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You asked for it and it is finally here!

Not long ago, I asked my lovely tribe to vote on what FREE training they would like from the Tarot Readers Academy. The voting was strongly in favour of Reading the Tarot with your Spirit Guides.

And, it’s finally ready!

In this three-part training, you will learn about Spirit Guides and the personal experience of having them with you in your sacred practice.

You will be lead through a guided meditation to meet and commune with your Spirit Guides, in addition to learning the ways in which to work with them in your Tarot or Oracle reading practice.

There is also a BONUS handpainted Connection prayer download and a worksheet to go along with your meditation

Also, this free training includes the option to join the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group to ask questions and join in on conversations and experience-sharing with other students.

Getting access to this training is SUPER easy!

Simply head to and enrol as a student in the Academy. Once you have completed your enrolment, you can then join the Spirit Guides and Tarot training for FREE.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I loved preparing it.

Please feel free sharing it with friends who would also like to connect with their Spirit Guides.




A new Tarot Master Class is almost ready! To hear about it first, sign up for my newsletter on the right hand side of this page or by joining the Tarot Readers Academy.

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How to Buy Your First Tarot Deck

I want ALL of the Decks!I see this question a lot on my various social media accounts. People who are new to the Tarot asking the community what is the best way to go about getting their very first Tarot deck. Which is great. The Tarot community is inclusive and really supportive.

So being a member of the community this weeks Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Cafe episode is my tips and advice for those who are in the market for their first Tarot deck or even their second or twentieth.

Check out the video and all of the links for the video are below.

The only thing to really remember is that YOU need to connect with the deck. Art is subjective. We are all drawn to different styles and mediums. What really works for me may not work for many other people at all.

While I learnt with the Rider Waite Smith deck and now also teach with that deck I didn’t use the original Rider-Waite Smith in practice, I used the Spiral Tarot which is based on the Rider-Waite Smith deck. I found the RWS very hard to engage with when I started. I now use it all the time as a regular go-to deck in my readings but I didn’t at the start.

Website Recommendations

My favourite Tarot website which has a wonderful forum is Aeclectic Tarot it is such a great site with wonderful card previews which is invaluable if you don’t have a local store that has sample decks.

Amazon is really good for the fact that they suggest decks for you and there are also always reviews.

Facebook Group Recommendations

Tarotholics Anonymous –

Tarot Marketplace –

Tarot of the Silicon Dawn with Unboxing Video

Title: Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

Creator: Egypt Urnash

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

Format: 78 Cards + 21 Additional cards.

Language: English, Italian, French, Spanish and German

Size of Cards: 10cm x 5.5cm (3.94in x 2.17in)

What you Get: 91 cards, keep sake box, 77 page colour companion book (non-English versions may be different lengths).
***Correction to the video***Egypt did, in fact, write the book as well. Sorry about that, Egypt! You can check out more about Egypt HERE.

Impressions: This Tarot deck is really out there and I love it!
What’s so special about that? For one thing, the elemental and astrological associations of the Pentacles and the Wands are reversed. For me, this means that I probably would not be able to read with these cards outside of my own reflective and self-reading practices. However, this may be perfect for many people.

Although this is a different approach to Tarot, it is also somewhat familiar. The influences of Golden Dawn, Rider-Waite and Crowley are apparent in these cards.

In addition, the booklet does not pull any punches and is an excellent compliment to the deck. There are stories within each of the cards which are explored more fully in the book.

It is a beautiful deck, with vivid colours and I adore the embossed finish on the cards. (not all cards are embossed) I did a little unboxing video as well which is below along with some larger pictures of these cards.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: Click HERE for free worldwide shipping.

I am still mastering these videos so thank you for being patient with me while I get the technique down.

Silicon Dawn Tarot Silicon Dawn Tarot2 Silicon Dawn Tarot 3 Silicon Dawn Tarot 4 Update Banner


Beltane Tarot Spread – Sabbat Tarot Spread Series

Hi Lovelies,

It is nearly one of my favourite times of the year both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. So much power and beauty is abundant at this time. Connections to our ancestors and the Divine ones are amplified. A personal practice of mine for many years has been to read my Tarot cards at all dates of importance to tune in and gain insight for my personal, professional and spiritual life.

For this Tarot Spread I have created a layout using some of the sacred flowers of Beltane and then their essence and medicine for each position.

Beltane or May Day marks the beginning of Summer and mythogogically the union of the Goddess and God. Bonfires, feasting and dancing around the sacred May Pole are all customs. It is celebrated on the 1st of May (Northern Hemisphere).

It is also a celebration where the veil between the worlds is very thin so Divination of any form is very powerful at this time.

Ethony Beltane Tarot Spread


1. Primrose – What do I need to heal?

2. Rowan – What do I need to take responsibility for?

3. Hawthorn – How can I get unstuck?

4. Gorse – What do I need to give up on?

5. Hazel – What limitations do I still believe?

6. Marigold – Where can I shine?

If you or your sacred circle are looking for a meditation or ritual for Beltane or Samhain please check out my guided meditations and rituals by clicking the image below.

The Craft Banner Small

Have a wonderful Sabbat and I can’t wait to see everyone’s Tarot Spreads.



Interview with Danielle – Creator of The Starchild Tarot

The Starchild Tarot has been a fast favorited Tarot deck of mine and I just had to connect to the creative Goddess behind the deck. She is a fellow Canadian and a big inspiration.

Please welcome Tarot Creator, designer, artist and total babe, Danielle Noel.

DanielleCan you share a little about yourself. Where you are from, what you are passionate about and your profession?

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I primarily work as a graphic designer and visual artist, but also work as a designer for the metaphysical brand, Zaleska. My background education is in visual art and design, so I am the most passionate about these two areas of work.

Where did the inspiration to create a Tarot deck come from?

The inspiration for the Tarot deck draws from certain artistic styles I have explored over the years throughout my photography and design, as well as painting and illustrating. I am very interested in different forms of quantum and holistic healing, and wanted to create a deck that touched on my own visual concepts, and interests in these topics that I feel are very relevant to the time we are now living in. Starseeds, meditation, crystal healing, and esoteric wisdom from various ancient mystery schools are integrated into the overall feel and theme of this deck. In many ways it is all encapsulating, with my love for science fiction, vintage photography, and the magic of the cosmos, while also offering helpful, empowering, and inspiring affirmations.

What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

The deck took a number of years to complete. Since its initial incarnation, I knew I wanted to write a helpful and concise guidebook to accompany the deck. It wasn’t until I had created all 78 cards that I even began to write the booklet, so its launch took a year longer than I had anticipated. This was a bit of a challenge, because I was so eager to share the deck, but I had to be patient. Patience is very important when you are wanting to refine or complete something properly. I knew I couldn’t rush the process.

Starchild Tarot
There has got to be a funny/moving/spiritual story about one of the photoshoots, can you share one?

Three of the male cards of the deck feature my partner’s closest friends, so it was always fun to get them to play along and act out the roles of their cards.

What is your favourite Tarot Card?

Hmm that is a tough one! I would have to say my favourite Tarot card in every deck has always been the Magician. It is the card I try and identify with the most. Lol And I loved creating this card for my deck! Some of my favourite decks include the Thoth Tarot, the Aquarian Tarot, the Klimpt Tarot, Tarot of a Moongarden, the Mountain dream Bea Nettle’s Tarot, and the Goddess Tarot.

How did you learn to read the cards?

I have been reading the tarot since around the age of 12. For the most part, I have been self-taught, but I have also taken a few courses on how to read the cards over the years. I now use my own method for reading that sort of goes beyond what the inherent interpretations actually are.

The Starchild Tarot
Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

I think there is such an amazing variety of Tarot cards out there, and I love seeing the different mediums that are being explored nowadays! If there is an idea you have, and a style you want to go with, be passionate in your approach. I don’t think there are any right or wrong ways of making a deck if it is something that you really want to do, and your heart is in the right place. In terms of creating your deck, there are many options for both self-publishing, and publishing work. Make sure you research the companies that do the actual printing, and which publishers would fit well (and support) your creative ideas. I have connected with a few publishers throughout my journey with The Starchild Tarot, but in the end, I wanted to self-publish the deck myself because I wanted 100% control of the finish and style of the deck.

Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?

I am currently in the process of creating an oracle deck with another writer, and another Tarot deck, entitled, The Moonchild Tarot. I am also creating a line of Tarot spread mats that can be used with all tarot decks, each with their own unique theme and layout (with accompanying guided instructions).

The Starchild Tarot3Rapid Fire Round!


Pisces :)

Favourite flavour of ice-cream?

Hmmmm Moosetracks

Do you have any pets?

I have a lovely dog named Frida

What book are you currently reading? I am always reading about 5 books at once. It’s like changing channels for me when it comes to books. Lol. I am currently reading the Three waves of volunteers, and The Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon, Energy Medicine (for women) by Donna Eden, and the Earth chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin (my fiancee loves these books, so we spend a lot of time discussing the information found in this series).

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times?

I love the X-files series and have watched this a number of times! In terms of movies… I love everything Wes Anderson, Alejandro Jodorowsky, David Lynch, and Star Trek (the movies are great!). Lol

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Hmmmm Frida Kahlo.

What is your go-to crystal?

Smoky Quartz

How can we follow you and your projects?



Instagram: @starchildtarot

Twitter: @starchildTarot


A huge thank you to Danielle Noel for her time and inspiring words.



New Moon Tarot Spread

The New Moon in Aries is happening on Saturday the 18th 2015.

I for one am super excited to leave this waning moon behind I have been clearing and cleansing like a mofo and it has NOT been pleasant. Necessary but not pleasant. I have been so freaking sick. That is why I have not posted a video in a couple of weeks. Sorry about that I will be back soon.

So bring on the New Moon!

I for one am going to be using this Tarot Spread and if you want me to take a look at your cards and give you some of my interpretations please send me a message on my Facebook Page or Tag me on Instagram or Tumblr in your post and I will take a peek. Cause I  love you all!

This Tarot Spread can be used at any New Moon for you to help set your intention and energy alignment for the following moon phase.

Enjoy lovelies.

New Moon Tarot Spread

New Moon Tarot Spread
1. Moon Energies – what energies are abundant for me during this new moon phase?

2. Energy Assist – what can I do to aid or ease it?

3. Goals – what goals or challenges should I set for this moon phase?

4. Drift – what do I need to let go of from the last moon phase?

5. Advice – what advice do my spirit guides have for me for this moon phase?



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My 10 Happiness Secrets aka How I got and stay, Happy

Happiness is a choice for sure. I do believe that in order for you to have a happy life you have to choose it. Even when the shit hits the fan it is how we view it and deal with it that matters. My happiness journey was and still is ongoing. I have been blessed to never have to struggle in a large way with mental illness but I have had some dark periods in my life. So I wanted to share some of the ways in which I find happiness and keep that energy in my life. There is also a little Tarot Spread in there for you all on Happiness.

gratitude-300x2541. Gratitude – Every single day I am filled with gratitude and I choose that outlook on life. Even when things get hard I always remember the good and that everything changes and the hard times will pass. I am filled with joy for my family and my life. I see my son and I light up on the inside that he is here with me and my partner. I am filled with love and gratitude for my boyfriend who loves and supports me in all that I do. I am one lucky lady and I never forget it.

2. Move towards my Goals – I do at least three things a day towards my goals except for at least one day a week where I just hang with family. Or at least try really hard to unplug that day. This means I am accountable for my progress and I feel like I am accomplishing things. When I can tick things off my to do list and see that my efforts are finding fruition that is the best feeling. It also keeps the momentum going which is super important.

The Prince Lenormand Oracle WIP Pic3. Create – It took me moving and starting again but I finally put my hang ups away and got on with creating especially my art. Writing never scared me, painting did. It doesn’t any more. I paint and create for me. It is soul work. I adore it. I am even going to be putting myself more out there when my final paintings are done for the Prince Lenorand Oracle and I want to get them printed! Creating art, writing, cooking and making of all kinds is essential to my happiness.

4. Surrounded myself with amazing community online and off. – Moving country is the hardest when you have exceptional, beautiful people you are leaving. It depressed me then I slowly started making connections in my new home. I have beautiful friends in my life, supportive mothers and incredible soul sisters in business. My Instagram community is the best and I love interacting with everyone there. Yes I still miss my Tribe in Australia but I can also stay connected with them until I see them again.

5. I follow supportive, inspiring people – This is mostly on my social media streams and also what newsletters I subscribe to. I want to be around, read, see and support women who are supporting other women. I want to support any person who is walking their talk and making the world a better place. I am not into following hateful, negative people who tear people down. Here is an example. I used to read Perez Hilton for a while there but then I realised he is full of shit and is a bully. There are many instances I could go into but the final straw for me was when he bartered with Tyra Banks to get his ass on her ANTM. He was going to stop putting pictures of celebrities children on his blog for a month. Not forever like a decent fucking human should but a month. See you later man. He is a father now, I wonder if his mind has been changed.

6. I don’t watch normal tv or the news but I’m not disconnected either – Watching the news to me is like dragging my soul through the mud. I feel horrible afterwards. It’s mostly doom and gloom and straight up bullshit if you watch Fox. So I just don’t do it to myself. I will read what is going on in the world but I am not going to be sitting in front of a TV for hours a day being a zombie. Thanks to Netflix there is NO commercials telling me I am fat, need this pill or that pill or food that is full of crap. No thank you.

7. I give to charities and projects I believe in – I NEED to feel like I am making a difference even if that difference is small. Some of the amazing Kickstarter Campaigns that I have backed really make me smile. We can make a difference! Even if it’s just $5. Here are some of my favourite campaigns that I have backed and this is just one of the places that I donate to.

3-D Ocean Farming – Save Our Seas

Beehives for Community Gardens

Donation Based Music Lessons – because music was probably my saving grace in High School

Project 562: Changing the Way We See Native America

Rainforest Connection – Phones Turned to Forest Guardians

8. Foster good relationship with family as much as possible – Like all relationships they have their ups and downs and boundaries have been tried and tested on more than once occasion over the years but I am happy to say that I like my family and have a good relationship with them.

IMG_25159. Get in Nature – Even though I don’t do this as much as I would like I walk in nature when I can. Getting fresh air every day is super important for me and my little guy. It helps me sleep better when I work out too.

10. Ask for help when I need it – This one has gotten easier over time and I am still not perfect at it but I am getting better. I had to put my pride aside and ask for assistance and it has made my life a lot easier. I also offer assistance when I can to people too, it is all about giving and receiving and having a good flow of energy both ways.

As always I love to have something that has Tarot involved so I have created a Happiness Tarot Spread for you all to have some fun with.

Because I’m Happy Tarot Spread!

Happiness Tarot Spread 1


1. Me – My current happiness metre

2. Get Happy – How can I get happier

3. Forces – External Forces – who or what is helping or hindering my happiness

4. Stay Happy – Advice on how to continue this happiness momentum

5. Future – The next 3 months (it’s a process and it requires work so don’t FREAK if if it is a non shiny card)



Ostara Spring Fling Tarot Blog Hop

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The standard Tarot deck is over 500 years old and the cards are very much a product of that time, particularly the Major Arcana and Courts. So I am asking you to consider which cards you think need to be updated, removed or added to reflect our modern society?

Are there any glaring omissions? What is redundant? Which card has you scratching your head wondering where it fits in today? Or do you think that archetypes are so universal that there is still a relevant place for all, be they Hermits, Pages, Knights or Emperors?

Is the Tarot Relevant?

This is such a huge theme that I could very well talk about this for days.

When this was posted my first reaction was to ask, is the Tarot even relevant any more? I mean with all of the huge leaps and bounds that we have made in science, psychology and civilisation how is there still a place for something that seems completely far out for a lot of people. People often refer to the Tarot as woo woo (a phrase which grinds my gears when ever I hear it) but it is far from taboo. The Tarot is deeply ingrained in our culture. When people like Kanye West admit to getting Tarot readings you know that the Tarot has permeated into mainstream. Even so there is still mystery to the Tarot and everyone loves a good mystery.

Tarot and Pop Culture

Here are a few examples that I have seen of the Tarot being featured in pop culture.

jane-the-virginMost recently I have seen the Tarot used in the awesome comedy Jane the Virgin (if you aren’t watching this you should be it’s so great). One of the main character’s mother Magdna is shown in a few of the first episodes with the Tarot and they reference what she sees in the cards and her obsession with it. I couldn’t find a picture to show you but trust me they are there.

PennyDreadfulTarotFBPenny Dreadful features the Tarot heavily as the beautiful and troubled Vanessa Ives (exquisitely played by Eva Green, I mean can she be anymore beautiful?) reads the cards and has her own deck.

wpid-penny-dreadful-cardsShowtime even used this deck heavily in promoting the show and you can buy a copy at their online store and also get an online Tarot reading with the cards. Very clever marketing. I personally have not connected to this deck but many of my friends have.

3._woee_10182012_fn_0317.jpgAnother TV Show to feature the Tarot was the CW’s, The Witches of East End which was sadly cancelled after two seasons. In the show Joanna and Wendy cast the cards for their fellow Witches and family on many occasions, helping shed light on situations and give them warnings of what was to come. The deck was custom made for the series and had additions such as The Owl, The Cloak and The Imposter cards included into the deck.

In Disney’s 2009 release of The Princess and The Frog we see the villain (yeah I know he is the bad guy but it is still cool) Dr. Facilier tempt and woo the young Prince and his lowly entourage into making a deal using his Tarot deck and his Friends on the other Side.

Also in 2009 Prada, yes Prada created a Tarot deck. I don’t even want to think about how much this deck is worth now.

If one of the biggest fashion houses in the world and DISNEY is featuring the Tarot in their products you know that it is mainstream.

Mary K. Greer has an excellent list of Tarot in TV & Movies that is much longer than my few offerings. 

So is the Tarot relevant anymore? I believe it is, it looks like the Tarot is here to stay and is getting more and more exposure and attention. You can’t open social Apps like Instagram without seeing crazy popular Tarot decks like The Wild Unknown and The Star Child Tarot everywhere!

The Tarot is no longer hidden in dark lit back rooms with beaded curtains. It is on our TV’s,  in our magazines, on our clothing and I for one am super happy about that.

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Thank you to Ania for organising this Seasons Blog post and for picking a kick ass theme.

Ostara Tarot Spread EthonyDid you miss my Ostara Tarot Spread? Check it out here.

Ostara Tarot Spread

A little Ostara Treat for you all.

I wanted to get this one out early to give everyone some preparation time before the Equinox on the 20th.

Ostara Tarot Spread Ethony

1. Balance – What do I need to balance or what needs balance in my life?

2. Growth – What do I need to grow, where do I need to spend my time and energy?

3. Regeneration – What is coming back to me soon?

4. Fertility – What energies are in abundance around me right now?

5. Potential – How can I harness the equinox’s energy to my benefit?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s Tarot Spreads for this Sabbat. I am for sure going to be casting some cards on the 20th of March.



Ostara and Mabon

The Symbols of The Star

This week in the Tarot Readers Academy, Tarot Cafe Video I am exploring some of the Major Symbols found in the Major Arcana card of The Star.

The Rider-Waite Smith is rich with Symbols, which can assist you with learning the meaning and connecting to the card in a deeper way.

I hope you enjoy this weeks video.


Tarot Decks Used in this Video

Radiant Rider Waite Deck

The Cosmic Tarot

The Truth Seeker’s Tarot

The Bonefire Tarot

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