TRA TV & Podcast #13 with Andrew Barker

TRA TV & Podcast #13 with Andrew Barker

The delightful Andrew Barker, AKA the Tarot Angel, joins me to share his fresh and real approach to authentically connecting with the angels.
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In this episode of the Tarot Readers Academy TV & Podcast, I am joined by the delightful Andrew Barker AKA the Tarot Angel to talk about the very subject that he is an expert in. Angels. I had so many questions about this topic as it has been one where some infamous people have been attached and I loved his fresh and real approach to authentically connecting with the Angels. So let’s dive in and I hope you enjoy this episode.

We discuss some of the following in this episode:

  • How he found angels through Doreen Virtue – tarot cards and angels, his religious background and what to do when your mentors no longer align with your work.
  • Focus on your own work, your connection with the deck, angels etc
  • Asking for help from angels in a way that is authentic to you – being who you really are
  • How to you know when it is angelic energy – angels are huge energies that take up the room, but they feel lighter than other positive energies or guides
  • What are some of Andrew’s favorite ways of working authentically with angels – allowing the angel to work through him – offer guidance, etc
  • Learning to just say help me and being open to them for assistance instead of wanting to control the outcome
  • Some of the ways he’s felt the presence of angels wanting to connect with him
  • Some of the ways you can work more with angels
  • When it is okay to ask for help and guidance
  • Looking for, and honoring the signs from our guides and angels
  • Finding what you want help with and learning which angel to seek depending on the circumstance
  • Andrew’s Angels and F-Bombs Oracle deck and how it came about and where you can get it

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Until Next week...

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