Tarot Deck Exploration – The Alice Tarot

Title: The Alice Tarot

Creators: Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony

Publisher: Baba Studios

Format: 79 cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7.8cm x 12.8cm

The Alice Tarot Minor Arcana

What You Get: It depends on what set you would like there is a Standard Deck which is what I purchased. That set comes with the Tarot deck, a beautiful decorated storage box and a little white book. There is a Large Format deluxe edition that comes with a Wooden box and a Silk Tarot pouch as well as everything in the Standard edition. I believe the Large Format deck is sold out.

The Alice Tarot Major Arcana

The Alice Tarot Court Cards

Impressions: This is yet another beautiful deck from Alex and Karen and it will enchant fans of Alice in Wonderland and the Tarot. If you know the stories of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland I am sure you will gain a deeper understanding to the cards as they use what seem to be all of the characters from that universe. Even the more obscure ones. There are even quotes from the books  in a lot of the cards.

The Alice Tarot is based on the familiar Rider-Waite Smith tarot. The metallic embellishments on the card ad such a beautiful element to the deck and they are on every card and in many different colours. All of the Baba Studio decks are on excellent paper stock so that you can shuffle them for years to come without it wearing.

It is a whimsical deck full of character and colour and is another stunning addition to the studios amazing Tarot collection.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: At the Baba Studios Website

The Alice Tarot Backs

The Alice Tarot Backs

The Alice Tarot Aces

Three of the Ace’s in The Alice Tarot

See Your Future this Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve is one of the two most powerful days of the year to divine. The other being Beltane. These are days where the veil between the worlds are the thinnest and messages are the clearest. Samhain is also a fantastic time to call on our ancestors for guidance and to honour them. We are very close to one of those days, the 31st of October.

So after the trick or treating is done and the candy eaten or stashed away why not take the time to see what your future holds.

HP-sufferThere are many forms of divination on offer to the seeker and through exploration and experience you can find which one of these modalities or more than one works best for you. I have found over the years that many people have a natural talent with at least one form of  divination.

Here is a list of some common forms of divination you may want to try your hand at.

CartomancyTarot and Cartomancy – did you know you can have your cards read with normal playing cards? It’s not just special Tarot cards that can be used but a number of oracles as well. Cartomancy is the art of divining using cards, this includes the Tarot. The Tarot is my favorite form of Divination. There are decks of cards for everyone’s taste on the market. Including a lot of Pop Culture fandoms. If you don’t own a deck you can get readings online, buy an app on your phone or book a reading with a professional.


Crystal Ball GazingCrystal Ball Gazing – The image of a psychic using a crystal ball is so imbedded in our cultural psyche that it is used in so many cliches. It is however a very powerful tool. I have to admit I have had minimal luck with crystal gazing but I know people who have. You can also use glass balls as well as crystal ones, which can help your bank account a little.

Natural Scrying Pool

Mirror and Water Scrying – Using a mirror or black mirror to divine is another method of divination you can try. Brings new meaning to the words ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ hey? Water Scrying uses the surface of pools of water either natural or contained in a special vessel is yet another form of scrying. The method of a lot of surface scrying is very similar.


Pendulums – A pendulum is a weight suspended by a pivot so that is able to swing freely. The most popular pendulums are usually crystal but you can use other items like rings. The pendulum will swing over an answer usually on a chart when you hold it and think of what you desire. The great thing about the pendulum is that you can create what ever chart you like.


Tea leaf or Coffee readings – I love tea so partnering it up with divination seems only natural. This is a well known practice and can be very insightful. All you need is your favourite herbal tea or coffee and a reference material on symbols. If you come across special tea cups and saucers to use in this practice then even better! You can also book a reading with a talented professional as well. It is really fun to practice this type of divination with a group of people so they you can all have a turn at looking into each other’s cups.

Runes Wooden

Runes – Are the alphabet of the ancient Germanic people that have been used for language, magic and of course divination. The most common Runes are the Elder Futhark. Commonly Rune sets are either wood or crystal. Runes are either cast or pulled out of bags when using for guidance and messages. Each one has their own meaning and vibration.

This is just a small taste of what is available in the world of Divination. I will certainly be taking advantage of the energies on Samhain night and hope that you do too.






Samhain Hallowen Tarot Reading Banner

Did you Know?

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Ethony Oracle Reading

ALSO I am offering my first ever Giveaway on Instagram. Details are below and entries close on Samhain/Halloween.

Ethony Giveaway

Samhain Hallowen Tarot Reading Banner

Page of Swords and The World Earrings – Tarot Inspired

I have been making jewellery for many years and was inspired to create a collection of Earrings the embody the spirit of different Tarot Cards. Here are my first two. They are for sale on my Etsy Page.

Page of Swords Earrings

Embodying the spirit of the Page of Swords who incurious, energetic, perceptive and a free spirit these earrings are made with Garnet and Amazonite gemstone beads and finished with crystal and a silver feather representing the element of Air.

The earring hooks are Stirling Silver.

Length – 5.2cm

The Tarot Card Featured is the Page of Swords from The Light Grey Tarot

Page of Swords Earrings 1 Page of Swords Earrings 2 Page of Swords Earrings 3

The World Earrings

The World is the key of integration and completion, travel and success. These earrings are lovingly made with chrysocolla which is known as The Globe Stone for it’s stunning mix of greens and blues. These colours also link our Heart Chakra and our Throat Chakra ensuring that we are speaking from a place of love and truth.

The earrings are finished with silver beads and Sterling Silver Hooks.

Earring length: 6.4cm

The Tarot Card featured is The World Card from The Light Grey Tarot

The World Earrings 1 The World Earrings 2

Sneaky Peak at Sacred Space – Altars

I had a wonderful burst of energy this morning so I decided to clean a lot of the apartment and also my two Altars which were very dusty. I had my son Dominic in the room with me, put on some Beyonce for tunes and got to cleaning. I wanted to share what my Alar spaces look like at home. My Altars are pretty functional as well as decorative. These are both permanent Altars.

It has been a while since I have been able to get a seasonal one done with a new born and limited space in our apartment my space usually stays pretty consistent. I will have the space for seasonal Altars at some point down the road.

First I had to clean off the space and dust everything and the surfaces. That took quite some time.

First I had to clean off the space and dust everything and the surfaces. That took quite some time.

My Tarot Chest of Drawers. I really wish Ikea still made these.

My Tarot Chest of Drawers. I really wish Ikea still made these.

The Top of the Drawers, a sight that I don't see often.

The Top of the Drawers, a sight that I don’t see often.

Athena and Aphrodite Plate

A stunning Greek Plate gifted to me by a very special person of my Patron Goddess Athena and Aphrodite

Goddess and God Statues

My Goddess and God statues

Feathers and Fans

My feathers and Fan

Ethony Altar

My newly cleaned Altar

Ethony Altar 2

The wide view :)

Bedside Altar

My bedside altar which yes, also has a sleep monitor for our baby

So that is a sneak peak of what my Altars look like and some of my tools.



Weaving Magic

What an amazing couple of Saturday’s I have had over the past two weekends. I was so fortunate to spend two full days with 14 wonderful women and men  discovering the power of real magic in my Spellcasting 101 workshop.

Working with people to unlock their magical potential is always such a treat.

Spellcasting Workshop 101

We explored the theory of real magic and the elements that make for a great spell, the morals of casting spells, correspondences and tools of the trade. Everyone then worked on their own personal spell tailor made for them and their situation. We closed the day with a practical example of a spell from start to finish. So much inspiring conversation happened over the last two weekends. I can’t wait to teach more and connect with everyone again with deeper learnings in Spellcrafting 201.

We are even running another Spellcrafting 101 course in November due to popular demand.

Spellcrafting Course November

Here are what people are saying about the course!

Dana – ‘I’m still walking on pink clouds. I loved this session. Can’t wait for #2!’

Sharron – ‘Thank-you, Ethony for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the group last Saturday. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned from you in my rituals. I enjoyed the beautiful company and conversations too!’

Vanessa – ‘Amazing!! I felt like a kid in a candy store.’

Anne – ‘Fabulous meetup! I’m still in that “hangover” from being around such fine energy and my mind is still stretching a bit to retain Ethony’s teachings. Thank-you all!’

Dana – ‘Awesome group today. Thank you all!! Loved every minute of it. Best wishes!’

Helena – ‘I loved it! It felt delightful and delicious to sit in the room with like-minded enthusiasts and learn all about Ethony’s spell-crafting ways. Much appreciation to all and to everyone’s contribution throughout the class.’

Della – ‘Thank you Ethony! Wonderful class, great energy, and great company. It was great spending the day creating positive energy and new directions. Looking forward to taking Spellcrafting 201. I’m now looking forward to making my own incense too :)’

Sue – ‘loved the day, beautiful strong energy. Thank you Ethony for your wisdom, strength and energy! Tis is so helping me in my Wicca path. Cant wait for all the strong warrior women to be together again in more classes and circles. Looking forward to the emails from Ethony on circle casting!’

A HUGE thank you to Sharron from The School of Gypsy Arts for the amazing space and support and I love working with you.

Who is ready for the FULL MOON? So full of energy right now.




78 Cards and The Book of Meanings

78 Cards BannerCreated by Lana Zellner the 78 Cards and The Book of Meanings Project is now LIVE on Kickstarter. 

I have backed many projects in the past but this is the first that I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a part of a Tarot project! I have been following Lana’s journey on Instagram with creating the Tarot art for her deck for months now and it is a dream come true to be able to work with her and some amazing writers to complete the Tarot decks’ Book of Meanings!

‘As I mentioned in my last update, I will be working with an amazing group of very talented card-readers for most of the writing within the 78 Cards companion book, The Book of Meanings.

I am very excited to announce to you all today, the second co-author for 78 Cards – Book of Meanings, Ethony Dawn! Ethony, will be writing specifically for the Suit of Swords!’ – Lana Zellner

That’s right this Queen of Swords (my Astrological Tarot Card) is going to be writing for the Suit of Swords and possibly some other wonders as well.

I actually love the suit of Swords which can often be a tricky one to engage with as it contains many lessons that we may find painful. But it is through working through our pain and embracing the positive side of the Suit of Swords that we are able to be wiser and stronger in life.

The Project is already funded but we can do so much more with extra backing including getting more decks and books printed.

So please come on over and check it out and support us if you can.

78 Cards on Kickstarter

Many Blessings


Spellcrafting 101 Workshop and Halloween Psychic Fair

Two new events scheduled for the Vancouver Area.

I am super excited to be running the first Spellcrafting 101 Workshop tomorrow. There are three spots left for next weekends workshop so if you are interested and in the Vancouver area sign up quick to avoid disappointment.

Spellcrafting Oct Workshop Halloween

Learning the Portland Tarot with Rev. Erik L. Arneson

So pleased to introduce another great guest post! Thank you Erik for sharing and check out his site Arnemancy

Learning the Portland Tarot

A guest post for Ethony by Rev. Erik L. Arneson from Arnemancy

Last year I received the gorgeous Portland Tarot for my birthday. This deck was created by Portland artist Theresa Pridemore, with the assistance of writer Jamie Morris. The current edition contains just the Greater Arcana, though they are working on releasing a full deck sometime in 2017. The artwork is an amazing combination of collage, photography, and painting that highlights the weirdness and uniqueness of Portland’s people and landmarks. Embarrassingly, I have barely looked at the deck since I got it.

Today I will be opening this deck up for my first real reading with it. I’ll pull three cards and interpret what I see, and through the process we will explore how a Tarot reader learns a new deck. I’ve written before about how difficult it can be to read effectively with a new deck. Now let’s see that in practice.

Portland Tarot -Bridge cardsThe deck is tough to shuffle because the cards are large, measuring 4”x6”. The deck comes with bonus cards: three of Portland’s bridges are featured with some additional instructions. They aren’t meant to be shuffled into the rest of the deck. I haven’t looked at the accompanying book yet because I’m just going to dive right into the symbolism.

Portland Tarot -High PriestessThe High Priestess

The first card I draw is the High Priestess. It depicts the St. John’s Bridge behind eight women in a flower-strewn forest clearing. The women look to be all different ages and nationalities. The lunar symbolism is strong, too. The Moon hangs big and heavy in the sky. This is going to be a difficult card to interpret. The High Priestess can be confusing, and now it’s just more so.

I can see that death and life are represented in this card. In the foreground, a woman offers an animal’s skull. In the background, a woman in white stands outlined by the glowing arch of the bridge. Why are there eight of them? Is the number important? I don’t know.

The House of the SeekerPortland Tarot -House of the Seeker

The second card is the House of the Seeker, which corresponds to the Hierophant in traditional decks. This card’s name makes me think of the Church of Scientology, which just moved into a prominent new space in downtown Portland last year. However, I know that’s not what this card is about, so I look more closely and see some familiar symbols.

The central figure stands in front of a massive swirling eye, overflowing with cosmic knowledge. Before him is a globe. On the face of his lectern are the crossed keys, and his flock consists of one man and one woman. He is a guardian of knowledge, separating the terrestrial from the celestial. The man and woman represent the balance of opposites, not yet unified.

Portland Tarot -DeathDeath

The third card is every reader’s favorite: Death. This depiction of Death is not as threatening as others. She rides an angry-looking unicorn and a pink rose banner flies above her. In the background is Vista Bridge. How fitting for the Death card! Also known as Suicide Bridge, it’s been the host of over a dozen suicides. Even the recent erection of suicide barriers hasn’t stopped the determined.

Death bears a halo that seems to be a clock face. A rainbow appears behind her, mirroring the bridge in the distance. The clock is a reminder that everything must succumb to the passage of time, but the rainbow is a message of hope. Perhaps the rainbow is the hint that mitigates the grim message of Death.

Bringing It Home

A three-card reading is like a story. Similarities in symbolism and imagery pull a reading together. The first thing that I see in this card is a theme of giving and taking. In the High Priestess, the eight women seem to be offering gifts. The House of the Seeker is about getting something that must be earned, and Death is the ultimate taker-away.

With that in mind, here’s my instinctual reading: the High Priestess gives insight, but to properly make use of it, you must enter the House of the Seeker and prove yourself worthy. Death, however, awaits, and it could be that this new knowledge leads you ultimately toward a great transformation.

This quick reading is just the first step in learning a new Tarot deck. Next, I would open the accompanying booklet and study the meanings that the creator of the deck intended. For some of the cards, I’ll adopt her meanings. For others I’ll use my own. Each deck takes a different amount of effort and usually a unique approach.

I like the Portland Tarot. The pictures talk to me. Though I struggled with the High Priestess card, it eventually made sense. I like the macabre message in the Death card and the mixture of old and new symbolism in the House of the Seeker. This deck and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.

Mabon – Celebrating, Giving Thanks

This was originally posted for The School of Gypsy Arts Newsletter for the quarter and I wanted to share it here. If you are in the Vancouver area there are many events, classes and workshops on offer on the Gypsy School site and bookings for the next fair are open.

The Autumn Equinox the second day of the Wheel of the Year where day and night are of equal length. The tipping point of light and dark where one hemisphere starts the transition into long cold nights and the other starts to rejoice in the returning light. Balance in both.

Mabon is the second harvest where we give thanks for all that the seasons harvest has given us and when we prepare for the darkness of winter. We are called to take stock of what we have achieved so far in the year and can realign goals for the remainder of our year. In reflection we can take a look at where we are and adjust our course for future success if needed or just keep going if we are on the right track.

Some ways to connect to the Autumn Equinox

  • Have a thanksgiving dinner on the date of the original day of thanks. Cooking meals with apples, seeds, nuts, pumpkins, squash, grapes and corn go with the season.
  • Get out in nature while you can and the day light is still favourable. A good hike to see the leaves slowly changing color or even a last swim before the water gets too cold.
  • Clear out your pantry with canned foods that you are not likely to use and donate it to your local Food bank. Winter and the Holiday season coming up is the hardest for many families. Take it one step further and purchase some yummy non perishable foods to donate. Believe me when I say that Food banks get a lot of baked beans.
  • Clear out you wardrobe, books, old toys and useable blankets and give them to other local charities.
  • Make a cleansing spray and smudge your living space to move any stagnant energy.

Cleansing your space before winter is another idea, allowing the energies to shift before a new season. A simple cleansing spray can assist your efforts and can be used when ever you feel inspired to.

Cleansing Spray
You will need:

  • Aromatherapy spray bottle (these are usually blue)
  • Clean spring water
  • Sage essential oil
  • Peppermint or Spearmint essential oil
  • Marigold essential oil
  • Small clear quartz and rose quartz crystal chips (optional)

Take the spray bottle and put the crystal chips or mini stones in the bottle. Fill the bottle ¾ of the way with the spring water. Add two drops of each essential oil and shake. Remember to shake the bottle each time before use.

Meditation-Ritual for Mabon
To listen to the beautiful 30 minute recording Click here.

Mabon Tarot Spread
All sacred holidays are great times to conduct any divination practice. Below is a Mabon Tarot Spread which you can also use with Oracle decks. A simple spread which you can do on Mabon eve or anytime during the season. A couple of seasonal Tarot decks that you may love using for this Tarot spread. The Halloween Tarot and The Wheel of the Year Tarot.