A Three-Part Approach to Tarot Journaling – Guest Post

Today we have Sean from http://cupsandcoins.wordpress.com sharing with us his Three-Part Approach to Tarot Journaling.

Tarot Journaling is something I do myself and I always recommend it to people as a way to connect with the Tarot and also reflect on life in general. Thank you Sean for sharing here on Ethony.com and readers please check out his WordPress site for more of his journey with the Tarot.

Tarot Journaling

Tarot as a practice is subject to a bazillion different opinions, from the interpretations of individual cards to how spreads should be laid out to whether or not to read reversals (and on and on). One thing, however, that almost every Tarot reader will agree on is that journaling is a fantastic way to get started and learn the skills necessary to become an accurate and successful reader.

If you’re anything at all like me, though, a billion people saying “keep a journal!” isn’t especially helpful. What should I write in it? What kind of information is deemed worthy of entry into the journal? Is it for reference, or more for record-keeping? These are all great questions to ask, and ultimately the answer to all of them really is “it’s up to you.”

Super helpful, right?

Instead of writing a “How to Keep a Tarot Journal” post, because that post has already been written about a gazillion times by people (bloggers and Tarot readers alike) far more talented than I, I’m going to give you a look at my system for journaling. Hopefully it may inspire you to reexamine your own system, or possibly give me some advice on an angle I might be missing out on.

Photo Aug 17, 12 33 18 PMBasically, I don’t keep one single journal for all of my Tarot-related stuff. I actually maintain three separate units, which all work together to form a cohesive system for my own personal use. It breaks down into two physical notebooks, plus a digital “Notebook Stack” in Evernote. I’ll talk a little more about “Stacks” in a bit, but the two notebooks are pretty simple.

The first is where I keep reference info, like astrological correspondences, colors, associations, and different spreads I find in books or across the web. It sort of serves a purpose as my own personal Tarot Bible, carrying information I find personally relevant while leaving out any fluff or filler, or anything that does not seem significant.Photo Aug 17, 12 34 23 PM

Photo Aug 17, 12 33 37 PMThe second is my record-keeping journal. Every daily draw and every spread is logged in this notebook. I make note of the date, the moon’s phase and aspect, and any other important information about that particular date (such as Sabbats, Celtic Zodiac months, American/Christian holidays, and so on). Then, if the reading is more than just a daily one-, two-, or three-card draw, I’ll indicate what type of spread I’m using and cross-reference the corresponding page from my other notebook. Next, I list the cards drawn, in order of position within the spread. Finally, I’ll make my actual reading note—first, for each individual card, including references to the other cards in the spread, if relevant, then my overall impression or summary of the reading.

When my notebook full of readings is completely filled up, it will be tagged with the first and last reading dates and filed away. In keeping my reference notes separate, I’ll never need to keep old or outdated readings on hand just to have access to the spreads and other notes I’m going to continue to need as I develop my practice. If I ever need to reference a specific reading, I’ll still be able to do so, but those old notes won’t take up any extra space with the rest of my daily-use materials.

Now, on to my third “notebook,” Evernote.

Photo Aug 12, 11 54 43 AM     Photo Aug 12, 11 55 11 AMI’m not going to use this post to describe the ins and outs of using Evernote, other than to say that if you spend any significant time on the computer, and find yourself collecting piles and piles of bookmarks from a bazillion different websites, you should be using Evernote. With it, you can “clip” web pages, articles, photos, and almost anything else and store it on your local hard drive. From there, you can sync your account across all your devices and have all of your stored clips on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s even got a web client, so even if you’re without any of your own devices, you can still access everything you’ve saved.

One really great feature within Evernote is Notebook Stacks, which are exactly what they sound like: a stack of virtual “notebooks.” My Cartomancy Stack comprises a notebook for general reference materials (cheat sheets, mostly), plus a notebook for each card. I use this system primarily for gathering information for blog posts, so currently I have a notebook for each card I’ve written a full post about over at Cups and Coins. I also toss in reference/inspiration photos for paintings, so I also have a notebook for each card I’ve completed a painting for.

The best part about using digital notebooks, especially for reference, is that I’m not limited by any physical or financial constraints. I can pile up as many photos, articles, and webpages as I need, and never have to worry about how cluttered my desk is getting or how many more books I can fit on my bookshelf. I can add all the notes I could ever want, and carry them around with me everywhere I go, without my laptop bag getting too full or too heavy.

All in all, this three-sided system is what I’ve found works best for me. There are pros and cons to both physical and digital media, of course, but I think the method I’ve worked out maximizes the pros while minimizing the cons. Since I use my Evernote Stacks primarily for blog and painting reference, I have them on hand whenever I need them without having to worry about having left my notebooks at home, or in the other room, or whatever. On the other hand, digital services are susceptible to loss—sometimes a service shuts down, or their storage servers are corrupted or compromised. With physical media, I get the benefit of tactile feedback. Writing something with a pen or pencil more thoroughly helps me to commit that information to memory—much more so than typing. I also never have to worry about someone hacking my notebooks. Unfortunately, paper notebooks must be carried to be of any use away from home, and can easily be ruined by spills or unfortunately-timed rainstorms. They are also far more difficult to cross-reference, whereas on the computer, I can easily create links between my notes. There are definitely trade-offs, and deciding what you’re willing to compromise on is a big part of finding your own personal system.

So, there you have it: a peek inside my Tarot-journaling system. It’s far from perfect, but it’s working for me. I know that as time goes by, I’ll make modifications. I may slightly adapt the information I record for my spreads, or reconsider the organization of my digital notes. I may completely overhaul the system and find a new method that works entirely differently. And no matter what, I know that it’s okay because it’s my own personal Tarot practice, and as long as the method I use helps me grow and develop as a Tarot reader, it will always be worth it.

Hopefully, if you’ve read this far, you’ve found something you can take away and use in your own practice. Maybe you’ve already got a system that works for you, or maybe you’ll start using your own version of the system I’ve outlined here. Either way, I’d love to hear and see what other people are doing. Tell me, what does your Tarot journal look like?

My Interview on Rockstar Priestess

AmandaTarotI am so excited to share my interview over at Rockstar Priestess  where I share my experiences and thoughts on being a Professional Tarot Reader. Enjoy x

Tarot Deck Exploration – The Clover Tarot

Title: Clover Tarot

The Clover Tarot BannerCreator: Nika Berne

Publisher: Independently Published by Nika Berne

Format: 79 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7.8cm x 12 cm

What you Get: The deck comes in a box set with the cards and a full color book.

Impressions: I fell in love with this deck the moment I saw it on Instagram (who would have thought that it would be such a great place to find new decks?!) and I knew I had to have it. Beautiful interpretations of the Tarot. The deck and the books are excellent quality the pages of the book are lovely to turn over and having full colour pictures of each of the cards is so great. The book has a wealth of information on each card including the more traditional meanings to the cards, qualities of the card, people the card may represent, eventide meanings from the author and reversed meanings. That is a lot of great information all the more richer as it was written by the creator of the deck. A few card changes, The Hierophant is titled Religion, There are two Lovers Cards (so great) and The Devil is titled Pan.

The cards are bright and very colourful and are mixed media paintings. The card stock is also great, nice and thick.

There is so much information on the Clover Tarot website as well so you can have a look at the deck and a lot of the information about the cards for free.

The Clover Tarot has become one of my favourite Tarot decks to read with. I instantly loved it and I adore reading with it.

The Clover Tarot with Book

Clover Tarot 1 Clover Tarot 3 Clover Tarot CloverTarot 2


The Clover Tarot Reading 2  The Clover Tarot Reading  The Clover Tarot Back

Where to get your copy: From the Clover Tarot website

Tarot Deck Exploration – The Illusori Tarot

Title: The Illusori Tarot

CreatorSvetlana Gayvoronskaya

Publisher: Self Published

Format: 78 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: The tarot deck in a box. No little white book.

Impressions: This deck was created with ball point pen, coloured pencils and markers. Most of the cards have a key word on them so maybe that is why there is no little booklet. It is a little random that some cards do not have a key word. For example the Strength card does not but the card means more than just it’s title. In any case most of the cards have a key word. This can help beginners with the deck and also help jog memories of more experienced Tarot readers. The key words are also pretty important as there is not a lot of people in the cards so interpreting them from just the images could be hard. In saying that the images are very vivid and alluring.

The card stock is really nice and thick and they are great to shuffle. The back of the cards have a very funky design but it is not mirror imaged so you know if the cards are going to be reversed before you lay them out.

Each deck is numbered and it is a very limited run.

Where to Purchase: At the Illusori Tarot site This is a limited edition collectors item so get in quick!

illusori tarot minor arcana illusori tarot majors illusori tarot the court cards illusori tarot the aces

illusori tarot box and back of card

The Tarot Box and Back of the Cards

Guest Blog Post – Mary from Hands and Paws Reiki


I would like to Welcome Mary to Ethony.com to offer an Oracle reading for my readers. Enjoy and I hope you receive the message that you need.


My name is Mary and I am an oracle reader.

An Oracle Reader uses oracle cards, sometimes called wisdom cards for divination and spiritual guidance.

In this respect they are exactly like tarot cards. An oracle reading can be just as detailed as tarot. The difference between the two lies in the reader. A reader translates the spread through guides. These guides can be the reader’s, the recipient’s, or both.

I use oracle cards because that is how I interpret messages from the guides. Oracle cards speak to me, but tarot does not.

Oracle cards can relay a simple message or offer detailed clarity for any of life’s issues.

As an example of a simple message: I am going to post three different oracle cards. Before you choose which card appeals to you, ask your guides to direct you to the card that applies to you.

The first card is from the Archangel Michael deck by Doreen Virtue, the second card is from Angel Dreams by Doreen Virtue, and the third is from Animal Dreaming by Scott Alexander King.

Pick One


If you chose Archangel Michael:


This is a sign to honor yourself, even if those around you do not. There may be behaviors that you know are not healthy for you and it triggers guilt. Guilt destroys self-respect. Insist on being treated with respect by family and peers. If you have trouble seeing your worth, it is time to seek out a counselor who can help.

If you chose Angel Dreams:


This card signifies that you need to resolve a problem in your life and you are aware of what it is. Stand firm, as persistence will benefit you. You can call upon your guides for enlightenment. I have the best way to do this is to set an intent before you go to sleep. A simple intent could be: “ I call upon my guides to give me the answer to ____________ in my dreams.” When you awake, write down immediately any messages that came to you.

If you chose Animal Dreaming:


The male Bowerbird is known for his bower. He creates a nest filled with objects to attract a mate. This card indicates that you are readying for a change. You need to make preparations for the next phase of your life. These preparations can be in the form of study, cost cutting, self –esteem, savings, spiritual development,

Keep in mind that we all have free will, you can take what feels right from the message and discard the rest.

Did your message speak to you?

Mary Oquendo is co-owner of Hands And Paws- Reiki For All in New MIlford, CT. It is a wellness and educational center for people and pets. Visit her website at www.handsandpawsreiki.com to learn more about Mary.

Hands and Paws Facebook Page FB page https://www.facebook.com/HandsAndPawsReikiForAll

Mary’s Blog http://handsandpawsreiki.com/blog/


Lammas Tarot Blog Hop – Your Inner Queen Of Pentacles

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Welcome to the Lammas Tarot Blog Hop! 

Please check out the other wonderful posts using the navigation at the top and bottom of this post.

This seasons theme is – “How Do You Channel Your Inner Queen Of Pentacles?”

It is no big surprise that a lot of people find the Court Cards in the Tarot are a little illusive and hard to define. This can be because they can represent a person, or an aspect of ourselves or the situation. With most of us all having a number of people in our lives and a number of hats that we wear this ads to the confusion.

We can cut through the confusion with knowledge of ourselves, tarot activities and also with great questions like the theme for our blog hop this Sabbat. When we are able to reflect on how we see ourselves in a card it can allow us to get clarity very quickly.

So lets have a look at the Queen of Pentacles and what she represents.

Queen of Pentacles Information

The Queen of Pentacles is a no nonsense kind of Woman who you would be happy to go to for advice and council. She walks her talk. So how can you channel this fruitful energy for yourself?

For me it comes from a place of business and career. I have a Diploma in Management and spent 13 years in the Human Resources industry helping people find employment and develop their careers.

I thought it would be fitting to create a Queen of Pentacles Tarot Spread to aid you in your career or to bookmark or save the Tarot Spread for when you need it in the future. To really get into the zone of the Queen of Pentacles you can take some time to think about all of the things that she represents in your life and personality and even what you would like to gain from working with her energy. Would you like to be more practical when making decisions? She is a great Archetype to work with if that is the case. You could even visualise yourself as the Queen of Pentacles when performing this reading for yourself or others.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Spread

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Spread Logo

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Spread

Tarot Deck Used:  The Deck of 1000 Spreads: Your Tarot Toolkit for Creating the Perfect Spread for Any Situation

Card 1. Career – The Current State of Your Career

Card 2. You – You and your attitudes, energies and thoughts around this subject.

Card 3. Co-Workers (or others involved if you work solo) – The energy and influences around them that impact you and your career

Card 4. Underlying Influences – What is at the root of your Career (is it helping or hindering?)

Card 5. Action – The action you are advised to take to achieve your wanted outcome

Card 6. Negative Influences – Any obstacles or walls blocking your career

Card 7. Advice – The Outcome and what to do to achieve it (see card 5 to see if there is any connection)

Card 8. Immediate Future – The energies around your immediate future

Card 9. What to Leave in the Past – What to let go of.

This spread can be used at any time to gain insight into your Career. May the Queen of Pentacles bless your work, home and hearth.

Lammas Blessings

Ethony Signature

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Spellcraft 101 Workshop – Vancouver

I am so excited to be offering my SpellCrafting 101 Workshop here in Vancouver on the 27th of September 2014.

It will be held at the School of Gypsy Arts and it is a full day workshop.

Places are limited click the pic below to find out more information and to register.

Spellcrafting Workshop

Tarot Reading for Today

22nd July Tarot Reading

More 30 Day Tarot Pic Challenge Photos

I have completed the 30 day Tarot Pic challenge and I am pretty pleased with myself. We had a bit of delay due to the new addition to the family but I finished it today. I’m pleased with myself because I am a Gemini with a short attention span and my track record of finishing projects isn’t great. One peek under my desk at home and you will see a bunch of unfinished Tarot pouches that need sewing that I haven’t done anything with as proof.

So to celebrate the fact that I finished it and am pretty happy with my efforts
here are some of the pics from the last 30 days and come on over to Instagram and follow me for more Tarot goodness.









Tarot Deck Exploration – The Ellis Deck

Title: The Ellis Deck

Ellis Tarot

Creator: Taylor Ellis

Publisher: Self published

Format: 78 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: Boxed cards and a little white booklet. The booklet is not in the box as it is A5 in size. The booklet is well written and it would be great if Taylor ever wrote more about his deck.

Ellis Tarot Deck

Impressions: I am pretty sure that this is the boldest Tarot deck I own and I adore it. A very cleanly designed Tarot deck with striking colours and great symbols.

The back of the cards is a mirrored black and white image.

The Ellis Tarot Deck Back

There is even an app for the Ellis Deck and you can check it out here.

Where to Purchase: At the Ellis Tarot Site

The Ellis Tarot Deck Majors The Ellis Tarot Deck Court