The Six Times You Absolutely Should Get a Tarot Reading

The Six Times You Absolutely Should Get a Tarot Reading

Learn the perfect time to pick up your Tarot cards or book in with your favorite reader.
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Hi Tarot Tribe it is Ethony and today I am going to be sharing you when it’s the perfect time to pick up your Tarot cards or book in with your favorite reader. Also, I should add, you have exquisite taste if I am your favorite reader. Jk (well, mostly haha).

I wrote a blog post a while ago where I talked about the 6 Times You Should Not Read the Tarot and this is the companion piece to that one.

There are many different Tarot reading styles and types of Tarot readers. Not all types of Tarot Readers read in a predictive manner. I do, so I am framing this blog post with that in mind. This post is about ‘when’ to get a reading and does not tap into the many different ways you can use the Tarot. That is a blog post for another time.

Before I begin, as with everything that I share, simply take what resonates with you and leave the rest. With that, here is my list of the Six Times you Absolutely Should get a Tarot Reading.

1. You Are At A Crossroads in Life

Making big decisions can be daunting, so it’s a perfect time to get some insight from the Tarot.

One of the ways I love to read the cards is helping people who have more than one option in front of them and see what is the likely outcome to both before they make a choice. It can be really game-changing to give people the power of knowledge and foresight. This is what I call being smart.

It is giving yourself the opportunity to make an educated and informed decision. To consider many angles and ask the universe, your helpers on the other side, and a third party what the most aligned course of action for you is.

The Tarot or a tool like it can ensure that we are making the best choices for our highest good and also help us avoid making crappy decisions that we will regret later.

Of course, things can change and nothing’s set in stone. Some people and readers believe that everything is fated and if you have yet to make up your mind on that subject I invite you to see this for some information to ponder on. Personally, I believe that the choices that we make in life will and can affect what we experience.

Using the Tarot as a way to get a clear head when making a life-changing decision is one of the best applications of this incredible tool in my opinion.

2. When you need some perspective

Reading the Tarot for yourself can help you get a little perspective and can be really powerful. I also know where the line is for myself when I need to put my deck down and book in with someone else. There is nothing wrong with getting someone else to read for you, heck, I have my Tarot Rolodex of awesome of Readers that I use and I sling cards as a profession.

We are invested in our own lives and it is normal to be attached to how things are going to play out. This is all part and parcel of this human gig. It can be really hard to be objective when you have poured love, time, money, and energy into something to be able to see if from all sides.

When we are too close we can start to pick and choose what the cards are really telling us. We can keep flipping over cards until we get the ‘one’ we were looking for, reshuffle the deck, once, twice, three times and we can dig REAL deep into our library of card meanings to find a very, very thin connection to the card and what we want it to say and not what it clearly is trying to tell us. Sure, The Tower is not a destructive card at all, there is totally a safety net ready to catch those falling people…


This can also be when you are too close to the people involved in the situation. Especially when it comes to the people that we love. That can be the muddiest waters to navigate when it comes to getting a reading that is not marred by our personal experience, expectations and personal investments.

When you find yourself too close, too invested, and unable to be objective, get a third party reading from a trusted reader.

3. You are Making a Master Plan to Take Over the World

I love me a good master plan. I spend time planning my business quarterly. I also know when it is the best time cosmically to work certain types of magic and manifest certain things in my life. It is so beneficial to forecast your year and plan in alignment with the universe. I usually do my year ahead readings in this way but also include things like astrology and numerology in the mix.

You can use the Tarot or get a Tarot reading when you are planning your month and year to look at when it would be the most cosmically aligned time to do thing like;

  • Invest
  • Start projects
  • Move houses
  • Launch something in your business
  • Sell property
  • Start dating

Just to name a few.

Now I do not plan my entire life down to what I am eating for lunch around a pack of cards but I do put as much as possible in my favour so that I can succeed in life and business.

4. Life Just Pulled the Rug from Under You

There are times in life when things are just humming along nicely and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose and you feel like you have had your ass handed to you by the universe. Maybe you suddenly lose a job with no warning or are blindsided by another setback.

This is a good time to work with a trusted reader so you have someone who will hold space for you to process everything and talk to with. I have had plenty of clients spend time just talking.

When you are feeling lost having a tool that can help you process your feelings, plan, get some guidance and reflect on the whole thing can be a lifesaver.

That said, it is not a good time to read the cards when you are in crisis mode or are in a state of shock. But when you are feeling a little more grounded a reading to help you navigate your way forward.

5. You Need Some Cosmic Confirmation

Cosmic Confirmation readings are when you have a good solid plan in mind, you have done a lot of contemplation, and have a good idea of where you are going. Now you just want to check in with your higher self, spirit guides, and the universe that you are indeed on the right track.

What I love about using the Tarot at times like this is not only are you likely going to get a very nice bump in confidence that you are indeed on the right path but you are also going to be able to see things that you may not have considered. Armed with as much information as possible is never a bad thing.

There is nothing wrong with wanting some confirmation, why on earth wouldn’t you use that advantage if you have access to it? You can fast-track your success, use your time wisely, get more done, and be the best version of yourself. #Win

6. When You Need to Get out of Your Own Way

Self sabotage is a sneaky little thing. The good news is that the Tarot can be a real sassy bitch and can slap that self sabotage when it starts to get too cocky.

I love it when I get called out by my cards because it means that I can get out of my own way.

A good Tarot reading can allow you to bypass your inner saboteur, inner bitch, ego, mind chatter, and get straight to what is really going on. This is powerful, life changing stuff. The best readings I have both received and given has been when someone needed to get out of their own way.

Working with an external tool allows us to get out of our own head which is great for people who tend to think too much. Most of the time the inner saboteur is connected to fear so when we can take that out of the driver’s seat a whole new world opens up.

That is my list. What do you think, did I miss anything? When do you most turn to the Tarot? I would love to hear from you.

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Until Next week...

4 thoughts on “The Six Times You Absolutely Should Get a Tarot Reading”

  1. Great post Ethony! I definitely agree with all your points. I definitely get in my own way or tend to manipulate the cards to reflect what I want them to when doing a reading for myself so in times like those I turn to great readers for some advice 🙂

  2. Thanks for saying when it could be good to get a tarot reading. It’s nice to know that it could help you understand what is really going on with you. This sounds useful especially if you haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong in your life, even if it is something simple.

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