TRA TV And Podcast #8 Tarot for Self Care with Sarah Chappell

TRA TV And Podcast #8 Tarot for Self Care with Sarah Chappell

In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Sarah Chappell. We discuss how the Tarot can be used to nurture & nourish yourself, where to start when using the tarot for self-care and more!
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In this episode of the Tarot Readers Academy TV and Podcast Sarah Chappell shares her experience with using the Tarot for Self Care and gets really real with her personal journey. It is an important conversation to have and Sarah is a wonderful example of putting your spiritual knowledge into practice.

Sarah also has a free Tarot for self-care e-book for you all, just click that link to get your copy.

Are you ready? Let’s dig in.

Get ready to explore this and so much more in this episode:

  • How the Tarot can be used to nurture & nourish yourself
  • Exploring the core of self-care and the ability to trust yourself
  • How to repack your own agency and become the person who is leading your life
  • How self-care ultimately allows you to become a better person
  • How to use tarot as a supportive practice for self-care with your clients
  • Learn how the process of learning the cards can help you to map out the possibilities for your life
  • How to set boundaries for self-care
  • Incorporating small daily rituals reinforce that commitment to boundaries
  • Why you shouldn’t read the cards in a predictive manner when someone is an anxious state
  • Where to start when using the tarot for self-care, what are things you can work with and what are things you should avoid
  • Tarot is not a magic fix-all for self-care and when is the right time for you to seek outside expert help, beyond the tarot.
  • How herbalism is a really beautiful way to support yourself and others
  • And other tarot gems.


Sarah has a 12-week online course to help you learn to read the tarot through the lens of self-care and registration is open NOW and closes on the 2nd of June 2019.

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