Witches Give No Fucks – Stop Worrying What Anyone Else Thinks And Live Your Best Life

As I’ve gotten more known in the Tarot community, more people see my content. And they have opinions. So many opinions. And some of them aren’t nice about it. I get emails criticizing me every day, comments on my videos and social posts.

What I can say, is I honestly don’t care if some people don’t like me. I know I’m not for everyone. I’ve been told since I was young that I’m a lot and I choose to see that as a whole lotta awesome.

I couldn’t be doing what I love and sharing my work on a large scale if I let the negative opinions get to me. For every negative comment I get, I receive many, many more positive ones. I choose to focus on those, rather than letting the negative ones get under my skin.

I practice daily not giving a fuck.

No fucks given

In some areas of life, it’s easier than others. It can be challenging in some of my personal relationships which require boundary setting and conscious effort. But, I think because I do it so confidently in my work, that permeates out into other areas of my life.

And it feels great.

If this is something that you struggle with, it’s the perfect month to join the Awakened Soul Coven Inner Circle. We’ll be working with the Goddess Hel with the theme Witches Give No Fucks.

Who Is Hel?

Goddess Hel

Hel is the Norse Goddess who rules the underworld, Helheim. She was born with her bones on the left side of her body exposed making her appearance seem strange to the other Gods. But, she was damn good at her job and she gave no fucks.

Hel’s appearance challenges us to see the duality of who we are inside, and the face we show the world. Do we wear a mask? Are we living the life we want or is it part of the character we have created?

Don’t surprised if when working with Hel, she pokes a bit of fun at you, especially where you have been taking things too seriously. As an impartial Goddess of destruction, her no bullshit methods may seem harsh but are likely the quickest path to where you are needing to go. She also rewards those who deserve it, so work with her earnestly and she’ll have some wonderful surprises up her sleeve too!

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Here’s what we’ll be doing in the Coven this month as we work with her:

The Witches Workshop

It’s worth joining the Coven this month for the Witches Workshop alone.

We have a special guest, Ashley Stinson who is the creatress of Energy Archaeology™. This energy healing modality tells the story of your energetic lineage, past lives, ancestral patterns, and inherited trauma based on how the energy in your bones presents.

ashley stinson

In the workshop, we’ll be focusing on the skull because when we give too many fucks (either egoically or subconsciously) we can block or slow down the flow in our cranial energetic pathway. When we allow these bones and the sutures (or skull joints) to flow as they were designed, then we can enjoy full expression of our Self.

Ashley will do a bone activation and attunement which awakens the pathways that we have been taught to ignore, and we can begin to feel things connect at a deeper level. We start to experience more guidance from our body and our deeper sources of wisdom.

She will also walk through the anatomy of the skull and explain the energetics of each bone and how this plays out practically in our life, especially with the theme of giving no fucks. We’re all familiar (either personally or as per of the collective consciousness) with stress headaches and tension and she will talk about the common places that we experience these types of headaches, and how they can be mitigated through opening up energy flow.

As a bonus, she’ll be including a group session recording which is a full 45 minute healing for the cranial energetic pathways.

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The Full Moon Ritual

Our full moon this month is in Scorpio. Scorpio is about the deaths of the self – the ones that dim our light. When we care too much about what others think or over accommodates them at the cost of ourselves. It’s a perfect playground for our work with Hel.

In the Full Moon Ritual on the 20th of May, we’ll be Breaking Free, Fuck Free with an ice ritual.

Meditation Of The Month

In the meditation this month we’ll be doing a Norse funeral for all the fucks that we are ready to return to the earth. We’ll be meeting Hel who will help guide us to bury them and let them go so we can move forward to create more of what we want in the Full Moon Ritual.

The Community

As always we have an incredible community of non-dogmatic no-bullshit, no politics witches who support each other. It’s a safe place for exploring your journey into giving no fucks.

I hope you’ll join us.

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