Interview with Kerry Gummersall from Lenormand Australia

I came across Kerry and Lenormand Australia six months ago and since have been working with her beautiful Destiny is Brewing Lenormand Oracle deck and the companion book. You can see my Unboxing Video and full review of her creations here.

I am so happy to be sharing Kerry’s inspiration and work at Lenormand Australia with everyone.

kerryportraitCan you share a little about yourself. Where you are from, what you are passionate about and what is your profession?

I am an Australian and grew up near the beach in Hampton. I have always been involved with the other side since I was a very little girl. Ghosts and strange entitles inhabited our house. And I have always continued seeing and sensing the other side. I was able to predict ahead of time many things which I thought everyone did. My sister was the same. Throughout the years, my thirst for more knowledge about this strange world grew and of course I found others who shared my fascination. My biggest passion, strangely enough, is science, mainly, astronomy, cosmology, star gazing through telescopes and quantum physics. I love learning about the real universe. This may seem at odds with the other side but it fits, because I see the physical universe in multi-layers or components, all acting independently, yet simultaneously interacting with each other. My other passions are helping animals and the environment, but in my earlier years it was acting, writing plays and radio. I also run a monthly Lenormand social group for the fun of it.

My profession is teaching and doing readings in the craft of the Lenormand Oracle, Tarot and Numerology. I also do home schooling to a mentally disabled person part time.

Where did the inspiration to create this Lenormand deck and Destiny is Brewing book come from?

I think I wanted more information to the meanings of the Lenormand Oracle and realised there just wasn’t enough. I also wanted laid to rest all the misinformation and to set the records straight about the origin of the Lenormand Oracle, and that of course to the origin of all playing cards, including the Tarot. I wanted to get the correct answers instead of hearsay. I also had the idea that I wanted the Lenormand symbols displayed inside teacups to correlate to the original sources of the Lenormand images; as they were from coffee ground and tea leaf dregs found in teacups. And then I added another idea to mix in a bit of Australiana with the European symbols.

cards2How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

As I wasn’t a brilliant artist or anything, and I had all these images in my head, I asked my friend, Heather Strahan, who is a fine artist, if she would be interested in sharing a project with me. Fortunately, she said yes and away we went creating the ‘Destiny is Brewing’ cards.

How did you find writing a book? Was it easier or harder than you expected?

It was harder than I expected. The history of the cards took the longest as the sequence of events and the dates were sometimes incorrect or misleading. It was mainly getting all the facts correct and cross checking them time and time again. Verifying the origin of the information and cross checking sources with other sources as well, to see which was correct. The fictional short story, ‘The Fortune Teller’ in the beginning of my book was easier, as I love to write creatively, but nonetheless, it had to be accurate and cross checked for facts as well, especially the period around the French Revolution in Paris.

What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck and book?

To convey my vision of how I saw the cards through my mind’s eye. But Heather, the artist was very open and creative herself, so we were both able to express what both of us could imagine, myself, through words and telling, and Heather through drawing and painting. Another challenge was the amount of time it took to gather all the information for the book, I think nearly four years in total. Editing I’d have to say was no mean feat either.

What is your favourite Lenormand Card? (of your deck or in general)

This is a hard question. In the ‘Destiny is Brewing’ deck, strangely enough, the Cuckoo Clock for all its intricate details, but within the 36 cards, I have far too many favourites, but I’ll choose the Bouquet. In a general deck, the Key for its significant meaning.

Destiny is BrewingHow do you use the Lenormand, Oracle decks and/or Tarot in your spiritual practice?

When I do readings for people, I start off with a brief Numerology breakdown for them, and then I do a general Tarot spread to get the lay of the land so to speak. Then I get down to the nitty gritty and I ask the Lenormand Oracle with specific questions, verifying with the Tarot layout and their Numerology chart.

Any advice for the writers and creators reading this?

Be prepared to give your project a lot of time and loads of patience. Most of all check and recheck the facts. My rule of thumb, if you don’t know the correct information and have no reliable source to back it up with, then leave it out or state that it needs further investigation. I find creating something always takes time, lots of imagination and images created in the mind’s eye first. I even write in my head long before I start typing it in words.

Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?

I keep saying I must finish my science fiction novel that I started years ago. I’ve already written 35 chapters and it sits in a draw gathering dust. I would also like to start a blog site on my existing Lenormand Australia website, dedicated to the psychic world and the other side and a Lenormand Oracle challenge. I would like to do a more in-depth manual dedicated just to reading Lenormand Oracle spreads.

Rapid Fire Round!

Starsign? – Gemini

Favourite flavour of ice-cream? – Chocolate Chip

Do you have any pets? – Yes, a gorgeous Labradoodle called Cleo

What book are you currently reading? – Eight Steps to Happiness

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times? – Notting Hill, The Lake House

Who is your biggest inspiration? – My father as he was so creative and imaginative

What is your go-to crystal? – Rose Quartz

How can we follow you and your projects?

You could visit my website: or LenormandAustralia/facebook or to purchase the Destiny is Brewing book or cards, or both, visit my website or

10 Lessons from Reading the Tarot Professionally

I have been very blessed to have read the Tarot for over half of my life. I have treasured spending time with Clients and friends in sacred space. I have witnessed healing and breakthroughs with my Clients. It has been a very fulfilling, challenging and interesting ride.

I wanted to share some of my lessons learnt from reading the Tarot for over a decade. These are certainly not all of the lessons that I have learnt but they are the most predominant.

Have you experienced any of the below? Let me know in the comments.

Heart of Stars Tarot 31. You may not always work with the Tarot.

There may be a period of time where you don’t read the Tarot and you aren’t drawn to using it. Life happens but you can and will pick it back up again if it is the tool you are meant to work with. I encourage all of my students who start to work with the Tarot to look at all of the Divinatory tools available to them to explore all of their options. Some people will work with more than one and that is more than okay. It is another tool in your tool belt.

Tarot has always been my go to tool but there was a time years and years ago where took a mini break for a few months. I feel this was linked to my confidence as a reader. As soon as I decided that I wanted to read Tarot and teach it as a business I never stopped working with them.

2. There are days you will question your guides and your abilities.

This can happen all of a sudden when you draw a blank in the middle of a reading or at the end of a long day of readings when you just don’t know if you really helped anyone. It can be horrible if you are conducting a Tarot reading and you are struggling to connect with your Client. Or you are just not getting any help from your Spirit Guides and you wonder if they are pissed at you for some reason. This is all normal and happens from time to time. Hopefully it isn’t happening all of the time. At the end of those days this is what I prescribe:

Download either by writing it out or speak to a mentor + 1 cleansing candle lit bath + glass of wine or chocolate (or both) + Taylor Swift’s Shake it off.

You will feel better in the morning.

3. There are days you will feel very lost in the crowd.

There are a lot of us out there reading Tarot for people. A LOT. When you start out it may feel like there is just too much competition and that you are never going to carve your own little corner of the Tarot world out for yourself.

If you keep doing your thing well and consistently you will.

We are all different and offer a different reading experience for our Clients. The only thing that you need to focus on is being authentic to who you are as a reader and producing the best work you can. Comparison is a killer. So when you find yourself comparing your business or practice with someone who has been in the biz for years remember they started somewhere.

tarot-991041_19204. You really don’t need every deck that is available.  (yeah I just said that)

This is coming from a very big Tarot collector. But the fact is that you do not need every Tarot deck that available for purchase. You really only need one. One deck that resonates with you is worth more than 20 that don’t. In reality most readers only use one deck at a time to conduct their readings.

If you have the cash then by all means collect as many as you want. They do take up space and are very heavy to move. I have a system where I allow myself a certain number of decks a year. That way I get new ones and I don’t over do it.

5. Some Clients don’t want to hear it.

They are not going to hear what you have to say. What these Clients really want is for you to tell them things that are not in the cards. Some people will also only hear what they want to hear. They will ask the same question in ten different ways hoping that the outcome will differ.

I have had it happen to me and I have heard it happen to my colleagues. There is nothing you can do about these Clients. They may as well have run the psychic hotline, they would have probably been validated and not had to think about it or their lives.

You have a choice when this happens. You can continue the reading or you can politely stop it and refund their money if they are a paid customer. It is not worth it.

6. You may question your worth.

Even if you don’t charge for your readings your time is an important and valuable asset. There have been arguments online about charging for readings, for giving free readings away, asking for donations and the list goes on. I don’t get involved with that. I say you do what you feels right for you and I do what feels right for me.

You are worth being treated well by the Tarot community and by your Clients and by people in general. Wouldn’t that be an amazing world to live in where we were all just decent to each other?

Don’t let a negative comment or review bring you down.

Don’t let one persons bad day make you question your work in the world.

If anyone makes you feel less than a superstar look to my prescription in point 2.

buddha-750125_19207. Your Tarot reading style will change and evolve as you grow as a Tarot Reader

This is one of the very cool things about Tarot, there is always something to learn. As grow as a Tarot student and reader and as you experience life you will change how you read the cards and how you conduct your Tarot business, if you choose to have one.

Most of the time this will feel very organic to you and you may not even notice that you have changed all that much. One of the ways in which I find my practice evolving is the way in which I connect and understand the cards. When you go through new experiences in life they can change your view of the world. For example, when you have a child or when you travel. These experiences will change who you are. This then will be reflected in how you connect to different cards in the Tarot, because the Tarot is meant to represent different aspects of living.

You will connect to The Nine of Swords very differently if you have ever had an anxiety attack or suffered from mental illness. So when this card comes up in a reading for a Client you have first person experience on how this can feel, which means you can connect to your Client in a deeper way too.

But if you wake up one day and find that the deck that you were really connected to no longer speaks to you or that you want to look at adding something to your practice then *high five* you are just evolving as a Tarot reader. Time to get another Tarot Deck! There is also this video for you if you find that your Tarot deck just broke up with you.

8. Not everyone is going to like you or book you.

This one can be a real killer if you try and spend your time catering to everyone and trying to have a service for everyone. Not only will you be exhausted but you will also have no real voice as a Tarot reader.

If you communicate with your own voice and are true to who you are and how you want to be of service to others you will find your tribe.

I used to read Tarot at very large venues where there would be 15 readers offering different services and prospective Clients could walk around the hall and check everyone out. I still read at events where this happens. People walk past me all the time. People don’t book readings with me. I am perfectly okay with that. If I wasn’t it would have broken me a long time ago.

It hasn’t stopped me from having a successful business. We all like different music, food and movies. We are all drawn to different people and Tarot readers are the same.

How Tarot Works9. Like everything that is worth it, it takes time.

Most people work hard to get good at something. It can take time to become comfortable as a Tarot reader and confident enough to start a business. (if you so choose) Don’t pressure yourself. Take your time. It is your journey.

10. It is the most rewarding work if your heart is in it

If this is what you love then you will always come back to the Tarot. People really do know whether you are passionate about what you do. They sense it on an energetic level even if it is hidden on your face. Being a professional Tarot reader is not for everyone. Be practical with making sure you do what you need to do to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly etc but also do what you love, even if it is not full time to begin with.


Interview with Meesa – Creator and Artist of the Circo Tarot

I have a new Tarot crush, the Circo Tarot.

This Rider-Waite inspired Tarot deck is a stunning addition to the Tarot world. I have been blessed to work with this deck now for over a month and it has such a wonderful personality as a deck.

I am so happy to welcome Messa the creator and artist of the Ciro Tarot to share her journey on bringing this deck to life.

Circo Tarot 3Can you share a little about yourself. Where you are from, what you are passionate about and what is your profession?

My name is Marisa, but prefer to go by my nickname Meesa. My sister came up with it because should couldn’t pronounce my name when we were little. I am a LA native and I work as a freelance illustrator, own a small stationery company called Tightrope Press and read on occasion.

I am very passionate about a lot of things. I love tarot, painting, hand-dyeing fabric, sewing, making cards, Pilates, getting drinks with friends (nothing better then a veggie burger and a beer after working in the studio) and especially traveling. I spent the past 7 years living in different cities in the US and abroad. Living lightly was really nice, but since I ‘ve come back to LA I have no desire to grab my passport and leave, unless its to Australia. 

How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

I got my first deck when I was 14 and I just fell in love with tarot after that. I always knew in the back of my mind that at some point I would need to make a deck.

I always dabbled on and off with the idea, never really taking it seriously until I moved back LA after years of being a nomad and living out of a backpack. It was a project that grounded me for the first time and it has been an experience.

What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

I never thought it would be so draining and exhilarating at the same time. I put a lot of pressure on myself and I felt stressed a lot because I wanted to each card to stand on its own. I felt like I owed it to myself and the deck to be as amazing and authentic as possible. I wanted every card to be unique and I am such a buttmunch when it comes to detail and keeping my hand in everything, so I decided to also make hand-dyed cotton bags with block printed designs to hold each deck.

Circo Tarot 4I want every deck to feel special to anyone who uses it.

I also could have never done any of this without the help of my amazing friend who made my website and has helped me edit my work, Joseph Shopen. Thanks homie!

What is your favourite Tarot Card? (of your deck or in general)

Death. I feel like a lot of people initially associate a skeleton with negativity, when it reality (in my opinion) time isn’t linear and instead death is a beautiful thing that will always happen. Things pass to allow for new growth and beginnings, kind of like a prairie fire. It’s also a great card in reverse because its like “wake up call, reality check, time to change!”

Circo Tarot 1How do you use the Tarot in your spiritual practice?

I honestly don’t read for myself, but I read for others on a freelance basis. I love the ability to connect with each card and since I have started to use my own deck I feel even more connected. I also like to use the cards as themes for altars I build.

Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

Failure isn’t a bad thing. Learn from it and grow. Being a working artist is tough, it takes a lot of time and a lot of trial and error. It’s very easy to feel defeated, but don’t! I have had my fair share of falling over, but I learned over the years that if you really love your craft, falling over is just a hazard that comes along with it. Also be patient and stay positive! Things take time. I used to teach and serve to make ends meet and while I was doing that I kept telling myself that I would be a full-time artist one day.

Also, network, network, network! Go to shows, art fairs, craft fairs, get an instagram, apply for residencies, apply for awesome stuff like renegade craft and always be grateful and nice! Become friends with other artists and collaborate because you never know what doors may open or what amazing work you’ll create. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

The whole lone wolf thing is cool for a bit, but working with others and meeting new people offer you better chances and more room to grow.

Circo Tarot 2Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?

Always! I am getting ready for another Renegade this winter in LA, also working on some commissions and new collaborations. I have an awesome friend named Kyle Couture who is an animator that is coming down soon so we can work on some stop motion projects. I also will be preparing and doing research for an instillation coming up in 2016 at the LA County Store.

Rapid Fire Round!

Starsign? – Taurus

Favourite flavour of ice-cream? – Not a big dairy fan, but totally down for a cherry icee instead.

Do you have any pets? – My beautiful basenji, Klaus Nomi. He likes to watch breaking bad, eat the insoles of my running shoes and sleep like a possum playing dead.

What book are you currently reading? – I’ve been trying to finish this book called rabid for the past 8 months. I just end up reading articles on Vice

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times? – Suspiria, hands down. The film is like eye porn for art direction nerds, like me. The colors and patterns in that film are crazy!

Who is your biggest inspiration? – Badass Xicana women like my Momma

What is your go-to crystal? – Black tourmaline

How can we follow you and your projects?



Instagram: @tightropepress


Trick or Treat Halloween Tarot Spread

Happy Halloween!!

This is a Tarot Spread that you can use for any Halloween.

In this Tarot Spread it uses the elements of going out trick or treating to explore different aspects of yourself. When we put on a costume or a mask we often choose something that is very different to our every day lives. This is because there is a desire that wants to be expressed. These desires if repressed can show up in negative ways but when we acknowledge them and allow them space in a healthy way we are integrating them into our lives.

I hope you enjoy this Tarot Spread.

Trick or Treat Tarot Spread

1. Costume – Who do you really want to be, deep down? What desire wants to be expressed?

2. Trick – What has you fooled?

3. Treat – Where is the gift?

4. Sour – What are you holding on to and need to let go of?

5. Sweet – What can you embrace more of, or do more of?

I love to see my Tarot Spreads in action. Please tag me on social media if you use this spread.

Oracle Deck Exploration – Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck

Title: Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck

Vibrational Earth Children Oracle

Creator: Debbie A. Anderson

Art by: Kim Dreyer

Publisher: Self Published

Format: 52 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 3in x 5in

What You Get: The Deck in a tuck box and a 80 Page Booklet


I have recorded a full review of the deck below.

The skinny – This deck is wonderful. I really do wish I had something like this when I was a child. I would have loved it so much. It is perfect to be used as a way to connect with your children and allow them the space for spiritual work.

Vibrational Earth Children Oracle 4 Vibrational Earth Child Oracle 3

Where to purchase your copy: Directly from Debbie A. Anderson’s site

8 Ways to Connect to a New Tarot Deck

Who doesn’t love getting a new Tarot Deck?

If I have a deck on the way I am known to pretty much stalk the Post Person with creepy eyes until it arrives on my doorstep.

There are many ways in which you can get to know your new addition to your collection. So this week for the Tarot Readers Academy – Tarot Cafe I am chatting about my top 8 suggestions on how to connect to your new Tarot deck.

For those who can’t watch the video right now the transcription is below.

  1. Connect to Each Card

I am one to get super excited when I get a new Tarot or Oracle deck, when I do unboxing videos it forces me to take the time to go through each of the cards and consider them. This is a wonderful practice to get to know the deck as a whole and also each card. There are usually hidden gems or your will find something that you love about the way the artist has interpreted the card and meaning.

I adore taking the time to go through each card of my new decks and enjoy that moment of reveal.

  1. Look for Strong Reactions

DisgustThe second way to connect with your Tarot cards is to go through each of the cards and separate out of the deck the cards that you have a strong connection with.  This can be either a ‘I love this!’ reaction or ‘What were you thinking?’ or ‘I don’t like this at all’ reaction. When you have done this for your entire deck take the cards you have in the strong reaction pile and journal and self reflect on why you had that reaction.

This can get you to look at the cards in a new way or unlock a part of your intuition that was not connecting to a card before. This is especially great for cards that you struggle with. Ask that card ‘Why do I struggle with you?’ and see what comes up for you.

  1. Sleep with a Card

You went there didn’t you, get your mind out of the gutter. (I would have gone there too).

For this exercise pick a card before you go to bed and meditate on it for a few moments and then place it under your pillow. Get ready for some interesting dreams and you may find that you link with them subconsciously. Make sure that you have your dream journal next to your bed with a pen ready to take notes when you wake. A tip for remembering your dreams is to make sure that you don’t speak to anyone before you write your dreams down. Just wake up and write. Then share.

Note – This may be a little too much for those of us who are super sensitive to dream energies so if you are very sensitive in your sleep then maybe skip this one or be very careful about what cards you put under your pillow. Maybe leave out putting The Nine of Swords under there for example.

  1. Perform a Ritual

Many of us Witches and Mystics love a good ritual and there is something beautiful about welcoming a new addition to your spiritual toolbox in sacred space.

You can do this simply by charging and cleansing them under the full moon with some of your favorite crystal lovelies. Or you can cast circle and elementally bless the cards and devote them to spiritual work. Whatever works for you.

Ritual is all about intent. When we set our intent about the work that we are going to do with our Tarot Cards we align them with a certain vibration. This can help get them focused on the kind of readings you want to do. Whether that is for Clients, for yourself, shadow work, ancestral work or healing.

  1. Meditate on the Images

This is a really great way to connect with Tarot Decks or specific cards that have images that really draw you in, that inspire you or that hold an energy that you want to bring into your life.

You can meditate for as long as you want on the cards that you pick. It is completely up to you.Natalie Moon

  1. Daily Draws

This is a very popular practice and there is a good reason for it. When we draw a daily Tarot card either in the morning or in the evening we are spending time connecting with the energy of the card and the day. It is a great way to get to know the cards and also to get to know the meaning of the cards. Learning 78 meanings can be a big task and this practice breaks it down a little. It is nice to give yourself the space to learn the cards one at a time, a day at a time.

By drawing a daily Tarot card you can see how maybe an event happened during the day that reminded you of the card. Or the card offered you a forewarning and you were able to avoid unwanted drama. Or the Tarot has given you something to contemplate. It is all valuable when you are connecting to the Tarot and learning the craft.

  1. Go Steady

When you get a new Tarot deck try working with that one exclusively while getting to know the style, how it reads and it’s unique symbolism. This can be just over a few days or a couple of weeks.

Some Tarot readers only have a few decks in their collections and others (like me) have a lot. So see how much time you want to spend with your decks. I know that when I review a Tarot or Oracle deck I like to spend at least 3 weeks getting to know the deck and reading with it before I write my reviews.

If you have a few decks maybe use your new one for your daily draws only and then use your other decks for Client readings.

  1. Interview the Deck

Check out this post for a specially designed Tarot Spread that you can use to get to know your Tarot decks. It is a fun exercise.
Some decks are rather sassy. You have been warned.  

Tarot ReA CTAAre you new to The Tarot?

Not sure where to begin?

Come and check out the Tarot Readers Academy – Tarot Essentials

An 8 Part Video training series that goes through all of the information that most Tarot Courses completely miss and all for just $11.

Plus you get lifetime access to the course materials and membership to the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group.

Interview with Debbie A. Anderson – Vibrational Earth Children Oracle

I am so happy to be sharing this wonderful woman’s work with my Tarot Tribe. I came across Debbie’s decks through YouTube and when we connected she had just finished creating the wonderful Vibrational Earth Children Oracle deck. Which has been designed for children. It is the BEST deck of it’s kind on the market in my opinion. I have an unboxing video up on my channel of both of her decks if you want to check it out.

Debbie has taken the time to share her journey and experience creating this stunning deck for those vibrational beings who are going to be shaping the world. It is tools like this that can make a HUGE difference in children’s lives.

Debbie A AndersonWhere did the inspiration to create the Vibrational Earth Children Oracle deck come from?

After creating my first deck, Vibrational Energy Oracle deck, spirit basically said, we need to create something for these amazing children.  Something that was all inclusive (as far as humanly possible) and non-denominational.

How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

For me it was all about trust in them, because although I am a grandmother, my child rearing days are long behind me so I wanted to ensure that between us (spirit & I) we did it from a child’s perspective, not an adults.  When the titles & definitions started to come through from spirit, I was immediately aware that they were covering every day topics and possible concerns.  So I reached out to some child educators & parents with children aged 8 years or older to basically give their open & honest feedback, which they did!

Part of the process for me is finding the right artist -which in this deck was with the help of spirit (without the aid of a safety net smile) and the amazing search capacity of Google.  I kid you not (smile), but spirit told me to type in “graphic artist, spiritual, oracle tarot deck”  and Kim Dreyer’s name came up at the top of the list.  So I checked her out.  Just so you know Kim is the artist and writer of the Conscious Spirit oracle deck.  Just so you know I have since gone back into Google and typed those exact words and she doesn’t appear on the first page, let alone at the top… so I put it down to spirit taking over Google LOL

Anyway, back to the journey. After discussions Kim came up with the thought of putting “real” children’s photos within her designs.  So, I asked spirit and got the resounding YES, so reached out to people who follow me on social media, retailers and past purchasers of my products and got swamped with photos of some very vibrational children who are featured in the deck.  They have their first names listed in the front of the guidebook.

What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

Only the fact that I doubted myself (yes, I did it with my first deck too), that spirit had chosen the right person to create a deck for children.  As said earlier, I am a grandmother, so don’t have day to day interaction with younger children, so it was ensuring I was creating something that they would bond with and that it would be of benefit to them and their parents, caregivers, grandparents etc.

IMG_0345What is your favourite Oracle Card? (of your deck or in general)

Oh, that is a biggy- please don’t make me choose because I have so many cards from both the decks I have created that I love.  So, what I will do is let spirit pick their favorites… yes, they have a couple from the Vibrational Earth Children deck that they love.

Love Me Lots – this one especially, because when mum sent in the photos of her “boys” the two were always hugging each other, or connected in some way.  When I reached out and asked if we could have ones of each of them, she explained that she wanted them both to be in the deck.  You just have to look at the image to see the love emanating from these two spirit beings.

Quiet Hush – this image was sent in by a grandmother, who explained her grandson ALWAYS sat like this when meditating.  Talk about a tuned in soul (smile).

The amazing stories shared with me by parents & grandparents when they submitted photos was just vibrational.  I am very blessed that Kim was able to incorporate so many into the deck!!

How do you use the Tarot and Oracle decks in your spiritual practice?

I use both the Vibrational Energy & Vibrational Earth Children oracle decks in my weekly YouTube readings.  I find it not only helps me focus on my week ahead, but from the feedback I get, it resonates with those who watch it weekly.

I am also doing a 13 part bi-weekly YouTube episodes called “Rediscovering Your Inner Child” because what I was hearing from people who purchased the children’s deck, is that it was perfect for inner child work too.  It certainly was not in my scoop when I created it, just reminding me that spirit are pretty tapped into our world and what we need (smile).

Card-Spread_300dpi High Res.Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

I am approached quite a lot by people who want to create their own tarot, oracle or affirmation card decks.  And the one resounding question I ask them is “are you prepared to go out there knocking on doors to promote and market your deck?”  If there is doubt in the reply then I suggest that they seek one of the publishing houses to produce their work.  I am not trying to be a dream stopper truly, but the reality is, this is what you have to do if you self-publish.  PERIOD!!  Sadly the majority of people “assume” that all they have to do is create a website and a bit of social media and Voila, it is done.  Sadly the reality is that it is an 80 hour week, full time commitment.  Belief in yourself and your work – which needs to be produced & promoted in a professional way.

Vibrational Earth Children OracleAny exciting projects in the creative pipeline?

Yes a couple, seems spirit always have my next move all mapped out for me (smile).  I am working on creating an affirmation deck.  Quite a few people have shared that they love my decks, but would be happy to have a card with the words on it, rather than flip through a guide book (smile).  So, this is in the infancy stage and will be birthed (fingers and toes crossed) next year. **Update** The I AM Vibrational Affirmation deck is almost finished and will be going to print later this year.  Release in 2016.

The Vibrational Earth Children Oracle deck is being transformed into a mobile app, and should be available later in 2015.  Which means it will be in a format that is preferred by some.  For me, the physical deck is always the way I connect, but spirit and I honor the modern technology that is out there (smile).

Rapid Fire Round!

Starsign? – Taurus… slow methodical, realistic, practical, reliable, ever enduring LOL

Favourite flavour of ice-cream? – OMG  CHOCOLATE, or anything with chocolate in it!!  You know, Heavenly Hash, Mud Pie, mmmmmmmm

Do you have any pets? – Not presenting because I travel a lot with my work.  My last pet was Banshee, a Calico cat who spoke in loud resounding tones, especially if she was displeased with me (smile).

What book are you currently reading? – I am just finishing up reading “Conversations with Mediums” by Scott Podmore.  I was an invited author, by my Australia distributor, to the Brisbane Mind Body & Soul Festival, held in January.  I wa blessed to be next to  Scott (and several other authors) so got to hear about his amazing interviews with mediums around the world.

Also, just re-reading The Divine Matrix by Greg Braden.

Yes, sometimes my bedside table has a pile of books I want to read (smile).

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times? – What Dreams May Come & The Sixth Sense.  I had to watch that one twice because I truly didn’t see what transpired!!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I have my husband, Chris Lee, who is basically my sounding board and the person who totally believes in everything I do (don’t tell him this, but sometimes more than I want to believe smile).  My friends and family who totally get what I am doing, so I am thankful to have them in my life this time around!

What is your go-to crystal?

I have a few that travel with me – Khahan, my crystal quartz skull, who was gifted to me by Charmed Australia, who are in Gympie, Queensland.  (That is another story)  My two hearts, labradorite & fluorite & my amethyst pendulum.  Of course when I travel I always acquire a few more along the way!!

How can we follow you and your projects?



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Ethony’s Five Card Tarot Spread

This was a little request from a member of the Tarot Readers Academy. This is a Tarot Spread that I use nearly daily and usually at the beginning of a Tarot Reading to see what is REALLY going on around a situation or person.

So let’s dive right in this very easy to remember Tarot Spread that you can use in nearly any situation.

I have also recorded a video example reading for you all.

Ethony’s Five Card Tarot Spread

Ethony's 5 Card Tarot Spread

1. Centre – The energy around a person or situation

2. The Past – What has happened in the past to trigger the current situation or energy

3. The Future – What is the most likely outcome if things keep going the way they are or what is being projected into the future

4. The Known – What is known, what is dominant, what the person is aware of or focusing on

5. The Unknown – What is unknown, what is passive or subconscious, what is beneath the surface, what’s deep down

If you are using this Tarot Spread this Waning Moon make sure you tag @ethony in Instagram and show me your cards!

New Moon Tarot Reading Special

New Moon Tarot Reading Sample 2The New Moon is a perfect time to get your goals and energy in alignment for the upcoming Moon Cycle. To celebrate a New Moon (which happens on Monday the 12th of October) where Mercury is direct I am offering something special. We are now in a place of clarity and can set some really amazing goals this special includes:

  • A New Moon Tarot Reading using my New Moon Tarot Spread – A forecast tool for the coming month
  • A One Question Tarot Reading
  • A Money Magic Manifestation Reading – See what energies around Money Manifestation are abundant at this time
  • A Oracle Reading – Additional message and guidance

Image-1You get all of this via email reading for only $33.00

That’s a saving of $12 if you were to get it all separately.

This offer is available from NOW until the 15th of October so BOOK NOW.

*Note* Once you have booked your reading you will receive an email from me shortly after requesting the information I need to get the reading underway.

Happy New Moon Lovelies.

Lenormand Deck Exploration – Destiny is Brewing with Book

Title: Destiny is Brewing

Creator: Kerry Gummersall

Publisher: Lenormand Australia

Format: 39 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 2.5in x 3.5in

What You Get: The deck and book come separate. I have both the deck and the book (and I can’t recommend having both enough as there are so many treasures in the book and symbols unique to the Destiny is Brewing set.)

The Deck has the 36 card of the traditional Lenormand, an optional second woman and man card and a bonus Cuckoo Clock card. It comes in a plastic protective box.

The Book is a 212 full coloured companion packed full of information for learning the Lenormand and reading the cards. There is also a complete section on Tea Leaf Reading symbols, which play a part in the Lenormand oracle system.


My full review of the Destiny is Brewing deck and book is below.


Destiny is BrewingThe short story is that I adore it. The rich colours make it a dream to read with, the card stock is great and will last for a very long time and the book is well researched and written.

This deck has also managed to make me a little home sick for Australia with it’s symbols of Oz.

I am really impressed with this deck and book and it is one that is readily available to read with for my Clients and myself.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: Lenormand Australia or