TRA TV & Podcast #4 The Cards Speak for Themselves with Christiana Gaudet

In this TRA TV & Podcast episode, Christiana and I will discuss what are some of the limiting beliefs we have about tarot and tarot readings and how to let the cards to speak for themselves and embrace a more open approach to our craft.

Some highlights are:

  • As a beginner, learn the best way to practice and learn the cards and dispel preconceived ideas of what the cards mean and the need to be flexible
  • There is no right or wrong way to read the cards
  • Why context and the position of the cards are so important
  • Why it’s Important for a person to know how their gifts work
  • How a beginner reader needs to try everything and see what works best for them now, but be open to doing things differently in a different situation or a different time
  • Why it is limiting to see some cards as always negative, and some cards as always positive.
  • How one card can mean more than one thing at the same time in the same reading. Allowing your cards to have different weights.
  • Opening up to the idea of magic in divination
  • Bringing your imagination and intuition to the Tarot table.

Make sure you download the FREE The Cards Speak for Themselves guide that Christiana put together for you.

You can get your copies of Christiana’s books Tarot Tour Guide and Fortune Stellar: What Every Tarot Reader Needs to Know by clicking on the links provided. Christiana can be booked for Tarot Readings via her website and she also has a wonderful library of Tarot blogs and other magical goodies there.

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