Waning Moon Tarot Spread

Welcome to the next instalment of my Moon Phase Tarot Spreads.

This one is for the Waning Moon, which is that time of the moon cycle where the moon is moving from Full Moon to Dark Moon/New Moon.

At this time the light and size of the visible moon diminishes.

It is the perfect time to banish habits that no longer serve you and work magic around releasing.

This Tarot Spread can be used at any time during the Waning Moon all year round.

I have included a special position for the Greek Goddess Hecate who is is the Goddess who works her magic and power from afar. She is the Goddess of the Night, Witchcraft, Magic, Crossroads and the Moon. She is rich in mythology and historical reverence. She holds a key position in this Tarot Spread.

Waning Moon Tarot Spread

Waning Moon Tarot Spread

1. Waning – What do I need to release

2. Reverse – What can I reverse to help me or my situation

3. Hecate – What path is inline with my highest self

4. Guidance – What guidance can the waning moon show me?

If you are using this Tarot Spread this Waning Moon make sure you tag @ethony in Instagram and show me your cards!

Lenormand Oracle Example Readings

Learning the Lenormand can be a HUGE task due to the large number of combinations. I made a promise to make videos of the two Lenormand Spreads in the Prince Lenormand Oracle deck booklet. The first is a five card line spread I called the Direct Line Spread.

This is one example of this spread for a made up Client.


The Second is the Grand Tableau. I love reading the Grand Tableau it gives a complete overview of a situation for yourself of a Client. A lot of people shy away from it at the beginning because of it’s size but I say dive in! The best way to learn it to do. Even if you do what I have done and make Client situations up.

This is one example of this spread.

For all of those lovelies who have their own Prince Lenormand Oracle deck make sure you check page 27 for your 30% discount on the Tarot Readers Academy – Learn the Lenormand Oracle Course.

Prince Lenormand Oracle Collection

Interview with Mary Evans – Creator of the Spirit Speak Tarot

IMG_2094As I mentioned in my review of this wonderful deck, the Spirit Speak Tarot has been a huge gift to my Tarot practice. It has shifted my perspective on some of the cards and opened up a whole new level of my personal meanings of the Tarot. I am delighted to share my interview with the Spirit Speak Tarot’s creator Mary Evans.

A fellow creative Gemini Goddess Mary is such an inspiration for deck creators, mystics and tarot readers.

1.Can you share a little about yourself. Where you are from, what you are passionate about and what is your profession?

I’m originally from Franklin, Tennessee, a beautiful and quiet town about 30 minutes from Nashville. Now I live in Oakland, California. It’s hard for me to be away from my family, but I find so much magic in my community here.

I am passionate about many things! Being a Gemini, I like to have little bits of everything :) I love drawing and feel like I always have and always will. I was very lucky to have parents who encouraged my artistic interest at a very young age. I also love jewelry and fashion.

Additionally, teaching, which I started after the Spirit Speak deck debuted, is something I am passionate about. As a tarot teacher I hope to provide my students with not only knowledge, but most of all faith in themselves, to have authority over their cards, to not feel intimidated by the tarot, and to use it as a tool to become closer with the self. Everyone can have the experiences with tarot that I have had. It has been such a gift to me and I want to empower others to have similar enlightening experiences, if they so desire.

At the moment, I work as a teacher, artist, tarot reader, and part-time metalsmith for a local jewelry company. The goal is to have my art, tarot, and teaching support me full-time in the next year.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.59.25 PM2.Where did the inspiration to create a Tarot deck come from?

I had been thinking about creating a deck for a few years. However, I held myself back because I felt like I needed to be some kind of “tarot master” to make my own deck. In June of 2014, my friend Katie Oly, an amazing embroidery artist, proposed having an art show at a shop in Oakland called Resurrect. Resurrect, owned by Kate Marrow (a very cool lady), has been one of my earliest supporters here in Oakland. Katie wanted the show to be tarot themed. Because we had booked the show for February, I had a lot of time to get pieces done. I thought if I planned my schedule right, it was possible to get all 78 drawings done in time for the show. Making it into a deck that people could purchase was more of an afterthought. Having the deck in the context of artistic expression, versus making a product, allowed me to truly free myself from so much self criticism.

3.How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

I was on a pretty tight schedule. At first, I wanted to make 3 cards each week. During the major arcana cards, it felt slower. Half way trough, I wasn’t sure I could continue, it seemed like so much. I think this is because the major cards are the “big concepts”, they need more attention. My process was to think of what the card meant to me, and translate that into symbolism that was my own. I realize now that tarot cards are like little cheats. An image that triggers a feeling or words. For me I was creating my own tarot language. I tried my best to not look at other decks during my process to stay true to myself. However, I did learn from The Golden Tarot, a Ryder Waite based deck, whose influence I think you can see throughout tarot. Once I reached the minor arcana it was like the deck had taken over, like the cards were making themselves. Sometimes I would make 3 or 4 cards in one night. Overall, it took less time than I had originally anticipated.

4.What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

I think the greatest challenge of this project was letting go. This is the first project that I can think of where I had to let go of the idea of my drawings being pretty or beautiful. Or not that I had to let go, but I wanted to. I wanted my drawings to be a tool, and I felt like focusing too much on aesthetics would take away from their meaning. There are cards in my deck that I would not want to frame and hang on my wall, but when I see them, I understand them, and that was my intention.

5.What is your favorite Tarot Card? (of your deck or in general)

Wow! That is a hard question. I don’t think I have ever tried to come up with a favorite. There are certain cards that I feel a fondness to. I don’t know if I could pick just one. The Queen of Swords is really important to me, The Empress, The Hermit, 6 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, 10 of Cups, The Magician, The Fool, The Wheel of Fortune. So many cards have had such an impact on me, and there are so many that I look to, to bring certain things into my life.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.02.11 PM6.How do you use the Tarot in your spiritual practice?

I don’t actually read my own cards anymore. I find that I am impatient when reading myself and tend to manipulate things. Luckily I have been blessed with friends who are also readers, and frequently trade with them. Reading cards for other people is something that really lifts me up. I love connecting with others on that level, the deeper, the real. It helps me have compassion for this world, that we are all trying to make ourselves and our situations better, to be happy. We all have things that we are working on at any given time, and it’s not always easy. We are each our own universe having to orbit each other, it can get messy. Every time I give a reading there is some advice I am giving the client that I should also be giving myself. I do feel like those connections are so important. To let them know that they are not alone, and also neither am I.

7.Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

My advice would be to dig down and hold onto what is true. When those nagging voices whisper in your ear that your not good enough, that you will be judged, feeding you fear, try to listen to the light. Drawing and creating is what feeds my soul, I need to do it to be happy. And sharing that with the world is what I love to do. Many times I could have pushed it away because of fear, fear of judgement. What is TRUE is that none of that matters. Your voice is important, what you have to say through your creations means something. I know you can be brave.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.02.47 PM8.Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?


Currently, I am working on a jewelry collaboration with Lise Silva, an incredibly talented fiber artist. Our project is called In The House of Lovers. Lise is a dream to work with and this project has been a big part of my recent life.

At the same time, I have been developing my own Fall collection of jewelry called Mystic Moon. It has been on hold for a while, so I am excited to come back with new designs and materials!  I am also passionate about expressing myself through fashion and adornment, and hope to incorporate my art with those mediums. I plan on collaborating with a local San Francisco clothing designer next year and I couldn’t be more excited about that.

I’m also working on a calendar of herbal drawings and writings with magical herbalist, teacher, and dear friend, Liz Migliorelli, and a new deck! I am almost completed with a new oracle deck which is soon to be published. This deck focuses on simple themes, it’s easy to use and read. I was inspired by the lightness and brightness of Dorren Virtue’s oracle decks. I have some work to do before I achieve her angelic way though, my deck still incorporates themes like anxiety and fear, along with love and self care.

Rapid Fire Round!

Starsign? – Gemini

Favorite flavor of ice-cream? – Moose Tracks, it’s an ice cream with peanut butter cups, caramel, and chunks of chocolate, I am really bad about digging out all the good stuff and leaving the vanilla ice cream….

Do you have any pets? – Yes! My most precious angel!!! Priscilla the cat. He is one of the best things that has ever come into my life. He is a true ANGEL!! He is super handsome and fluffy and snuggles like a human (not even exaggerating). He is a Priscilla because he is named after Priscilla Queen of The Desert a movie about some really great drag queens.

What book are you currently reading? – Currently I am reading You are Psychic by Debra Lynne Katz, I just boughtYou Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and I am super excited to start it! Also on my reading list is Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times? – Mary Poppins

Who is your biggest inspiration? – My family. I admire all of them. They mean the world to me. My father and mother are both so strong, each one has overcome so much and built a beautiful life together. I have two brothers that I adore, and in each, I see myself and also things that I want to be.

What is your go-to crystal? – Citrine! I am all about using this crystal for manifestation and abundance!

How can we follow you and your projects?


Instagram: @spiritspeaktarot

Other: @inthehouseoflovers

cover2Thank you so much for sharing your journey and all of you exciting projects with the Tarot Tribe. I for one am super excited about the new Oracle deck you are in the process of creating.

Get your copy of the magical Spirit Speak Tarot HERE.


Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards

Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards Collection

Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards – 33 Gold Gilded Oracle Cards and Guidebook.
I am so pleased to be able to offer this beautiful Oracle Deck to my Tarot Tribe members outside Australia.
‘The Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Deck contains 33 beautifully illustrated Oracle cards providing you with the inspiration and guidance to envision and manifest your life’s dreams.’

This deck is luxe and so special. The card stock is nice and thick (you all know how I like good card stock) so it will last a long time and the gild gilded edges are on both sides of the cards, the edges and the box.
This stunning set comes with a 59 Page booklet and a gold gilded keepsake box.


Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards Buy NowBUY NOW  – Deck – $29.95 – Postage – $10.50

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If you pre-order your deck between the 24th of August and the 29th of August you go into the draw to win your deck and postage to anywhere in the world FREE. If you are the lucky winner you will receive a refund for your purchase.
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Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards 1Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards 2Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards 3Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards 4Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards 5Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards 6

Interview with Jonathan Saiz – Fountain Tarot Artist

JasonThe Artistic talent behind The Fountain Tarot is Jonathan Saiz. I have really enjoyed getting to know The Fountain Tarot through its stunning art and readings have been profound and deep. I am so happy that Jonathan took some time to share his experience and journey in creating

Can you share a little about the Fountain Tarot Team. Where you are you all from, what you are passionate about and what are your professions?

I’ve been a full time painter for about 10 years now- constantly searching for THE next painting series to invest everything I have into- traveling around the world as much as I can in the meantime. Now that I found what I was looking for with The Fountain Tarot, AND with Jason Gruhl as my tarot partner and partner in life AND with Andi Todaro as my dearest friend and inspiration compass, I think I might just take a few needed years off while I figure out what to be passionate about next, in addition to all that I have now.

Where did the inspiration to create the Fountain Tarot come from?

Little subtle hints from the universe, spread out over the years: a casual suggestion over a Tarot reading with Andi years and years ago, then a more specific Mexican hotel room epiphany with Jason a few years later over another tarot reading…. and meanwhile I was building a body of artwork that was moving closer and closer towards themes of contemporary-new-age spirituality. Eventually it just happened- cliche I know, but The Fountain Tarot seemed to pick me, like it’s always been there but it just needed time to convince me to become its slave!

How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

Beautifully. I couldn’t have asked for a more fortuitous chain of events that all came together allowing me to spend a whole hermetic year focusing exclusively on painting these 79 paintings WITH my beloved Jason in Mexico as he wrote them, AND constantly interacting and collaborating with my best friend Andi as she designed the whole spectrum of the project from Denver.  It feels surreal and magical how it all came together- but… I might just be suppressing some of the less romantic, sleep-deprived and terrifying moments of the process too!

Fountain TarotWhat were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

I had no idea at the beginning that experiencing the Tarot itself would be so intense. There were moments where I felt really spent and burnt out just from having to invest so much artistic, emotional and spiritual energy into really feeling what the individual cards really meant. Creating the dark cards made me feel heavy and the light cards made me feel manic- it was a real roller-coaster.

A question for each of you what is your favourite Oracle or Tarot Card? (of your deck or in general)

The Eight of Coins in our deck is so meaningful to me in so many ways- not just the quality of the painting, which i’m quite proud of, but the way it mirrors for me the journey of being a painter. The dream of manifesting the spiritual into the physical through art is such a labor of love and focus- This card really captures that.

How do you use Tarot in your spiritual practice?

I think of my inner life like a haunted house with many closed doors and hallways that I rarely visit- The Tarot, and specifically the way I interact with our Fountain Tarot daily, forces me to enter random parts of my haunted house and confront ghosts regularly. It is a real mirror for me. Not just a heavy and mysterious mirror either- often times fun and lighthearted like a funhouse mirror!

Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

Figure out first who and what you definitely are NOT when it comes to the style of your ideal imagined tarot deck or project. Once you set some clear parameters for your vision then it’s WAY easier to figure out who you really are….and then you’ll be at a good starting point.

Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline? A long-term painting series in progress, made up of literally thousands of miniature oil painting cubes- mini portraits, landscapes, abstracts etc- all mounted in clear lucite specimen cases and clustered together in crystal-grid formations. It’s the “Multitude” series at and I’m really excited about it- I just need lots more clear lucite cases and lots more time!

Rapid Fire Round

Starsign? – Taurus
Favourite flavour of ice-cream? Coffee
Do you have any pets? Estranged Father to a Standard Poodle named Walter and Active Dad to Coby our Cattle Dog! (sounds like a book title!)
What book are you currently reading? The Jewel in the Lotus by Dr. Douglas Baker
Name a film you have seen more than 5 times? The Fifth Element
Who is your biggest inspiration? Changes daily

What is your go-to crystal? Cloudy White Mexican Opal with rainbow flashes

How can we follow you and your projects?


Facebook: Jonathan Saiz

Instagram: @fountaintarot

Twitter: @fountaintarot

Pinterest: Jonathan Saiz “TArottarOT”

Tarot Reading Banner 3

Interview with Andi Todaro – Fountain Tarot Designer

Andi Fountain TarotI would love to welcome the second member of The Fountain Tarot team, Andi Todaro to share her story about creating the Fountain Tarot.

Can you share a little about the Fountain Tarot Team. Where you are you all from, what you are passionate about and what are your professions?

I’m from Aurora, Colorado, and I currently live in Denver, Colorado. My background is in all things creative, and I own a design company, Plus Dash Plus. I’m passionate about beautiful curated things, dancing and whiskey, escape the room games and puzzle games and crosswords, and getting to know people on an intimate level.

Where did the inspiration to create the Fountain Tarot come from?

We’ve all been semi-familiar with Tarot for a long time, but it was really Jonathan’s excitement and big-idea-thinking that led us to actually create The Fountain. None of us could have done it alone, that makes the experience pretty exciting. We each bring a lot of really different talents to the table, and that’s why it’s worked so far. Even in the beginning, as the idea formed it was nice to have several perspectives weighing in. Mostly I think we all wanted to do something creative, for different reasons, but as it has evolved, we’re glad that what we’ve made is bringing people so much joy.

How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

Pretty long story now, almost 2 years in the making, but it has been hard work the whole time. Hundreds of emails, phone calls, late night brainstorms, Facebook chats, it’s fairly well documented, something that we don’t know quite how to share, but will make an effort to show the process because I think it’s really the most interesting part. Look out for some videos. I’m sure one of the boys tells the story better.

What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

Being apart geographically was a challenge, figuring out how to make the money needed. Thank god for kickstarter and all of the people willing to take a chance on our idea. How to keep going on it when there are so many distractions. Jonathan and Jason lived through a hurricane, I was almost homeless, and a bunch of regular life things that were catastrophic emotionally… and still working on the Fountain at the same time. But, it sort of felt like becoming parents together, and figuring it all out as we’ve gone along. It’s certainly made us all better people; in business, in communication, in our identities, and learned a ton of invaluable life lessons.

A question for each of you what is your favourite Oracle or Tarot Card? (of your deck or in general)

My favorite card is probably The Tower, mostly in our deck, it speaks to me in such a profound way, that things are a construct, even if everything falls to pieces, there was never really a structure at all. It harkens to my overall attitude about consciousness.

How do you use Tarot in your spiritual practice?

I use it mostly when I’m nervous, when I don’t know quite what advice to ask for from other people. When I’m feeling most vulnerable and only want a quiet reflection, it makes time in the day to just sit and think and ponder. When reading with or for other people, it’s great for having those unexpectedly deep conversations, I think it’s great for opening people up, for getting real, and for understanding oneanother better.

The Fountain Tarot 23Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

Stick with it and trust that the people you are making it with, or for, have your back. The Tarot community is a really lovely one, and we’ve met so many amazing people through this journey, we’re all changed for this experience in a profound way. I didn’t expect it to have such an affect on me, it was just another creative project when we started, and now it’s almost a lifestyle. It’s challenging for sure, and there will be a lot of opportunities to do or die, but I’m so proud of what we’ve made now, it was all worth it.

Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?

Creating the leather cases for the kickstarter rewards! Making a huge clear, light up, collapsable stage sculpture for a local band. I work for several small businesses branding, I’m working for an acupuncturist right now making her brand, learning a lot about Chinese medicine. Planning our release party!

Rapid Fire Round!

Starsign: Aquarius.

Favourite flavour of ice-cream: Anything with caramel.

Do you have any pets: A miniature dachshund named Guido.

What book are you currently reading: Alan Watts, The Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. And, lots of articles on gender.

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times: The Fifth Element

Who is your biggest inspiration: My brother, Alex Todaro.

What is your go-to crystal: Smokey Quartz.

How can we follow you and your projects


Instagram: @fountaintarot

Tarot Deck Exploration – The Spirit Speak Tarot

Title: The Spirit Speak Tarot

Creator: Mary Elizabeth Evans

Publisher: Self Published

Format: 78 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 2.5in x 3.5in

What You Get: The Deck in a tuck box and a 28 Page Booklet


The Spirit Speak Tarot holds a special place in my Tarot collection as it is one of the very few black and white decks that I own. I have so enjoyed getting to know this deck and reading with it for myself and Clients and I know it will be in heavy rotation for active reading decks.

This deck makes me think, it challenges the way I know and read the cards. It asks me to look at them from a different perspective and I love that it forces me lovingly out of my comfort zone all the while giving insightful and beautiful readings.

The Guidebook gets right into the meanings of the cards and is handwritten by Mary. There is a clear message for each card that is given. Which can really help those people who choose to work with this deck as their first Tarot deck.

There is nothing like the Spirit Speak Tarot out there. Mary Evans has done such a glorious job in her addition to the Tarot and the modern Tarot decks that are coming out now.

I have created a full review below and also showcase each of the cards.

If you feel this deck calling to you then don’t hesitate to purchase your copy. Mary Evans is a lovely soul as well as incredibly talented. She also has a wonderful jewellery line which is so rad!

Where to Purchase Your Copy: Directly from the Spirit Speak Tarot Site or Etsy

Spirit Speak Tarot 2 Spirit Speak Tarot 1

My Tarot Deck Just Broke Up with Me!

Did MyTarot DeckJustBreakupwith Me-What do you do when your don’t resonate with a Tarot Deck?

I’m going to paint you a picture.

It’s your Birthday and you are so excited because you hope that you are going to be gifted a new Tarot Deck! (Yes!)

You unwrap your presents and you do infact get a new Tarot Deck but you find it downright ugly and you don’t resonate with it at all.

What do you do?

Or you have been working with a deck for some time now and you aren’t connecting with it as much as you used to. Readings aren’t clear, even after you have smudged it and the images aren’t speaking to you anymore.

What? Did your Tarot deck just break up with you?

Two different scenarios, same outcomes.

So what do you do?

This is the subject of this week’s episode of the Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Cafe.

My passionate plea about not burning the deck or just throwing it away is because I am extremely passionate about unnecessary waste and our environment. There is no need to put a deck to flames unless you desperately need to start a fire for survival and you have NOTHING else. It’s so wasteful and you are robbing someone else of a gift.

You can:

  • Gift it to another community member or swap it
  • Take it to a second hand book store and get store credit
  • Sell it (see below for some suggested sites)
  • Host a giveaway on your social media account
  • Donate it to a thrift store

Here are some places that you can gift or sell your unwanted Tarot or Oracle Decks.

The Tarot Marketplace –

Tarot Collectors Forum –

Ebay –

Have you ever had a deck that no longer speaks to you? What did you do?
Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Apprentice

Mandala Sacred Symbol Stones – Unboxing Video


Get your set HERE.

Interview with Jason Gruhl – The Fountain Tarot Writer

Fountain Tarot WebCreating a Tarot deck is a mammoth task and the Fountain Tarot offers a really cool opportunity to interview each of the three members of the Fountain Tarot team. Each creator has their own journey and voice and they all deserve space.

The first member of the Fountain Tarot Team I have the pleasure of interviewing is Writer, Jason Gruhl.

Can you share a little about the Fountain Tarot Team. Where you are you all from, what you are passionate about and what are your professions?

The team is all from Denver, though Jonathan has traveled pretty extensively in his career, and I’ve traveled here and there, but with more momentum over the past few years. For much of my life, I was in education and counseling. For about nine years, I was a teacher for children with special needs, specifically kids with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Then, I founded and ran a school for children with autism and other developmental disabilities in Denver, and opened a second campus in Boulder, Colorado, and did that for another eight years. I’m passionate about how people view life, how ALL people view life, and I love contributing to that conversation around how to help others see different points of view, and how we help individuals to really see the divine in themselves, to reach for their greatness. I often look for the thread that connects all of the vocations, interests, and projects I’ve had over the years, and I think that’s it – creating tools that accomplish those two things.

Where did the inspiration to create the Fountain Tarot come from?

I think the Tarot has been a conversation we’ve all been involved in peripherally for a long time. Andi had told Jonathan multiple times (as I understand it) that he should create a Tarot deck, but the timing and interest wasn’t there for a while. In the Spring of 2013, Jonathan and I went to Mexico on a vacation and I had brought a Tarot deck along (Robin Wood). He was wanting to do a series that had a lot of pieces, but could be smaller than his usual large works (, and I said, “Why don’t we ask the Tarot?” As soon as I started laying cards down, Jonathan’s eyes got big and that moment was the spark that finally ignited his passion for the project I think. He then asked me to write the book and for Andi to do the design, and it instantly felt like the thing to do.

How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

When the work finally began, it started with the research. I was responsible for looking at decks, from the earliest Italian ones to popular and contemporary decks throughout Tarot‘s history. I identified what had changed over time and what had stayed the same. I was looking for the essence of each card, and the experience it represented in human life, both in terms of visuals and meanings. I created a matrix that identified these features for Jonathan, and a “vibe” we wanted each card to exude whether someone knew Tarot or not. I did the same thing with the meanings for myself and the booklet. Jonathan went away with those bones and then came back with sketches, images, and ideas, and those became the paintings. I was blown away by what he was able to boil down and yet capture emotionally and spiritually in each oil painting. After a bulk of this was done, Andi came in and explored all of that and began culling her own design pieces from these elements. She was brilliant in connecting things that were starting to unfold, and her work then informed both of ours. She gave us suggestions, and pointed out things she was seeing in the creation of the images and text. All three of our work began to weave in and out of each others, and each was informed by the other two. That was a surprise for me, and a wonderful surprise. I think the finished product benefitted so much from this process, because they are all inextricably tied to each other. It feels like an organism – complex, but simple.

Jason 1What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

Time and things we thought would go smoother. Everything takes twice as long as you think it will, or longer. We’re all pretty efficient and effective creatives when we put our mind to something, but working in a team, and then working with outside forces, brings a lot of elements into play, and you have to really widen your patience, openness, and tolerance to let everything have the time it needs, and to let everyone feel that they are part of the process. That’s how we chose to do it anyway, and I think for us and for this project that worked out. To get all of the details and elements we wanted, we had to print overseas. It would have been insanely expensive to do it in the US and that would have made our deck impossibly expensive as well. So dealing with all of that was really crazy-making too. I shouldn’t complain – Andi dealt with ALL of the printing pieces and did a masterful job. It just is what it is, especially for a first print run. We expect the next ones to go more smoothly, and the finished product was exactly what we wanted.

A question for each of you what is your favourite Oracle or Tarot Card? (of your deck or in general)

My favorite card is the Hanged Man. It’s a pivotal moment in the Fool’s Journey, THE pivotal moment I think, where the seeker himself intentionally hangs himself upside down so that his view can change. I think that moment for each of us, if we choose to take it, defines the moment our lives actually become our own, and we inhabit our own bodies so to speak with a sense of awareness. It’s a powerful moment where he gets the joke of identity and of point of view, and glimpses the oneness of all things. I have to also say The Fountain card. That concept kept us all highly inspired and connected, that concept of everything/nothing, that there is nothing in existence or non-existence that is not of that source. We could feel it as we made the deck and we continue to feel it as others experience the deck – oneness, is-ness, all-ness. :)

How do you use Tarot in your spiritual practice?

Jonathan and I as a couple use the deck regularly to talk about our lives – our relationship, our vocations, our personal paths, etc. For me, life is ALL practice, so in that sense, it’s all spiritual. I find infinite times to bring out the deck. It’s a tool for moving past identity and mind, and letting the timeless human moments, visuals, archetypes, and experiences of the Tarotoffer new possibilities, ways of being, or actions that help my true self move beyond the sometimes stuck and patterned ways I’ve crafted on my own…if that makes sense. :)

Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

Start. Thoughts, hopes, great ideas, inspirations, etc. are just fluff if you don’t actually take action. Make mistakes and expect them, and be open to critique, but trust yourself and get a chunk of the work done before revealing it to others. You want your unique voice to be heard, but some of our best moments for each of our parts came when we gave something up and looked at it newly. That happened for all of us, and the result was a better creation. Don’t compromise on the things you want in your deck, but think of the whole picture too. And be kind to everyone. They’ve all got something to teach you, and everyone is trying their best (even when it doesn’t look like it to you) and there’s a kind way to handle any response. Ok, sorry that was a lot. haha.

Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?

Personally, I am writing some children’s books on consciousness, and a detective series with my brother and sister. The Fountain crew has some interesting projects in the works, but we have to keep them a secret for now. :)

Starsign? – Taurus

Do you have any pets? Australian Cattle Dog named Coby

What book are you currently reading? The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer

Name a film you have seen more than 5 times? District 9

Who is your biggest inspiration? other beings on the planet. When I look out, I see beauty and potential and greatness, and it moves me…

What is your go-to crystal? Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian are my go-to minerals/stones… :) I like green crystals too like peridot

How can we follow you and your projects?

Website: (not yet up and running, but eventually…