Yule Tarot Spread

Solstice Blessings to everyone for we are about to experience the longest night of the year. It is the time of year that many religions and spiritual paths celebrate the birth of sun deities and the turn of the wheel that sees the days slowly but surely getting longer.

Yule carries the themes of death and rebirth, reflection, being generous with others less fortunate and being the light in the darkness. It is a joyful time of year as there are many celebrations and parties to be part of and the theme of community and charity run through many different spiritual paths.
It is a Midwinter tradition to watch the sunrise, which signifies the sun god returning and while many of us in the modern world are unable to spend a whole night in silent vigil waiting for the sun to rise we can spend a little time getting in touch with our intuition and honor this turning point in the sacred wheel of the year.
I have a Yule Tarot Spread for you all that you can do with your favourite Tarot or Oracle deck. I hope you enjoy working with the Tarot spread and I wish you and your families all of the joy, good health and prosperity for this time of year.
May we be the light of someone’s day in the season of the darkest night.

Ethony Yule Tarot Spread


1. Rebirth

The mythology around Yule is that of re-brith. Whether it is the rebirth of a Sun God or the duelling Holly and Oak Kings. Birth, Death and Rebirth are an important theme of Yule. This position in this Yule Tarot Spread is about your personal Re-brith. What is being awakened in you after a long slumber? What is going to be gaining momenmtum as the days grow longer?

2. Midnight

Yule is the longest night of the year. What does darkness mean to you? Are you afraid of the dark or the darkness in you? Does the Witching hour call you? This position in the Yule Tarot Spread is meant for contemplation. What is it in ourselves that we fear to shed light on?

3. Gift

Gift giving is a large part of Yule and other seasonal celebrations this time of the year. What is your gift? Do you hide your gifts and talents for fear of judgement if you shine them out into the World? This position in the Yule Tarot Spread is a reminder of your gifts and a gentle nudge to embrace them and share them with the World.

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  3. Thanks, Ethony. This is my first time to celebrate Yule. I find it a lovely time of year with all the small lights flickering cheerily in the velvet darkness. Wishing you a blessed holiday and a prosperous New Year! ❄️✨

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