Using Multiple Oracle and Tarot Decks in a Tarot Reading

Using Multiple Oracle and Tarot Decks in a Tarot Reading

Today I am going to be sharing some tips and spreads for using Oracle and Tarot Decks in your readings.
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Hi Tarot Tribe. Today I am going to be sharing some tips and spreads for using Oracle and Tarot Decks in your readings. I am also going to be showing you some examples and how I link the decks together.

This was a requested video from a couple of lovely people. As with everything I offer, please use what resonates with you and leave the rest. Just a little note that you do not need to have a lot of decks to be a fantastic reader or to use the Tarot for your own personal development. If you only have one deck then that is great. If you only use Oracle decks then that is cool too. There is no right or wrong as far as little ole me is concerned.

I have created three new Spreads for you all which are in a downloadable for you here. I hope you enjoy working with them. I would love some feedback on how they work for you.

So let’s jump into some of the ways you can use Multiple Decks in a Reading.

1. Create Specific Spreads

You can use multiple decks with a specific spread in mind or create them.

Using more than one deck can be really good if you are currently facing a situation where there is more than one option. Each deck can represent an option. Then you can create a spread or path for option A, B, C etc.

The great thing about doing that is you can see if the same cards or types of cards come up in each option. For me, this would point to areas that have special importance.

This can be done with timing too. You can use one Tarot or Oracle deck for the next three months and then another one for the next three months after that.

In my yearly readings which are offered near the end of each calendar year I use multiple Tarot and Oracle decks. One Tarot deck for the New Moon Energies and another Tarot Deck for the Full Moon Energies and then Oracle decks for other important energies.

2. Separate out your Current Tarot Deck

You can also use decks with Major Arcana only cards as key positions in the Spread and then a complete Tarot deck or the Minor Arcana and Court Cards for the rest of the reading.

Likewise you can separate out the Major Arcana, Court Cards and Minor Arcana and have a play around with using them in specific positions.

The Major Arcana can be seen as the spiritual lessons or major themes of the reading. The Minor Arcana can be seen as the everyday magic or stepping stones in the reading. The Court Cards are really great for looking at personalities and people in a reading. These are just suggestions for what the different components of a Tarot deck can be. Bring your own outlook to it.

3. Mix Tarot and Oracle Decks

This is one of my favorite ways to use more than one deck in a reading and can add a lot of depth to the cards.  I recently made a video about using Tarot and Oracle decks together. You can watch this here.

4. Use Different Types of Decks

Tarot and ORacle Card ReadingMix up the different decks that you have access to. There are so many different decks. Crystal decks, affirmation cards, Tarot decks, Oracle decks. Why not see what kinds like to play well with each other in a reading.

5. Just Go With the Flow

This is especially great for those of us who like to work intuitively. See what feels right and what decks are calling to you to be worked with.

Some days you may want to work with a lot of different decks and other days just one. You may have a bunch of decks that work well for past life readings for example and others that want to work with specific clients.

6. Try Not to Overwhelm Yourself

Remember it is all how you feel. If it feels overwhelming or like it is going to just confuse you more then try it again at a later stage, or when you are feeling like tackling a challenge. I suggest that you try a few ways of doing things and have fun.

I hope you have fun with the Tarot and Oracle spreads I have created for you for this post.

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Until Next week...

3 thoughts on “Using Multiple Oracle and Tarot Decks in a Tarot Reading”

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  2. Great video! Thanks so much for always sharing such great knowledge.

    P.s. What deck is that Glamour card in the picture from? It’s gorgeous.

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