develop and listen to our inner voice, our bodies and truly pay attention it can bring an element of the divine to our everyday lives.

I use my intuition with my Tarot readings and coaching but I also use intuition every day. The more that I have been in touch with my inner compass the better my readings and life have been.

Here are some tips that have worked for me that I am sharing with you love bots today.

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1. Be Observant

This is so extremely powerful and so underrated.

I have seen signs from the divine in so many ways, just by being observant. I see coins on the ground. Ladybugs on leaves and people and situations that I can avoid (like accidents waiting to happen).

In a world full of people constantly on their phone, this can seem like a freaking superpower. This alone can change your life.

2. Slow Down

This feels simple. It can be a challenge though. To slow down and to allow yourself to get back into a natural rhythm.

If we are rushing from place to place and constantly stressed we almost have a barrier around us for blocking intuitive and subtle energies. We aren’t on the same vibration.

3. Be Present

There are amazing books about this and there is so much around being present in the moment. I am not sure I can add much more to the conversation around it. What I can say is that your intuition does not live in the past or in the future.

Your intuition speaks in the now. Even if you are daydreaming or reminiscing your intuition can butt in, but it will call you back to the present. Always.

Practices such as meditation, yoga and even exercise can help with this.

4. Check in with Your Body

Your body always knows. We often don’t give it enough credit for being an amazing barometer for what is going on. Your body knows what food is good for you and what people are.

When something happens or you are around certain people, check in with your body. It is also great for when you are working with healings, you can scan your body for areas of tension and pain for the people you are working with.

Your body knows. When you make a purchase, feel into it. When you say yes to something or even better before you say yes, take time and feel into it with your body. It knows. Especially your gut.

5. Vibes Matter

Everything gives off vibes. People. Rooms. Items. Everything.

If you can tune in and learn to feel them through visualization, meditation, reiki, whatever medium you like to work with. You can get a very good indication of whether something is for you or not. It does go a little bit with checking in with your body but this is about the external energy. Not your internal.

6. Magical Tools

There are many reasons I love using magical tools. One of them being that it is a wonderful way to get in touch with your intuition. Working with tools gives our busy minds something to do and allows that part of our beings to be heard more clearly.

My favorite tool, of course, is the Tarot and Oracle decks. The visual expression. The ritual of a reading. The feel of the cards as you shuffle them. Everything about it is me.

7. Automatic Writing

Another wonderful way to kick start all of those intuitive energies. Automatic writing is a form of communication where you allow your spirit guides or a divine source to write through you.

The idea is to write and just keep writing. Not to edit. Not to stop. You can pick a Tarot or Oracle card and start writing or use a key work or ask a question.

Some people get into a trance like or meditational state when they do this too. It is a really fun exercise. Give it a try. You never know what you will find fly out of the pen.

8. Spirit Guides and Helpers on the Other Side

Spirit Guides, Angels and all of those helpers from the other side can be amazing companions when working with your intuition. It may not be your thing but like a lot of spiritual development, I recommend that you try a few things to see what works for you.

I  also have this little freebie course at the Tarot Readers Academy where you can learn to meet and work with your Spirit Guides.

9. Shut up and Listen

This coming from the woman who loves to talk.

The older I get the more I value silence. How extremely cliche. It is true though. I used to get fired up about everything. I still do, but I choose what to pour my energy into now.

Silence is powerful. Silence allows for space. Silence lets you listen.

You don’t need to be quiet all day but observing silence has been a powerful way that I have connected with my inner voice in a strong way.

Until Next week...

4 thoughts on “9 Tips for Developing Your Intuition”

  1. The tarot readers academy free course keeps telling me the content is locked and in order to gain access I must be enrolled in the course, yet enrollment for the course is also locked. I cannot view any parts of this “free” course or lectures. Am I missing something here?

  2. Hi Ethony, I’ve just found your website today and am enjoying looking through all of your posts! The course you mention on #8 (Spirit Guides and Tarot) says it is not open for enrollment currently, do you know when it will be open again?
    Thanks, Sam

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