Having Healthy Boundaries with Your Tarot Reading Clients


I am a firm believer in Boundaries. Having them and keeping them.

Professional boundaries are so important and I have been guilty of letting them get a little blurry at times. To run a successful business you need them. All businesses have them. Your business is no different. Whether you are a Tarot reader or make magical potions.

I have gathered together some tips for having healthy boundaries as a Professional Tarot Reader. This can be applied to all energy workers or people who work for themselves.

When you let your potential Clients know what they are going to get in a Reading from you and when you give them more confidence. The unknown elements disappear. Again this is all personal reflection as always take what resonates with you and leave the rest.


Set Your Boundaries Outright

It is a lot harder to set boundaries when you have allowed people to have access to you all the time. So no matter if you take one or all of these tips my number one tip is to set your boundaries at the beginning.

Have a Routine. A Work Time. A Play Time

Have your contact or ‘office’ hours on your website and keep them. Once you start sliding down that all hours contactable person rabbit hole it is hard to go back.

Let your Clients know when they are going to hear from you and stick to it, or update them if you are running late.

Take Holidays

This can be super hard when you run your own business and I find it hard to do this still but you need it or you will burn out.

I’m on the Clock

Using a timer with your Readings. It reminds your Client that you have a timed engagement and gives a clear ending time. If there is more that you need to share you can of course go over or you can get your Client to book another reading.

Separate your Work and Life

Have separate social media accounts, phones or phone numbers, email addresses, bank and financial accounts. It makes it so much clearer for you.

Your Tarot Code

This is where you let your potential Clients know what your Tarot ethics and reading boundaries are.

You can show that your code of practice which outlines what kind of Tarot readings you offer

  • Are you okay reading about a third party?
  • What about reading the Tarot for teenagers and children? (with their parents permission of course)
  • What kind of readings are completely out of question?

Your code of Tarot which outlines what you believe the Tarot can and cannot do

  • Are you a Tarot reader who will predict the future?
  • Are you a Tarot reader who is more of a coach and spiritual mentor?
  • Is the Tarot a healing or divination tool or both?

These are a few things that you can consider for your business and website.

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Favorite Summer Tarot and Oracle Decks


It’s that time again. Here are the Tarot and Oracle decks that I have been drawn to and using for my personal and Client readings.


The Animal Totem Tarot

This deck has been calling to be used for a lot of my Client readings. Especially about Career, Spiritual business and Spiritual path working. It is so stunning and the guidebook is fantastic. I have a lot of animal decks and books and there are some gems in the book about animal magic and messages

Victorian Romantic Tarot

This deck is sadly out of print but it is a deck that I have been using every day. It is THE LOVE deck for me and I don’t see me working with any other deck for a while for love readings. The only thing that has me a little bothered is that I read for a lot of people who aren’t straight and this deck is straight. Besides that it is so stunning and speaks to me on more levels than I thought it would. An incredible Tarot deck.

If this ever goes back to print I am all over it for a back up deck.

The Gaian Tarot

I am one of the lucky ones that has both versions of this deck. I have been working with the Schiffer Publishing version of this deck. I love that the deck is bigger than your standard Tarot deck as the art is really detailed. The book is worth the deck alone and it is multicultural, modern and beautifully earth centered.

Did you catch my unboxing and first impressions video of this deck?

The Witches Tarot

I know I am a sucker for lovely Rider Waite Smith inspired decks. I was recently reunited with this deck when I went to Australia and got the rest of my Tarot and Oracle decks out of storage and brought them home with me.

It is so much fun and totally vibes with my Witch self. It is a digital art deck and I really love it.

The Morgan-Greer Tarot

You know I love this deck. But a funny thing has been happening. I have been working more and more with other decks. It feels like it is moving away from being my go to Tarot deck. What is going to take its place….time will tell a few are in consideration. It’s like the Tarot Bachelorette.

The Lumina Tarot

Another out of print deck, but I feel that this one will be back in stock soon. Just a feeling I don’t know for sure. This is a lovely summer vibe deck.

Songs for the Journey Home Tarot

One of my beloved circle Tarot decks. It is a indie deck that has its own system. A tarot deck that I have been using for personal reflection and draws. I have been getting to know the deck very well over the summer.

The Aura-Soma Tarot

This deck, this deck. I have all of my Aura-Soma Tarot files and training literature and I am so so happy it is all here. I am working with this deck every day and I have a new Tarot reading which is centered around this deck. It is more in depth Aura-Soma Tarot reading that gives you a road map of your Spiritual and Soul Purpose and as always you choose the bottles. Just like when you have a Aura-Soma bottle reading.  It is a large Tarot deck with 112 cards and I love that it is a travelling Aura-Soma case.


Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle

Kim from the Wild Unknown released this deck this Spring and OH MY STARS it is so beautiful. I am in love with this deck. I love the Wild Unknown Tarot deck as well. The guidebook is so lovely and well done. She has the most amazing brand, honestly.

Chakra Mindset – Balance Oracle Cards

I found this Oracle deck via Instagram and I fell instantly in love. A lovely indie deck from Australian creators.

Here is my unboxing video if you missed it.

Spirit de la Luna

What a stunner of a Moon Deck. This is a deck that I have been using since I received it and will be using it a lot more. Especially with my magical work and Moon magic.

It is the perfect companion for the modern witch and moonaholic. I adore the guidebook and the presentation is so well done.

Here is my unboxing video if you missed it.

Money Magic Manifestation Cards

I use these, every, single day. These have helped so much and I have had such great feedback with people who use them. They are a working vibrational lift for life long abundance. I know they are mine so I am a little bias but I do really love them.

What decks are you using Tarot babes?

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Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread

The Full Moon in Capricorn is happening on the 19th of July in 2016.

Earthly concerns are the theme for this Full Moon. Because Capricorn is the opposite sign to Cancer (the Moon’s zodiac) this is the Earthiest full moon. Psychic abilities and dreams may be a little duller than normal during this Full Moon.

You may find yourself being pulled to very practical and tedious things even if you are usually heavily affected by the mystical energies of the Full Moon.

Organization is your ally. If you are working on a project, make sure you build strong foundations. The success of your goals depends on it. A little more time and care at the beginning is going to save you a world of rework later.

People may be a little ruder this Full Moon. Don’t expect others to come to your aid and your requests for help may be denied. For all light workers, healers and mystics LOVE is needed more than ever now.

When I felt this last message I have to admit I felt it with a heavy heart. Authorities and institutions that have power have even more this Full Moon. Insensitivity looks like it is going to be even higher. Please reach out to those who are at risk. Meet fear with love and stand up with love and support.

This Full Moon Tarot Spread works with these themes.

Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread

Full Moon Capricorn Tarot Spread


  1. Bones – What foundations do you need to lay to succeed right now?
  2. Patience – Where do you need to apply patience or what is testing your patience?
  3. Plans – What long term plans are calling you?
  4. Ambition – Where do you need to think BIGGER?
  5. Support – Where do you need support or how can you support others at risk?

Share your reading using the #capricornfullmoon on your social media accounts.

Enchanted Full Moon Group Tarot Reading

Full Moon Group Tarot Reading

I am offering a Full Moon Group Video Reading for this Full Moon. Included is a PDF report with photos of the reading and cards, affirmations and Money Magic Manifestation prompts. I will also be pulling cards for each Tarot Reading Personality TypeThis reading is recorded and will be sent to you on the afternoon of the Full Moon.

As a launch offer, when you book your Full Moon Group Tarot Reading a friend gets it for FREE!

All of this for only $13 USD – Book now and nominate your moon babe who is going to get their reading for free!

Full Moon Blessings to you all.



9 Tips for Developing Your Intuition

 Screenshot 2016-07-11 12.01.42Intuition or inner knowing is such a gift. It can help guide us away from bad decisions and people and keep us on the path.

Now I truly believe that we are going to experience things in our lives that we can’t always avoid but if we develop and listen to our inner voice, our bodies and truly pay attention it can bring an element of the divine to our everyday lives.

I use my intuition with my Tarot readings and coaching but I also use intuition every day. The more that I have been in touch with my inner compass the better my readings and life have been.

Here are some tips that have worked for me that I am sharing with you love bots today.

1. Be Observant

This is so extremely powerful and so underrated.

I have seen signs from the divine in so many ways, just by being observant. I see coins on the ground. Lady bugs on leaves and people and situations that I can avoid (like accidents waiting to happen).

In a world full of people that seem to be more aware of what is going on, on their phone this can seem like a freaking superpower. This alone can change your life.

2. Slow Down

This feels simple. It can be a challenge though. To slow down and to allow yourself to get back into a natural rhythm.

If we are rushing from place to place and constantly stressed we almost have a barrier around us for blocking intuitive and subtle energies. We aren’t on the same vibration.

3. Be Present

There are amazing books about this and there is so much around being present in the moment. I am not sure I can add much more to the conversation around it. What I can say is that your intuition does not live in the past or in the future.

Your intuition speaks in the now. Even if you are daydreaming or reminiscing your intuition can butt in, but it will call you back to the present. Always.

Practices such as meditation, yoga and even exercise can help with this.

4. Check in with Your Body

Your body always knows. We often don’t give it enough credit for being an amazing barometer for what is going on. Your body knows what food is good for you and what people are.

When something happens or you are around certain people, check in with your body. It is also great for when you are working with healings, you can scan your body for areas of tension and pain for the people you are working with.

Your body knows. When you make a purchase, feel into it. When you say yes to something or even better before you say yes, take time and feel into it with your body. It knows. Especially your gut.

5. Vibes Matter

Everything gives off vibes. People. Rooms. Items. Everything.

If you can tune in and learn to feel them through visualisation, meditation, reiki, whatever medium you like to work with. You can get a very good indication of whether something is for you or not. It does go a little bit with checking in with your body but this is about the external energy. Not your internal.

6. Magical Tools

There are many reasons I love using magical tools. One of them being that it is a wonderful way to get in touch with your intuition. Working with tools gives our busy minds something to do and allows that part of our beings to be heard more clearly.

My favorite tool of course is the Tarot and Oracle decks. The visual expression. The ritual of a reading. The feel of the cards as you shuffle them. Everything about it is me.

7. Automatic Writing

Another wonderful way to kick start all of those intuitive energies. Automatic writing is a form of communication where you allow your spirit guides or a divine source to write through you.

The idea is to write and just keep writing. Not to edit. Not to stop. You can pick a Tarot or Oracle card and start writing or use a key work or ask a question.

Some people get into a trance like or meditational state when they do this too. It is a really fun exercise. Give it a try. You never know what you will find fly out of the pen.

8. Spirit Guides and Helpers on the Other Side

Spirit Guides, Angels and all of those helpers from the other side can be amazing companions when working with your intuition. It may not be your thing but like a lot of spiritual development, I recommend that you try a few things to see what works for you.

Did you know that I have this little freebie course at the Tarot Readers Academy where you can learn to meet and work with your Spirit Guides. Including a guided meditation –

9. Shut up and Listen

This coming from the woman who loves to talk.

The older I get the more I value silence. How extremely cliche. It is true though. I used to get fired up about everything. I still do, but I choose what to pour my energy into now.

Silence is powerful. Silence allows for space. Silence lets you listen.

You don’t need to be quiet all day but observing silence has been a powerful way that I have connected with my inner voice in a strong way.

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The Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck – Interview and Deck Preview

The Gods and Goddesses of Oracle and Tarot decks have been very good to us in 2016. So much bounty! My great friend Sharron from the School of Gypsy Arts has created something truly wonderful that I am happy to share with you today.

This is no cookie cutter Oracle deck folks. This is a hand designed and painted deck that I have been privileged to see come to life since Sharron started to paint them. I have read with the deck and seen the guidebook. (Dude talk about an incredible learning opportunity for those interested in Indian culture). So without further ado, I present to you the Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck.

Original.SharronBasanti.1 (1)Can you tell us where you got the inspiration for your Seeds of Shakti Deck and what the title means?

The Seeds of Shakti Oracle was hidden in my deep subconsciousness and was waiting to come into fruition for a long time. Finally, on December 25th, 2015 when the Full Moon was in the astrological sign of Cancer, the deck was born. I drew inspiration from my ancestors.

Creating this oracle deck has been healing for me, as I have yearned for a connection to my cultural roots. I was born in Northern India near the Pakistan border. I was adopted at the age of 4 by an Indian family in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

In Sanskrit, Shakti (pronounced shuck-thee) means power or energy; and is the universal life force. She is worshipped in all her manifestations (Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati, Kali, Durga, etc. . .), as she is the Divine Mother Goddess. Shakti is the Divine feminine principle, as Shiva is the masculine. She exists within you as sacred power. I feel that each of the oracle cards are seedlings of Shakti.

Did you make a solid plan once this project became known to you or did you just go with the flow?

I knew in my heart space that I needed to go with the flow, as structure would have killed my creativity and connection with Source. Don’t get me wrong, I love structure in other aspects of my life, but when I am drawing and painting, I prefer to let Source guide me.

What were your first steps?
Seeds of Shakti Oracle 4I started the project off with painting the seven main chakras, as I initially thought I was going to do a 
chakra affirmation deck, but then I couldn’t stop myself from drawing more. I knew at that point, I wasn’t going to be creating an affirmation deck, as the projected had organically evolved into an oracle.

What were some of the challenges you faced in creating the deck?

I had no previous experience, so I learned a lot as I went and received guidance from a friend, who has a few decks under her belt. You probably know who she is . . . Miss Ethony!

The most challenging part was writing the guidebook, as I wanted the content to be rich, not fluff. I spent about 3 months writing and revising the guidebook until I was satisfied.

Did anything go easier than expected?

The drawing and painting of the oracle cards was extremely intuitive and flowed effortlessly for the most part. I didn’t struggle with coming up with the messages for each card, but did take my time to meditate with each painting to tune into the message.

What did you do to help your creative flow when working on your art?

To be honest with you, I locked myself up at the cabin away from distractions. Also, sharing pictures of the art in progress on social media, especially Instagram was empowering as the feedback that I received motivated me to continue because I didn’t feel alone. I feel the key to my creative flow was honoring the fact that I needed solitude to paint.

First Giveaway - Seeds of Shakti Oracle

What are some of your favorite cards and why?

I’ve noticed that most oracle deck creators don’t answer this question and reply with the genic answer, “all of them”. I won’t do that, as I would be lying. At the moment, I am connecting with Kali but last week, I was resonating with Muladhara (Root Chakra). If you ask me this question next week, I will most likely have a different answer for you, as my favourite oracle card is determined by what is happening in my life.

How do you use your Oracle deck in your spiritual practice?

My morning ritual consists of shuffling, focusing, and drawing three cards to represent my morning, afternoon, and evening. At the start of the week, I often draw one card to represent the theme for the next 7 days.

As a chronic writer, I am constantly journaling, so I often draw a card to give focus to my writing sessions. Being an oracle deck junkie, I have a deck on my night stand and right now the Seeds of Shakti Oracle is in rotation. I like to draw a card before I go to bed to help stimulate my dreams and send positive vibes to my subconsciousness.Seeds of Shakti Oracle 2

I work a lot with positive affirmations. I often pull an oracle card and use it as inspiration to create an affirmation. This is one of the reasons why I included affirmations for each card in the Seeds of Shakti Oracle guidebook.

I have also been using my oracle deck with my Tarot clients, as I love the messages that are coming through.

What advice would you give other artists and people who want to create their own decks?

If you have a strong will, nothing can stand in your way, not even self-doubt or lack of abundance.

Seeds of Shakti Oracle 1I love this quote, ““The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.” ~ Vince Lombardi Jr

Where there is a will, there is away!



You can pre-order your Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck and guidebook for an amazing discount right now. Grab your copy while you can. 

It’s Tarot Q&A Time – Reading Tarot for Friends and Family

Tarot Reading for Friends and FamilyToday’s question is:

When a friend or family member asks you for a Tarot reading what do you do? Will you read for people you are close to?


As always everything I mention here is my perspective and experience, take what resonates to you and leave the rest.

Some people have no problem reading for family and friends. Please always go with what you feel the most comfortable with and do that. There is no right or wrong way to approach this. Always go with what feels right to you.

Here are some things I would like to share with you for your consideration when it comes to reading Tarot for Friends and family.

Too Close for Comfort and Bias

When we are too close to a person or situation we can find it hard to see things from an unbiased perspective.  Even when we have a tool such as the Tarot that can act as the removed element we can still put our views on the interpretations.

We also want the best for the people that we love and sometimes we have a clear idea of what we think that is for them. We can be invested in the outcome. While that is great when it comes to supporting the people we love it can be something that is a hinderance when it comes to reading a loved one’s Tarot Cards. What if we see something shitty? What if the advice the cards are showing is not what we would want for them?

If you feel you are too close to the situation or person/people involved then it may be a sign to refer them on.

The Blame Game

No one wants to be blamed later. No matter what you say, people can selectively hear things. While I completely believe in free will you may find yourself potentially on the receiving end of some annoyance if your advice is taken and things don’t turn out how your friend or family member wants. Heck this can happen with any Client.

This can also happen if the cards are not what they want or the message they wanted from the reading. Again this can happen with any Client.

I’m Not Listening

You know that book you have been telling your friends about for ever, you have recommended it to them and even lent them your copy to read you think they will like it so much. But it sits on the book shelf for months and you take it back.

Then a week later  you hear that an acquaintance of theirs recommended the same book, they listened that time and now can’t talking about how AMAZING it is.

This may be exactly what giving a friend or family member a Tarot reading can be like. They just won’t hear it from you. You could tell them the winning lotto numbers and they wouldn’t listen.

I have said that this is similar to the reason why we have so many incarnations and representations of the divine, we all resonate to different messengers. Timing also plays a part in this but often it comes down to hearing it from the right person and in the right way.

Don’t take it personally if people find it hard to hear things from you, especially truths that may hurt them. Maybe that is not the role you are to play in their life.

Judgy Mc Judge Pants

Judgement works both ways. You will have judgements you have of your family and friends from your years and past together. Like the habits they have, the failures and successes, the poor taste in boyfriends, friends etc. These all paint a picture of the person that you know. These things are hard not to take into a Tarot Reading with you.

There are also the Judgements that they have on you, I hear frequently from students at the Tarot Readers Academy that they worry about telling some of the friends and sometimes family about their love of Tarot and that they read the cards. You may worry that people will see you differently. While this is a topic that requires its own video and blog post people also have their own judgements of you and the Tarot that they bring into a Tarot Reading. Including their past experiences with Tarot Readers and Spiritual people, positive and negative. This is with all Clients.

These things may not be an issue for you at all. You may be completely comfortable with reading the Tarot for your Friends and Family.

What do I do?

I will read the Tarot for my friends and family if they ask, if I have the time and most importantly if I feel right about it. I have told family and friends that I am too close to the situation and that I can refer them to a reader that I trust.

My friends know that I run a Tarot Business so they know when they are asking for a Tarot Reading from me they are usually going to get it for free and that is going to take away from my time to work with Clients or be with my son. So I don’t get inundated with friend requests.

I used to read for Friends when I was honing my Tarot craft a lot. This can be a gift and a hinderance. Because you know so much about the person it can make the intuitive leaps that you would usually get a little harder to know. I do recommend reading for friends when you are learning as they are going to be great support.

If you have a Tarot Question you would love for me to shed some light on please send it through to or in the comments section of this video.

I would love to hear what you do when your friends and family request readings from you?

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Exhaustion & Sagittarius Full Moon Spread

Exhausted 1

As most of you know I moved from Oz to Canada three years ago, exactly three years ago on the 13th of May. In that time I have had a muggle job that had me in tears at least twice a week I hated it so much. The people were nice but the work was destroying me. I have been in a relationship with someone I have known for ten years and generally figuring out how this love thing works.

Had the most amazing gift in my son ever. As I was told babies weren’t something I was ever going to be able to have. But this blessing came with a new set of trials as I did this will very little help. Most of my family and friends being very far away and all.

I moved my Tarot work 100% online and focused on building that so I could be a work from home Mum and look after my little one. I created two decks and nearly finished deck number three. Made new friends and worked at fairs and held workshops on various magical topics. Worked to the point of exhaustion, created tons of content and basically haven’t stopped.

I know I’m not alone in feeling energetically depleted.

I want to keep going even as I write this out of fear of being left behind. Of becoming irrelevant.

But I simply can’t run at the pace I have set myself anymore.

So there is no Full Moon Guide this month. I have created a Full Moon in Saggitatious tarot spread for you all but the guide. I just didn’t have in me.

I have been doing most of my biz work on my own.

Which I am looking to change very soon.

I find myself wanting to apologize for being exhausted. To the point of such energy depletion that I barely recognize myself.
FullSizeRender (20)I find myself wanting to apologize for admitting that I need assistance and help.

Then I wonder why do we feel the need to say sorry for being human. For taking up space. For being depressed, tired, raw and real?

I am not going to allow myself to slip into victim mentality and apologize for doing what I need to take care of myself and my family.

Nothing is going to change over night. Tarot Readings will happen as normal. But I am going to change my services soon. Time to simplify.

YouTube videos may not be tutorial heavy for a bit and my blogs may be a little sporadic while I get my energy back.

The Tarot Readers Academy isn’t going anywhere.  The Awakened Soul Oracle is nearly done. Tarot Summer School is giving me life. I’m still going to have my shop full of magical goodies. I just need to re-examine a lot of my energy output and give myself permission to rest when I need it.

Basically I am getting a crash course in what happens when you don’t take care of your energetic boundaries, even when it is your own self pushing on them.

The last minuet trip that I booked to go to Melbourne was literally a soul SOS. I need to be around my family and friends in Oz for a while. I need to fill my tank back up. While I am still working while I am away I am looking forward to some down time.

Thank you all for understanding and being so supportive.

Sagittarius Full Moon Spread

There is a lot of very intense energy around at the moment. A lot of us feel restless and exhausted. Themes of being careful about what battles you join and being more compassionate with loved ones are around this Full Moon. We are going to want to fight thanks to Mars bringing a lot of influence but we ultimately have the final say if we want to engage in relationship warfare.

Sag Full Moon Tarot Spread1

  1. What impulses need taming?
  2. Where can I best direct my energy?
  3. How can I best redirect my aggression?
  4. Should I speak up or stay quiet? (look for clues in the card you pull as to what this card is trying to tell you)
  5. What spiritual and personal beliefs need re-examining?


I hope you enjoy the Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Spread and please share your cards with me via social media using #sagfullmoontarot


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Interview with Rosy Aronson – Creator of the Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck

Your Oracle and Tarot deck treasure hunter stumbled across this divine deck online. The extremely intelligent creator Rosy took the time to share her journey of creating the Wisdom Keepers Oracle deck with us. If you have not been able to see the Unboxing video for the Wisdom Keepers Oracle deck you can check it out here.

Can you share a little about yourself. Where you are from, what you are passionate about and what is your profession?
rosy aronson hs2Hello! My name is Rosy Aronson. I live in Berkeley, California, with my Danish film-maker husband and 13 year-old daughter. Whether writing, art-making, counseling or working directly with The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck, I feel passionate about helping people find authentic and empowering ways to embrace, trust and express who they are deep down, even when it feels scary, or silly. I firmly believe that we are literally designed to blossom, and that magic happens when we release ourselves from outside pressures, practice radical self-acceptance and courageously embrace the unknown.
I have a Masters in Expressive Arts therapy and a Doctorate in Intuitive Listening & the Creative Arts. I’m a registered Drama Therapist, an ordained (non-denominational) minister, as well as an experienced Human Design and Gene Keys counselor. I’m also the author and illustrator of The 64 Faces of Awakening Coloring Book and A Tale of Serendipity (an unfolding tale for the open-hearted child in each of us, and a call for global change that is driven by love and not politics).

How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

My intention in bringing forth the 64 Faces of Awakening (the inspiration behind The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck) was both personal and collective. Personally I longed for a creative self-care practice that would help me let go, relax and unhook from the many stresses of my everyday life. The process of drawing the faces was exceedingly soothing to me. When I gazed into the eyes of these wise beings, I felt seen, cherished and supported. The more time I spent with the faces, the more relaxed, trusting, patient and forgiving I became in my everyday life. They seemed to have a similar impact on others. These faces were not just drawings for people. They were friends, guides and mentors, transmitters of presence and compassion, with their own stories to tell and wisdom to impart.
Over time I realized that these beings (Wisdom Keepers) embodied the very kind of peace, love and understanding that I longed to see in the world. And so I developed The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck with the deeper, broader intention of helping all of us reclaim, reflect and celebrate the soul of the world. I wanted the 64 Wisdom Keepers to remind us of our interconnectedness, while honoring our differences. I also wanted them to represent both ancient and new human archetypes that honored the wisdom and radiance of all people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, etc.

One of the most important things I discovered while writing the Inner Guidebook that comes with the deck was that each Wisdom Keeperearned his or her wisdom by not only surviving painful and challenging experiences, but by embracing them. Just like most of us, they became present, loving and compassionate as a result of having experienced and ‘emotionally composted’ some kind of pain, loneliness, discomfort or fear. They represented the potential for the Wisdom Keeper in us!

Oracle Deck

I really do feel that the Wisdom Keepers have come specifically to recognize our potential, reflect our beauty and receive our love. I encourage people to do as I do, to connect with each face as they would a friend, a grandmother, a mentor, a lover or a guide. To develop a sincere relationship with each of the Wisdom Keepers so that they can receive their unique medicine.

What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

As I imagine many artists-at-heart feel, the process of creation can be much more fun than the process of business building. The drive to receive and draw the Wisdom Keepers, and then to tell their stories, was quite strong, and natural. Figuring out how to fund the printing of 1000 decks was a whole different ball game! This was one of those ‘labors of love’ which required my family to take a huge leap of faith, and for me to learn more about marketing than I ever wanted to learn. I’m still trying to figure out how to share The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck with the world, without losing my shirt! That said, I have no regrets, and have a feeling that the Wisdom Keepers have their own plans for me, and for themselves. I’m just the humble messenger. : )

What is your favourite Oracle Card? (of your deck or in general)

I know this is the obvious answer, and perhaps a cop out… but I couldn’t possibly decide. I have different relationships to each of theWisdom Keepers, and sometimes I feel a need for one more than another, but in the end, they’re all family.

I kind of feel the same way about other decks that I love and use. It’s the rainbow of possibilities, insights and beings that draw me.unnamed444

How do you use Oracle decks in your spiritual practice?

Over the years, I’ve used several Oracle Decks for inspiration, support and guidance (e.g. Osho’s Zen Tarot, The Medicine Woman Deck, Mother Peace, etc.). I don’t often use Oracle Decks as predictive devices. I tend to be more interested in having my present reality reflected back to me, and allowing my creative mind and emotional memory to mix with the cards and drum up something new–an insight, an inspiration, a contemplation, a next step, an intuition, etc.

Now that I’ve created my own deck, it has been very interesting. Even though the Wisdom Keepers and their stories came through me, I don’t feel a sense of ownership. I’m still stunned by the sovereignty of their existence, the relevance of their stories, and the power of synchronicity.

I use the cards very intuitively, however it suits me. I go through periods where I pick one a day. Other times, I’ll do a spread that’s in the book, or one that I come up with in the moment. Sometimes I just talk to them, as if they were in the room with me and we were just hanging out. Other times, I pray to them for support.

I often use the Wisdom Keepers when working with clients in my private counseling practice. It’s amazing how deeply my clients relate to them, how relevant their stories and contemplative questions are to my clients, and how deep our sessions go as a result of bringing in the Wisdom Keepers. Sometimes I pick a card (or a few) before a client session, just for myself, to invite in the kind of wisdom and support that’s needed for us to have a deeply healing and transformative session. The accuracy and relevance often astound me.

Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

  • Trust yourself.
  • Honor your impulses.
  • Embrace your feelings.
  • Reach out for support.
  • Let go of perfectionism.
  • Take risks.
  • Create ‘bad’ things on purpose.
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Have fun.

Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?
unnamed (9)I just launched The 64 Faces of Awakening Coloring book, featuring all of the Wisdom Keepers in the Oracle Deck. I’m super excited about about this! As a counselor with a background in expressive arts therapy, I’ve witnessed the power of coloring to lower stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression, as well as to facilitate a calm, centered and mindful state of being. The healing potential of this particular coloring book feels even bigger, given the loving, compassionate nature of the faces. So I’ve launched, a web site dedicated to bringing the Wisdom Keepers to groups and organizations that would benefit from this unusual coloring experience (e.g. schools, hospitals, social service organizations, support groups, community centers, homeless shelters, prison or rehabilitation centers, senior citizen homes, etc.).
I’m also in the process of creating the second edition of the deck, which is likely to be IN COLOR!
Rapid Fire Round!

Starsign? – Virgo
Favourite flavour of ice-cream? – Mint Chip
Do you have any pets? – No, but I love all animals (despite allergies). And I often cuddle with my daughter.

What book are you currently reading? – I’m always reading about 15 books at the same time. Most of them are what my daughter calls, “Unrealistic Non-fiction.”

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times? – Harold and Maude

Who is your biggest inspiration? – Oh, that’s hard! I’m inspired by so many people, for so many different reasons! Do I really have to answer that? ; )  (Can you tell? I’m not someone who likes to choose. That’s why I made a whole deck of cards, not just one card.)

My family (mom, dad, sister, husband, daughter)

Dearest friends

Richard Rudd (the author of The Gene Keys, a big inspiration behind the Wisdom Keepers Inner Guidebook)
What is your go-to crystal? – A beautiful rose quartz crystal sphere with a natural heart-shaped formation in the middle… have had it for 25 years. It’s as old as my marriage (Kim, my husband, is definitely one of my biggest inspirations…)

Wisdom Keeper Collection (1)

How can we follow you and your projects?

Website: (for anyone interested in my Human Design-related work)

Facebook: “”  (You can sign up here for
Instagram: 64faces
Twitter: @rosyaronson

Some updates on Rosy’s work

All of my products (the deck, the Inner Guidebook, and the coloring book) are available on Amazon. If you order through Amazon, you won’t get the extra golden organza bag, the extra Wisdom Keepers postcards or the numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity. To get those extras, they need to order directly from Rosy at or, which of course, I appreciate.)

The deck on offer is a Limited First Edition deck. There aren’t a whole lot more of them left. The Wisdom Keepers Inner Guidebook is the 300-page enhanced paperback version of the mini-Inner Guidebook that accompanies The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck. So it’s essentially the same text as the mini-Inner Guidebook, just easier to read, and better edited! It’s also now available on Kindle.


Creating Narratives in A Tarot Reading

This is a video request for a Tarot Readers Academy student who asked about ways that she can gain more confidence in creating a narrative in her Tarot readings rather than just looking at each individual card.

This is something that can take time. Some people are naturals when it comes to talking, writing and seeing stories in images. Other people can really struggle with it. So please don’t feel like you are a failure as a Tarot Reader if this is something you haven’t aced yet.

I thought the best way to learn how to weave narrative into your Tarot Readings would be to create something that kinda forces you to be in story mode. So I have created a Story Tarot Spread where the whole idea of the spread is that you turn your reading into a creative story. Where your querent is the main protagonist and the rest of the Tarot Spread has the elements of the story for you to consider.

I have also created a Worksheet for you with the Story Tarot Spread where you can write your readings down.

I am going to now run through the Story Tarot Spread and give an example reading to walk you through this whole exercise.

For this Tarot exercise you do not need to have a question in mind or be reading for someone else. The Tarot cards are going to give you all that you need.

I suggest that you use a Tarot Deck with imagery that engages you. I teach and initially learnt the Tarot with decks that were Rider Waite Smith inspired decks. They have a lot of visual cues there for you to read off of. Just in case this is the first video you have seen of mine three (if I don’t limit this I could be here all day) suggestions for you are:

  • The Radiant Rider Waite or any Rider Waite Smith deck.
  • The Spiral Tarot (my first real learning Tarot deck)
  • The Druidcraft Tarot

But go with whatever deck you like.

Story Tarot Spread and Worksheets -



Worksheet Questions

Here are some extra questions, that are all in the worksheet that you can ask yourself when creating a story in a reading. Especially when you are learning or honing your skills in this area.

What is there a lot of in the Tarot Reading?

Are there a lot of Major Arcana, Court Cards, a certain suit? – This is a good indication of the dominant energy of the reading and the energy of the reading.

What is missing in the Tarot Reading?

This is just as important. Is there an element that is completely missing? Are there no Major Arcana cards?

What does the Tarot Reading actually look like?

Here is where you want to zoom out and take a look at the aesthetic of the reading. What does it actually look like? Are people in the cards (if you use fully illustrated Tarot cards) looking at each other or turning away? Is there a imagery theme?  Is there a ton of one color? Does that mean anything to you? Take a moment to scan your reading in this way.

Does the Tarot Reading support the situation, oppose the situation?

Is the Tarot Reading cheering on the sidelines supporting the heck out of your Querent or is the tarot reading in the bitch squad planning on turning all of their friends against them? This can let you know if there is a lot of challenges and roadblocks in store.

Does what is going on in the reading make you feel happy, would you want to be in it?

Would you want to be there? Would you want to be the protagonist in that story? Can you put yourself in your querents shoes? How does it feel?

Now it is time to write your story. Bring all of the elements that you have in the Tarot Spread and the questions in your worksheet. Go to the page that starts with ‘Once upon a time’… and start writing. No freaking judgements on yourself or your story writing skills. This is not the point of the exercises. You just want to train your brain to look for patterns and get used to what the flow of stories are like.

I wouldn’t ever go through this step by step for a paying Client of mine, this is more a training exercise but you can ask friends if they would like a reading after you have done this a few times and see if your Tarot reading skills have had a few new elements added.

This is an exercise that I do with my Tarot Reader Certification Students over at the Tarot Readers Academy but I have branched out here in even more detail and added this new Tarot Spread.

If you have a Tarot Question or would like to request a video please let me know in the comments below or via email.

Tarot Reader Personaility

Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread

Full Moon Guide

Sometimes all you have to say to people is ‘The Full Moon is in Scorpio’ and they instantly get it. The Full Moon in Scorpio can be the most intense Full Moon of the Lunar Year.

Themes of sex, death, money, transformation and basically anything that can and will make you broody and sexy are all in the Full Moon Cocktail during the astrological sign of Scorpio. 

Goal setting at this time (and who doesn’t love Manifesting on the Full Moon) is geared towards long term goals. Spend time cultivating your vision for the future.

Scorpio Tarot Spread

  1. How can I find more focus?
  2. What boundaries in my life need tending?
  3. Where in my life can I seek deeper meaning?
  4. What is calling me to go within?
  5. How can I express myself in a healthy way?

I would love to see your Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Scorpio. Give me a shoutout on SM and use the hashtag #scorpiofullmoonspread and tag me if you can!

If you get stuck on your cards let me know.