Lammas Tarot Spread

Lammas is one of the sacred days on the Pagan Wheel of the Year. It falls on the 1st of August for the Northern Hemisphere and the 1st of February in the Southern Hemisphere.

Lammas or Lughnasadh is the first Harvest Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year. It marks the midway point from the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox.

The Gaelic God Lugh is the name sake God for this celebration. He is the God of art, inspiration, athletic prowess and has ties with the Tuatha De Danann. Read up on this God he is really rad.

Here is my Tarot Spread offering which reflects on the themes of the First Harvest and using the skills and talents that you have to reach your goals.

Lammas Tarot Spread


1. Theme – The theme for the Sabbat and the seasonal cycle

2. Goals – What goals are in alignment to be manifested this seasonal cycle

3. Inspiration – What energies can aid your goals come into being

4. Harvest – What you are being called to be grateful for this seasonal cycle

5. Lugh’s Bread – What needs to be released/sacrificed for you to prosper

Remember to tag my bad self on your social media accounts when you use this Tarot Spread. I love seeing all of your readings.

Being a Full Blue Moon you can see my Full Moon Tarot Spread is here and have a wonderful Sabbat.



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Tarot Deck Exploration – The Fountain Tarot

Title: The Fountain Tarot

Creator: Jonathan Saiz (creator/Artist) Jason Gruhl (Writer) Andi Todaro (Designer) – See their Bios Here

Publisher: Independently published

Format: 79 Cards and 110 Page Booklet

Language: English

Size of Cards: 12cm x 7cm

What You Get: The deck of 79 Cards with silver edging, 110 Page Booklet and keep sake box.


It is no secret if you follow me on any of my social media accounts that I am one of those Tarot peeps who love the Fountain Tarot. But there are really good reasons for all of the love out there for this deck.

It is thoughtful, it is deep, it is magical and it is made with beautiful quality.

The video that I have recorded can’t capture all of the stunning details of the art work so please note that I can’t do it justice.

I love the accompanying book and I have really enjoyed reading it. I usually don’t read a lot of the little white books but the ones in independent decks, I always read. Usually because there is more information in their booklets and I have more of a connection with the creators. Which is true for this book.

The Fountain Tarot team paid attention. Holy cow I want them to design my next box and booklet. The booklet cover is textured and gilded. The Box is divine and so so shiny (you all know I love shiny things). It is just so well designed so wonder people are entranced by this deck.

The Fountain Tarot reads like a dream. It really does. While it is more minimalistic in it’s design there is so much communicated in the art work that it doesn’t require a lot of symbols, people or animals to make it work.

If you love the vibration of this deck and are drawn to the art work. GET IT! I am not sure if this is going to be available forever so jump on it while you have the chance.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: at the Fountain Tarot Website

Fountain Tarot 2 Fountain Tarot 1

My Tarot Story

Did you know that I have had the Tarot in my life for exactly HALF of my life? That is a lot of time and a big commitment. Today for the Tarot Readers Academy, Tarot Cafe I thought it was time to share my story. How I came to find the Tarot and how I progressed to becoming a professional Tarot Reader and Teacher.

I am sure that when I found my spiritual path when I was 15 years old that my parents thought that it may be just a phase. Even if they thought this they were incredibly supportive. I hid my Wiccan books and paraphernalia under my bed and when my room was re-decortated as a surprise to me my books were placed on the book shelf. I didn’t have to hide. A gift my parents gave me for sure. I know that not everyone is so lucky. They even came to Pagan events and supported me when I was teaching and just doing my thing.

I came to discover the Tarot through my interest and path as a Witch. I am sure I am not alone in this as Divination is very closely connected to many spiritual practices. Of course they are not mutually exclusive.

I hope you enjoy this weeks video and I would love to hear how you came to discover the Tarot or whatever Divination you practice.


Interview with Lauren Aletta – Connected and Free Oracle

It is with deep pleasure that I welcome Lauren Aletta of Innerhue to share her story with the Tarot Tribe.

Like many people who have seen the Connect and Free Oracle deck, I was instantly drawn to it’s powerful and beautiful imagery and what it stirred within my soul. It has been a pleasure working with the Connected and Free Oracle and for fans of the deck read on there is some juicy news in here.

Lauren AlettaCan you share a little about yourself. Where you are from, what you are passionate about and what is your profession?

Hello! And thank you Ethony for inviting me to share my story and passions with your community! I’m so excited!

I’m a east-coast Australia gal who has taken a giant leap of faith and jumped into the unknown yet exciting world of being a self employed magic-maker.

My background has been within the human services / social sector, however I have always been highly intuitive. My intuitive and psychic abilities really began to strengthen and become noticeable to me around the age of 11 and so I went through my teen years having unusual experiences that had me knowing and seeing things about people they hadn’t told me about, and also seeing “ghosts”.

What’s been really evident is that I love people. I am terribly curious and intrigued by people, which lead me towards social work work, however I found that I wasn’t able to do my best work through this channel. When working with families and clients I would use my intuitive gifts to ask the right questions to navigate the client back towards themselves, as I firmly believe we always know how to navigate out of difficult life circumstances, as well as knowing how to move towards creating a life that reflects our soul. Soon more and more friends and family would come to me for insight and guidance and this tranced out further via word of mouth more and more people came.

Suddenly I was either studying or working full-time while doing intuitive session with people of an evening. I lead this sort of whacky double life!

Because I became so disgruntled with the system and what it offered, I decided to quit. This was hugely scary as a mother of three, but I really wanted to offer my skills and services to others in a very deep and meaningful way so they could re- connect and re-align with themselves and their life again.

There is not a person I see that I am not awed by! Every single person is here with incredible skills and gifts to contribute to the world powerfully. And I want to play a small role in hopefully tapping into and being the channel and reflection of their soul information so each person I work with can get about being themselves and contributing to create positive change in our world. Along with experiencing their own unique awesomeness in every day life!

Where did the inspiration to create a Oracle deck come from?

Its a funny little story. I wanted the Inner Hue website to be interactive, so I decided to create “Instant Intuition” where you can pull a card at random on the site. Each time I sat to channel the words and gather ideas for imagery I kept being “told” that these online cards needed to be brought to life as an oracle deck!

I resisted for ages, but “they” wouldn’t let up about it. And so I gave in and just did what I was told. Haha! I am so glad now Connected and Free 2that I did.

How did this journey of creating the deck unfold?

It was an awesome experience creating the deck, but Im not going to lie – it was REALLY scary too! I was laying out a lot of money with no guarantee of success, and considering I had just quit my job to start out on my own I really felt the pinch of fear and pressure.

But when I allowed myself to sink into “creative mode” and just let all the high vibing goodness flow through me I felt reassured I was in the right pace doing the right thing!

I wouldn’t have been able to bring them to life without Tegan from Colour Cult either… she interprets all my gathered ideas and vision and brings them to life with her crazy illustrative ability! It was important that the cards really held the right energy and reflected the depth of meaning connected to each oracle.

What were the unexpected challenges creating this deck?

The challenges were internal ones! I had to really overcome my at times very loud and not very nice internal chatter! Self limiting behaviours and thoughts and at times massive levels of resistance.

While the creation of the cards took a fair amount of time, late nights, a lot of back and forth communication that could at times be tedious, it was truly such a wonderful and very fun adventure!

I was the challenge in the end. I had to get out of my own way and just be the conduit for what needed to come through and happen.

What is your favourite Oracle or Tarot Card? (of your deck or in general)

In my deck, I have so many! I really love the “Slow Down” card of the two snails. (Slow down like a snail riding a snail!) I love the “Initiation” card, the “Feeling & Form” card “Birth” “Standstill”…… okay, pretty much all of them!
As for tarot… well again I have a few – but I’ve always really resonated with “The High Priestess”.

Connected and FreeHow do you use Oracle cards in your spiritual practice?

I don’t have any rigid spiritual practise, I just listen to what my internal guidance system is asking for me to do. And sometimes that means to pull a card or to do a guided intuitive spread. So I do! Other times my oracle cards really assist me in the creation and planning of projects, so I use them within business too.

Any advice for the artists and creators reading this?

Follow that gut instinct or guided re-occurring pull. Face off resistance and get out of your own way. Remember, it’s not your job to decide if something is going to be well received or not, your job is to simply bring it to life with the best of your ability!

Any exciting projects in the creative pipeline?

Arrrrgghh! Yes! TAROT! Holy dooley, I am so excited! It is already amazing! There is a lot of thought going into this, as I am working hard to balance the fine line of using the traditional symbolism and archetypal energies of tradition tarot, but brining in a modern twist.

Rapid Fire Round!
Starsign: Pisces
Favourite flavour of ice-cream: Chocolate all the way!
Do you have any pets: Yep, Frank our snake, and two dogs Mowgli and Beau

What book are you currently reading: Sadly none.
Name a film you have seen more than 5 times: Hmm… an oldie by goodie The Princess Bride.
Who is your biggest inspiration: I have too many. Life inspires me really. Sounds cliche but it’s true. There is magic everywhere!Connected and Free 3
What is your go-to crystal: I don’t have just one! Labradorite, Septarian Nodule, Amethyst, Clear Quartz… this list would just keep going on!

How can we follow you and your projects?




Thank you again so much to Lauren.

Reading this interview was just so inspiring for me and I am sure it is going to be for everyone who reads it. I love the Princess Bride and of course chocolate, well anything. I also would love to have pet snake, I have always wanted one but it is going to have to wait.

ALSO I CAN’T WAIT for the Tarot Deck, this is so exciting. I know a lot of people who will be waiting for this!

Dark Moon Tarot Spread

Anyone else feeling a little DARK lately? This may explain it . . .

The Dark Moon is on the 15th of July 2015, closely followed by the New Moon. Before you go ahead and set goals and intentions for the next moon phase, take some time to reflect and shed what no longer serves you. You have to put down some baggage before you can walk freely into the next cycle. This is where the Dark Moon Tarot Spread comes in.

The Dark Moon reminds me of a scrying mirror — a black mirror that you can use to divine. Any reflective surface can actually be used for this type of scrying. There are even scrying bowls you can make or purchase for this divining work.
The Dark Moon asks us to pause, meditate, reflect, and shed what is no longer needed before the New Moon launches our energies once again.

Dark Moon Tarot Spread Site

Lay out the Dark Moon Tarot Spread as follows:

  1. Pause — What is the overall theme for this time period?
  2. Love — What to reflect on in the realm of love.
  3. Work/Career — What to let go of at work or in your career.
  4. Spirituality — What to reflect on in your spiritual journey.
  5. Health — Where you need to relax and pause.

Enjoy this brief time of nothingness, and don’t forget to tag me when you use your Dark Moon Tarot Spread — I love to see the Tarot Spreads in action.


And, don’t forget, this Tarot Spread can be used for any Dark Moon.

Oracle Deck Exploration – Connected and Free Oracle

Title: Connected and Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle

Creator: Lauren Aletta

Art by: Tegan Swyny

Publisher: Self Published

Format: 50 card oracle deck

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7.5cm x 12.8cm

What You Get: 50 cards and 133 page book (book dimensions 13cmx13cm)


The feature mostly lovely black line designs with carefully placed colour. Some of the cards feature full colour.

For the full review and preview of all of the cards please see the video below. There are also photos at the end of this post.

The box is just divine. There are so many little details it really draws you in. It is a keepsake box for sure. It isn’t hard cardboard though so you won’t want to stack other decks on top of it.

The accompanying book is beautiful to look at and the inside is black and white with many black pages. The book includes information on intuition, oracle reading and questions, oracle spreads, cleansing your cards, reading for others, the card descriptions and intuition extras (tips on accessing and tuning into your intuition).

Each one of the card descriptions has the meaning of the card and also crystals that you can use to align your vibration with the card. Which is pretty cool. It is a lovely book.

I may tag the booklet as the cards are not numbered or in alphabetical order in the book so you have to flick through it to find the card.
Where To Purchase Your Copy – At the Innerhue website

Vanessa Reading 4 Connected and Free Oracle Deck Alchemist Oracle Reading - Elissa Higher Knowledge

Money Magic Manifestation Cards

A new deck has arrived!

This new deck was born out of my personal work with manifesting my money mojo and writing the Money Manifestation and Tarot Course for the Tarot Readers Academy. Hence it’s name — Money Magic Manifestation Cards.

I have been working on clearing my money baggage and ramping up my money mojo for a while now by decluttering and shedding old beliefs while fostering a mindset of abundance and prosperity. This is, of course, linked to money, but it is also impacts all areas of life.

Who doesn’t want to live abundantly? Who doesn’t want to be able to dream big in their businesses or career, to be able to take the vacations they want or to focus more on passion projects? Money is the energy on which our society thrives and operates, and as a spiritual person, I do not have to be poor while on my spiritual and magical path. No one does!

The problem is that most of us have beliefs that follow us from childhood into adulthood, and sometimes even from the experiences of our parents or grandparents. This serves NO ONE.

Being a visual person and also a tarot and oracle deck creator, user, and collector, I wanted to create something I could use to check in with myself and to connect with my guides. I also wanted to be able to use my creation as part of my daily manifestation mantras.

Introducing the Money Magic Manifestation Cards

New Money Manifestation Pic

Money Magic Manifestation cards may be used as both affirmation and manifestation partner cards. A powerful way to use these cards is to pull a card every day and place it where you will see it frequently so that you can repeat and see the manifestation statement as much as possible.

My personal ritual with these cards is to start each day by pulling a card along with one from another Oracle or Tarot deck and place the cards on my mini altar on my deck along with my mala beads. This way, when I perform my mantras and manifestation work for the day, I already have the message for my day’s practice.

It is a good practice to start by checking in with yourself in order to see what you are being called to clear from your money mindset. This can also help you release blocks from other areas of your life. It is all connected and clearing blocks from these areas is key to manifesting your goals, financial or otherwise.

There are 48 Money Magic Manifestation affirmation and statement cards in this deck.

Deck Dimensions – 4.5cm x 9cm – Perfect for your Altar, pocket or around the house.

All decks are charged under the full moon with the intention of aiding money magic for their new owners.

Pre-Orders are now OPEN for a gorgeous, powerful full deck, carefully shrink wrapped to protect your cards (this edition is unboxed) — $19 USD + shipping. Orders will be shipped on the 30th of July 2015 or sooner.
The Money Magic Manifestation Cards will also be an amazing tool to use with the Money Manifestation and the Tarot course which will be live in November 2015 at the Tarot Readers Academy. Make sure you sign up for my Oracle Wednesday and weekly updates in order to stay up to date on news and announcements for this and other courses.

Click on the picture above or HERE to get your Money Magic Manifestation Cards.

Tarot Videos – Tarot Mentorship and Unboxing Videos

As many of you know I have had family visiting from Australia over the last couple of weeks and that has been AMAZING but it has taken me away from updating the site.

This weeks Tarot Cafe video on Youtube is all about Tarot Mentorships and if they are the right thing for you and what they are about.

My mentorship program is available through the Tarot Readers Academy – Tarot Apprentice Course – Certification level. 


I also unboxed THREE new decks which you can watch me do here. There are some first impressions of the decks with full reviews to come later.

I still have a precious week left with my Father and my Step Mother! Which is amazing. I have really enjoyed showing them around Vancouver, British Columbia and the Rockies.

I hope you are all loving your Thursday.



Litha Tarot Blog Hop – The Moon in the Tarot and Lenormand Systems


Welcome to the Litha Tarot Blog Hop for 2015. We are over halfway through the Wheel of the Year — it’s going by so quickly!

For this season’s theme, we were asked to choose a Tarot card from the Major Arcana and write about it in any way we wanted in order to express our thoughts, feelings, interpretations, and so on of the card.

The Moon Aquatic TarotI chose The Moon and I wanted to do a comparison focused on the differences between The Moon in the Tarot and the Moon card in the Lenormand Oracle System.

As a Lenormand Oracle creator who has been reading the Tarot for the last 16 years, one of the things that I find really interesting is the huge differences in the cards. There are some Lenormand Oracle cards with the same names as some Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. The Sun, The Moon and The Tower all make appearances in both the Tarot and in the Lenormand Oracle system. But, their names are where any similarities end. As a result, there is a need for a little rewiring for Tarot readers who wish to explore the Lenormand Oracle system. The rewiring is well worth it, however — I freaking ADORE using the Lenormand cards to compliment my Tarot readings. I think you will too.

Please read on for my comparison of the Moon cards in the Tarot and the Lenormand Oracle

The Structure and Status of The Card

The Tarot — The Moon in the Tarot is one of the Major Arcana cards which holds great significance when it appears in a Tarot reading. The Moon has a proper title and is specifically placed in order in the Major Arcana sequence with the number 18. The Moon also has a position on the Tree of Life, the pathway connecting Netzach to Malkuth. The Moon also is the Zodiac Sign of Pisces.

The Lenormand — In the Lenormand Oracle system, each card carries the same importance or weight in a reading. The Moon in the Lenormand system also doesn’t have a proper title — it is just the Moon card, meaning that it has less of an identity than the Moon of the Tarot deck. The Moon card is the 32nd card in the Lenormand deck and is the 8 of Hearts in playing cards.

Meaning of the Moon

The Tarot — The Moon card in the Tarot is linked to intuition, dreams, the unconscious, illusions, and shadow work. It may also represent fear or anxiety, false appearances, and general feelings of uncertainty. The Moon has an ever changing light so it does not  illuminate everything, thus the landscape may seem to be constantly changing. I feel that The Moon in the Tarot is a card indicating that you are not sure of your footing or the next step in your life or journey. The Moon also represents feels of watching the shadows and the tricks of the mind due to the blue light of The Moon.

The Lenormand — In the Lenormand system, the Moon represents emotions, especially feelings of moodiness, creativity, and romance. It also may represent intuition, recognition, fame and the arts. The Moon is the card of the evening.

Imagery of the Card

The Imagery of any Tarot or Oracle deck is completely up to the creator. Here I have shown to paintings that I have created for both the Moon Card in the Tarot and for my Prince Lenormand Oracle deck.

The Moon by EthonyThe Tarot

The Tarot is rich with symbols and this is one of the details that makes this system so magical. When we delve into a card, we are often triggered by symbols on or in that card.

In The Rider-Waite Smith deck and some of the replicas or RWS-inspired decks, we often find all or some of these symbols:

  • A crayfish — The crayfish is linked to the depths of our subconscious and the allusiveness of it.
  • Two pillars — The pillars stand for the two outside pillars on the Tree of Life: The Pillar of Mercy and the Pillar of Severity.
  • An Eclipse — The eclipse brings together our conscious and subconscious minds to reach inner knowledge.
  • A Dog and/or a Wolf — The Dog is domestic while the Wolf is wild. These are examples of our nature and of our minds.

The Moon Painting by Ethony

The Lenormand Oracle

  • The Moon Lenormand EthonyThe Moon — The moon in the Lenormand Oracle is usually represented as a Full Moon.
  • Simple backdrop — A simple backdrop is usually used in order to focus attention on the main symbol

The Moon Card from The Prince Lenormand Oracle

Most Lenormand Oracle decks are simpler and more straight forward than the Moon, whereas with the Tarot there are many more symbols and details on the card.

I could easily explore just one Tarot Card all day! The Tarot is amazingly rich with many layers — it’s so easy to get lost in the world of the Tarot. The Lenormand Oracle system may seem simple when you scratch the surface, but it is equally as complex as the Tarot. I love the Lenormand because it is different while being enchanting and sassy.

Thank you to our host for this blog hop, Alison Cross.


June Oracle Wednesday Preorder Banner

Litha Tarot Spread

Happy Midsummer to my lovely Tarot Tribe in the Northern Hemisphere and blessed Yule to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!

I am making my way around the Wheel of the Year with my Tarot Spread creations. I love creating and using these. And, it has been amazing to see people tag me in their readings and share their experiences as well. It is really the best feeling.

Here is my offering for Litha. Enjoy!

The Yule Tarot Spread can be found HERE.

Midsummer is when the literal sun and the Sun Gods of mythology are at their peak power. It is the longest day of the year, and from this day forward the light will slowly fade as will the Sun God’s power. As a result, there are many beautiful practices around the world linked to this day.

Maybe it is the connection to Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream or that I am slightly faerie obsessed, but I love the faerie magic that is around at this time of year. As a result, I have incorporated that into the Litha Tarot Spread.

Litha falls on the 21st of June this year, and I have made the Litha Tarot Spread available a couple of days early so that you may be prepared ahead of time. Please feel free to share Litha with others who may be interested or consider incorporating it into your Sabbat rituals.

If you are seeking a ritual or meditation for your personal or group celebration, check out The Craft Meditation and Ritual series.

On to the Litha Tarot Spread . . .

Litha Tarot Spread Ethony

The Litha Tarot Spread focuses on these five areas:

  1. Self — A snapshot of where you are right now and the energies around you.
  2. Power — What is powerful for you right now and how to utilize it’s maximum potential.
  3. Strength — What is deep within your well of inner strength and guidance on where to focus to your energies right now.
  4. Abundant — What is right in front of you and ready for the taking?
  5. Faerie Blessing — What are you being blessed with at this time? What gifts are you being asked to acknowledge in your life?

As always, please comment! I adore seeing your Tarot readings with my Spreads and learning more about how they have impacted your life. If you are not a Tarot Reader yourself but would like a Litha Tarot reading, please click HERE to be taken to my Wheel of the Year Tarot reading. No matter where you are in the world, this reading will be aligned with the season of the Wheel of the Year.