A Modern Witches Guide to Wands

A Modern Witches Guide to Wands

I love me a magical wand; I have ever since I was a child. I would wave around my sparkly faery wands and think that I was the most magical thing on the planet. Not much has changed; I still have plenty of wands.
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Hello, my little bumblebees,

I love me a magical wand; I have ever since I was a child. I would wave around my sparkly faery wands and think that I was the most magical thing on the planet. Not much has changed; I still have plenty of wands.

Today, we’ll be touching on how a modern witch would use a wand and if you even need one in your craft. Before I jump in, please remember that I don’t speak on behalf of the entire witchcraft community; we are all different and practice our craft differently. As with everything that I share, simply take what resonates with you and leave the rest

What is a wand?

A wand in modern Witchcraft is a tool used to direct energy. Where you point and direct the wand, the energy you are building and wielding will follow. Like all magical tools, wands are seen as an extension of yourself. It allows the energy you have drawn down from the universe or built up within yourself to flow out of you into or towards something of your choosing. When you craft a wand with specific intentions, it can aid your magic and be an elemental representation on your altar.

For me, Wands are connected to the element of fire, which ties it into my Tarot practice. Some Witches connect the wand to the element of air.

Why would you use one?

It can help you visualize and focus your energy and intention. You have something that your mind can follow, and it uses your basic senses like sight and feel to help you lock down your energy. You can focus your intention and follow where the wand goes.

It can also help if you are working with other witches to conduct and put your energy in the same place.

Wands can be used to cast your magic circle, call in the quarters, and direct other energies. You can also use your wand to create sigils in the air of a space for your protection. Wands can be used in all spell work too.

Do you need one?

No, not everyone wants a lot of tools or can have many tools. I’m actually more fond of the athame because I like my sharp pointy things. I have two wands, and I use them, but they are not something that I use in every ritual or spell.

Some people love wands and use them all the time, always do what feels right for you. Your index finger of your dominant hand will work just as well to direct energy and cast a circle.

How do you make one?

Buying one is completely legit, and having someone make you one is also completely perfect. Many covens will have members make tools for each other when they are initiated. They will make all of their ritual tools and they will chant and use mantras the entire time. This is not the case for all covens or witches though.

Making one is going to infuse it with your energy and allow it to connect with you throughout all of its preparation and dedication. You can go all out and do something fancy or keep it simple.

Traditionally wands were made of wood; there are sacred trees worldwide that you may find have special meaning. Please, do not disrespect any tree spirits when trying to make your wand. Research the trees if you’re going to take something from a standing tree. Try and get wood that is on the ground and has already fallen.

Ensure that the wood is dried out and hasn’t got any bugs in it. You can sand it, carve it, place crystals on it, place clay on it, paint it, woodburn it or put charms on it. The sky’s the limit; it just has to have meaning for you. I have used metal wands, clay wands, crystal wands, wood wands, and glass wands. Find the medium you like to work with.

This was an introduction to wands in modern witchcraft, and I hope you found it useful. Do you have a wand? Have you made one yourself? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Until Next week...

2 thoughts on “A Modern Witches Guide to Wands”

  1. I have 2 wands, both I purchased and both called to me. The first one is a healing wand made from deer antler with clear quartz crystal point. It is my favorite. The sscond is a simple wood wand that I purchased at a renaissance festival. It just called to me. I don’t use either often, only when it feels right, however I do keep the healing wand on my altar most of the time.

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