Breaking Bad and the Archetypes of the Major Arcana

BreakingBadJust before our son was born J-Guy and I watched the entire series of Breaking Bad. We were late to the party, we know.

I have to say that Breaking Bad is probably the best television show I have ever seen. The acting is incredible.

The characters were excellent which made me link them to a new course that I am developing about the Major Arcana and our personal Archetypes  the and Archetypes of the Breaking Bad characters popped into my mind. Now these are my reflections on the characters based the Major Arcana and what cards I feel suit them the most. Like most people and well written characters of any series they can have more than one Archetype but these are the ones that stood out most for me.

***Spoilers Below*** If you have not watched the show and do not want to know what happens to these characters for the love of Great TV LOOK AWAY NOW!

Breaking Tarot Archetypes

Saul – The Moon

Saul the Moon

Shady bitch, fast talking, illusionist. He reminds me of a slight of hand magician where he is making you look one way while picking your pocket. The only thing that Saul cares about is Saul and his money. While this is not really linked to the Moon his illusions are. Those illusions are the words he weaves for people and that they believe often enough and the law. It is like he hides behind both of those things and he is just smokes and mirrors. I predicted that he would survive Walt when we were watching season 4 and I was right.

Jesse – The Devil

Jesse the Devil

Art by –

Jesse simply can not cope with being on this material plane and his addictions (drugs, booze, destructive behavior and relationships) are so directly tied to The Devil. The Devil speaks to being chained to our addictions, behaviors and beliefs that are harmful and a whole lot of excess and indulgence. What is sad about Jesse is that if he was living a different life he may actually be able to be a functioning adult but his involvement with the drug world keeps pulling him in deeper into depression and addiction. I don’t think I am alone in wanting to give him a hug sometimes and then a slap across the face five seconds later because of his complete stubbornness. He lives by his own moral code which he finds is always being challenged by the choices he makes, hence the conflict. Just when you think he is going to get on the straight and narrow his inner demons which keep telling him he is not worthy of anything good drag him back in. Do you think that he would change his life after his liberation at the end of the series? We can only hope.

Walter – The Tower

Walt the Tower

The total destruction of Walt’s life is how the entire series started and he has been keeping what he has rebuilt up with gaffer tape ever since, well what he could salvage anyway. He lost his health, job, wife and nearly his family and his life a number of times and then the ultimate loss his life (well so we think). The Tower is that total destruction to the core of who we are and the bare foundations of our lives. What is really interesting for Walt is that in a lot of ways he learnt throughout the series who he really is, a gift of The Tower Card. He repressed so much of who he is that when he started to become Heisenberg is allowed that side of him to come out and play and that side is slowly taking complete control. He is living the ultimate ‘what would you do if you had a death sentence’ which sadly a lot of people never do because their towers never crumble. (Not that anyone should need something as sad and devastating as cancer to reevaluate their lives, but often it takes something huge). I predicted before we watched the last season that he was going to be dead by the end of season 5, or at least the last episode. I was right….or so I think.

Skyler – The Empress

Skyler The Empress

I really, really disliked Skyler for a long time and at the end of season 4 I started to like her. Mostly because she is allowing Walt to see his daughter and son.  Skyler is very much the Mother Archetype everything that she did was actually for her family, which was the veil that Walt tried to project for a long time.

Marie – The Fool

Marie the Fool

Marie has her head in the CLOUDS and doesn’t know how to deal with anything when things get real. From shoplifting, her purple OCD and her ability to block out reality is why I have assigned her the Fool. It is a little heartbreaking to watch her really try and be Hanks cheer leader and see him completely stomp on her for it. She was my least favourite character in the series. So I am not really going to say more.

Hank – The Hierophant

Hank the Hierophant

Hank had a really interesting ride. He really embodies the social organisations and institutions of The Heirohpant for me. His entire identity is tied to the DEA and his work so when he looses all of it he is broken and more than just what the bullet wounds did to him. There are wonderful aspects to the Hierohpant and Hank took so much pride in his job and being ‘that person’ in his team and for his family, essentially his projection that when it was starting to fall apart he ignored it until he had his own Tower moment. He has now moved to the Hermit, withdrawing completely from everyone and everything he has and is now slightly obsessed with rocks… I mean minerals. I actually feel for Marie. Hank even dies by the rules of The Hierophant.

Any other fans of the series have thoughts on my choices?



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Tarot Activity – Interviewing A Tarot Card

This week for the Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Cafe episode I am sharing a fun activity that you can do to get to know the tarot cards in a new way.

It is a pretty groovy exercise and I have created a Worksheet for you to download so that you can record your interviews and have the question prompts all in one place.

This activity is a little sample of some of the types of Tarot Activities that will be available in the Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Apprentice Course.

So let’s get to it!

Interviewing The Figures or Animals in a Tarot Card to Deepen Your Understanding

The Interviewing a Tarot Card Worksheet – Click on the Link Below to Download.

Interview Your Tarot Card Figures

TRA with WebThe Tarot Readers Academy is very close to being launched. Watch this space. Did you know that if you sign up for our Newsletter you will be getting a very special offer for the Tarot Apprentice Course? Really, it is only going to be offered to those who are subscribed so if you haven’t subscribed yet, sign up. The sign up box is to your right.

My Mythicworlds Experience and Judgement


The weekend past my little family and I travelled south to Seattle to attend MythicWorlds the FaerieWorlds Convention on the West Coast.

I didn’t know what to expect. I had been to Faeriewords before but I had not been to a Convention before or knew how Faerieworlds may translate in a hotel.

The total cream, cherry, chocolate sauce and sprinkles on the top was that my friends from Australia were in the states and attending as well. It has been nearly two years since I have been able to spend time with a coven sister. Well over due. It was a rather last minuet decision to go for us but Lee sealed the deal when she said she was attending.

Friday was the normal long wait at the border crossing drive through Seattle drag. Our little guy did well but as expected when you travel with a baby you need to stop a few times.

I made a new friend from Mythmakers and I hope we stay in touch.

There was a ball on Friday but we left early tired from the travel.

Saturday morning I went to Orion Goxwoods The Witch and the Fae workshop which was great and gave me a lot to contemplate. Some inspiration was had for additional goodness for my Fae workshop in April. I was reminded to connect to breath more and enjoyed his frank southern honesty about his passions.

Witchlings Oracle DeckWe must have walked through the market place at least a dozen times but I made only one purchase. I don’t need a lot I have a lot of stuff but I did add the Witchlings oracle to my collection.

While my beautiful man was off spending some time exploring I watched a great free presentation by Gabby Bernstein while Dominic fed and napped. I designed a Tarot Spread for myself and did a quick reading. After those two things I felt very filled with energy and love.

Saturday night I stayed up longer and watched the musical acts Zirp and Delhi 2 Dublin both where so great! Check out their music if you get a chance. I retired early with out little one.

Sunday I went to the only workshop that I was able to make with Einar Selvik. If you don’t know this gentleman and his work CHECK OUT HIS SITE. If you watch the show Vikings you will recognise the music and his work on Graphical and Oral Magic of his peoples is incredible. I was lucky enough to be spoken to about Runes and Magic by someone who walks their talk and is deeply passionate about it. And also a self proclaimed nerd. So all round awesome guy and great workshop. It has made me rethink everything I thought I knew about the Runes. Which is a good thing.

Then it was time to say goodbye to my Friends and we headed back to Canada.

The one thing I wish I had done more of were the workshops. Especially the two I missed with Einar Selvik. Maybe I will get another chance another year. I also didn’t take too many photos which is rare for me but I enjoyed being more present this year because of it.

Also the double tree hotel was amazing. The staff were fantastic and you get free chocolate chip cookies that are warm on arrival. Big rooms nice beds and showers. I would stay there again for sure!

Here is something I hope you stayed to the end of this post to read because it is SUPER Important to me.


At dinner that night before the second ball (Saturday night) we were at the resturant at the hotel having dinner and there was a man sitting in the lounge next to it talking very loudly about how being around the convention people made him uncomfortable. People at a lot of conventions well most deck themselves out in amazing cosplay. I’m not sure he had ever seen one before or he sure wasn’t acting like it or he was just a massive jerk.

He was saying some really negative horrible things, laughing at people, saying that people with children should know better than to dress up and participate in things like this and getting other people not at a part of the convention into his conversation. Most people just didn’t say much but still. I realise that this was his way of trying to rid himself of the uncomfortable feelings he had but by passing them on to others he allowed the negativity to continue. He could have just admitted that it was not his thing and thats it.

I wish I had said what I am about to say now to him. Not in a voice of anger but understanding.

Dear Self proclaimed normal business man who was at the Seattle DoubleTree hotel on the weekend.

Many many people feel that conventions and events like FaerieWorlds, MythicWorlds, ComicCon, Burning Man etc are the ONLY place they can be themselves fully. Where they are surrounded by tribe. Where they feel safe to express themselves in how they want to dress and how they want to express their energy through dance, hulla hopping etc.
Some people travel great distances and wait months and months for those connections with people and experiences that they can deeply resonate with.

So the next time you judge someone on a train station platform in a Anime cosplay or bag out someone for being awesomely different maybe take a bit of time to think that while they may invoke in you a feeling of momentary uncomfortableness for you that same person may feel uncomfortable all the time outside of those places and spaces. At school, at home, at work, with certain friends and family. Imagine feeling that way most of the time?

So don’t be an asshole. Don’t be that asshole. Allow people to be who they want to be no one is forcing your to dress up or be involved. If you haven’t got anything nice to say shut up. Reflect before you project on to others.

That is my little rant and thank you for allowing me to have it. There is enough negativity and pressure in the world for people to conform. Lets be cool with everyone being themselves. Maybe, just maybe the world would be a happier, better place.



Tarot Reading Banner 3


My Favourite Tarot Card

As Tarot readers and students we tent to gravitate towards certain cards throughout our journey. Sometimes we have a life experience that connects us to the card in a deep and profound way. Other times we love the image of a card so much that it quickly becomes out favourite.

In this weeks episode of the Tarot Readers Academy – Tarot Cafe I explore my current favourite Tarot Card and why it has been on my mind for quite some time now.

I would love to hear from you, what is your favourite Tarot Card? Has it changed over the years?



Fear Releasing Tarot Spread

Are you stuck and not sure why?

There are times in life when we get ourselves stuck. When we are unsure of what to do next. Usually there is a fear that we have deep down that is keeping us for moving forward or doing what we have to do. Even if we know it is for our benefit.

I myself have been on the fear train a bit about putting myself out there. As an extrovert you would think that would come easy to me but I am also a perfectionist so if it is not PERFECT and by perfect I mean impossible to obtain perfection kind of perfect I usually don’t do it. Which is completely counter productive.

So I created a Fear Releasing Tarot Spread to see why the HECK was up with my subconscious and wanted to share it with you all.

The Fear Releasing Tarot Spread

Fear Releasing Tarot Spread

1. Why am I afraid?

2. What can I do to confront my fear?

3. What can I do to release my fear?

4. What can I replace my fear with?

5. What is my next step forward?

My Reading

I got in the Tarot Reading Zone today and did the reading for myself. Some of the cards that I got weren’t a big surprise but others totally shocked me.

Especially the third position card. The Devil? Say what now!

1. Why am I afraid? – Nine of Wands – To me this calls for me to get over the fact that what I want to do may all be for naught. Having a self defeating attitude before I begin is really going to cramp my mojo and get me exactly NO WHERE.

2. What can I do to confront my fear? – Seven of Pentacles – Take stock and realise that I have come a long way already and while I still have a long way to go, as everything in life is a work in progress I have achieved a lot and to just keep taking one step at a time.

Fear Tarot Reading3. What can I do to release my fear? – The Devil – As someone pointed out to me years ago, the Devil backwards is Lived. Maybe I need to enjoy life a little more and stop getting on my own back about my high to do list and my duties as a mother. Some self care maybe? Oh and maybe I need to stop with the retail therapy. 

4. What can I replace my fear with? – Seven of Cups – This speaks to me about manifesting through creative visualisations and day dreams. Not only that, I need to be aware of where my energy is going and what thoughts I am entertaining. I have the power to choose my reality. 

5. What is my next step forward? – King of Pentacles – Work with the King of Pentacles energy and archetype. He is the successful businessman and is also disciplined and practical. A good reminder to ground myself if I am ever feeling like the fear is crawling back.

So that was my reading. I would love to see how this works for you all.



Tarot Deck Used: The Mini Rider Waite Tarot

Tarot Deck Exploration – 78 Tarot

Title: 78 Tarot

Creator: Collaborative deck

Publisher: Independently published

Format: 80 Cards and booklet (78 cards of the Tarot and 2 wild cards)

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: The Deck with the book which is much bigger than the standard little white book. You also get a beautiful pouch with the 78 Tarot logo embossed on it.


Like most collaborative Tarot decks there are some cards that I adore and some I just scratch my head at. This is true for all art, so when ever you get 78 artists to contribute to a collection that is going to happen.

I split the deck into cards that I liked and cards that I didn’t connect with and most of the deck were in the ‘cards that I like’ pile which is  good sign.

The card stock is nice and easy to shuffle and the cards have a laminate finish.

The wild cards are really funky and can be read with the description in the book or however you as a reader want to.

One thing that I was excited to hear Kayti mention was that they are going to give some of the artists who are not overly familiar with the Tarot a little more guidance in regards to the cards meaning. Which I think will be super helpful as a Tarot Reader. Some others may love the open interpretation of the cards without the artist having any guidelines.

I am really looking forward to the second deck which is going to have a nautical theme (I voted for that theme yay!). I have been watching the account on Instagram and it is rather exciting to see the new artists as they join the project.

While the website was down while I wrote this it was really well done when it was up.

I would recommend this deck to anyone who loves collaborative Tarot decks and people who are open to different explorations of the cards and their meanings. I am going to read with this deck for sure. It will be interesting to see which of my Clients pick this deck for a reading.

78 Tarot

The two wild cards and the back design

78 Tarot 1

These are some of the cards that I don’t really connect with. The meanings are a little lost on me.

78 Tarot 3

These are some of the cards I really like

78 Tarot 2

Another set of cards that I really like


Where to Purchase Your Copy: The first edition copies of the deck are being sold on Etsy.

Tarot Happenings

Happy Friday here is a quick roundup of the current projects on the go and a couple of cool tarot things on the interwebs :)

Tarot Readers Academy

Tarot Readers AcademyWe are so close!

I am not going to lie it’s been hard. We are now trying our third piece of LMS software. There have been tears trying to get things to work and I’m pretty tech savvy!

Mercury in retrograde has been busting my balls this week I lost 6 hours worth of work. Needless to say that LMS system got dropped faster than a piping hot potato. Their support people were also terrible.

We recorded some of the videos this week too, I’m so excited. This is such a passion of mine! More exciting news about our launch and a huge giveaway soon.

78 Cards Tarot Deck

11_TwoOfSwordsAs some of you know I am writing the companion book parts for the suit of the Swords. (Being a Gemini I thought it was appropriate).

Lana, the decks artist is ordering a sample deck soon which is really exciting.

There is time to pre-order your copy of the deck here.

Prince Lenormand Oracle Deck

10 cards painted with 26 left to go! I am in the process of updating the Page on to have information on each card. It’s a lot of work. I need a clone :)The Heart Lenormand Oracle

Once the deck is about 60% finished being painted I am going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to get the deck funded.  I am going to need some supplies to get it finished. The funds will help get the deck and the companion book printed and there will be some other goodies too.

Spring Equinox Psychic Fair

Psychic FairI am going to be available for Tarot, Lenormand Oracle and Rune readings on Sunday the 29th of March.

Bookings don’t open until the 13th of March.

But if you join the Meetup group you won’t miss any updates or like Gypsy Arts Events on Facebook.

Free Tarot Reading Friday

IMG_2666I may have to kick these up a notch and do more readings cause there are quite a lot of people now waiting on the list. If you want on it just send me an email to ethony . Tarot @ gmail . Com and put Free Tarot Reading Friday in the subject. You just need to be cool being on my newsletter list. I don’t spam I promise!

Tarot Fundamentals Kickstarter Project

Tarot FundamentalsThis is a huge project that the Tarot Fundamentals Team are undertaking. I have backed it and will certainly be getting both additional books when they are released. It’s like a giant informative Tarot Magazine!

Silhouettes Tarot 2nd Edition

goodssilhouettestarotsignedsI have been waiting and waiting for this deck to become available again.

If you are lusting after this deck go get it I have a feeling they will sell very quickly.

I think the negatives edition is pretty but I’m going to just stick with the original version for now.

MythicWorlds 2015

We head to Seattle in a couple of weeks to see my friends from Australia and spend the weekend at Mythicworlds. I adored FaDominic Tarot ReadingerieWorlds you can read about that wild experience here.

So magic, myth, music, workshops, Faeries and friends for a weekend! I am going to be in heaven!!

Goodness this was meant to be a quick update! No wonder I’m so tired!

So back to readings and writing. With my trusty assistant :)

Have an awesome weekend!


Tarot Reading Banner 3

Interview with The Color Mage

Bernard The Color Mage

I would love for everyone to meet The Color Mage aka Bernard. I found Bernard on Instagram and have been following him and his blog ever since. Color is powerful as an Aura-Soma consultant I know this so I was overjoyed to find someone who was walking the path of Color magic and putting his own fantastic energy and interpretation into the world of light vibration.

Tell us how you found your calling as the Color Mage?

I have sort of been The Color Mage all my life. I’ve always been interested in fantastical stories about magic + myth as well as learning to cope with this life passionately through art and color. A tale of a hero on a soul journey is how I see myself. There was never that affirming flash of light. I just stepped toward my interests and pursued what makes me happy on a soul-level and deciding to stick to my principles that I believe in naturally allowed me to create a physical brand that actually was inside me for over two decades – probably longer if you count the mountain stack of akashic records or past lives I’ve experienced.

Why color?

Honestly this question scattered my brain and uprooted me at the core. I had to sit with spirit for a few days just pondering why color. I feel like the relationship I have with color is mutual. I chose it and it chose me. Color is the closest thing I use to express emotions, patterns and invoke spirit in the most gentle way. Color is an illusion and because we all are unique, color helps me cope with the diversity of messages I receive spiritually. My red is mine. Not yours. I think I love color for that reason and that’s why I pursue a path to color rather than traditional tarot or angels. I feel better with color.

That beautiful deck, share the creation of it with us.10468353_638285316280848_913098200908057811_n

At the beginning of 2014, I wrote down three goals. One of them was to create my own color deck. I desired that more than anything but hadn’t a clue as to how it would be created. Exactly nine months later, I woke up normally. Then it hit. My water broke from my sacral chakra and I had to give into this metaphorical birthing process. When you surrender to your muse, I believe you can produce as fast and as freely as it needs to be. I created my deck in less than a week because I kept it simple and just allowed it to all flow out of me. Non-traditional and I told myself that I would worry about the details later. I must create and so I did.

What do your Clients get in a reading with you?

When a client comes to me with any life situation like they would another reader, they walk away with esoteric knowledge in color form. Insight that they might have overlooked or might not have been allowing to surface naturally because their ego keeps the light hidden. Generally color messages include crystal recommendations since I am a certified crystal healer and practical ways to incorporate their specific color in their life. Also, I deliver my readings virtually through a video. I find this to work better for me because I love to hear myself talk and it gives my clients the freedom to easily reference and take notes of what feels best in the moment.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy the energetic exchange that happens while reading people’s colors. I love to make people feel in whatever way that may be. It could be through tears because I actually listen to my client and understand where they are coming from in a spiritual and empathic connection. Sometimes I am talking to people’s egotistical beast and then I set emotions aside for a bit and enjoy leaving my client with a good dare to change their life. It’s just in the moment my joy comes from doing this work and I could honestly care less about everything else. Reading someone’s color and feeling their chakras vibrate inside me is the most pleasurable experience imaginable.

What is your favourite color?

This made me chuckle, Ethony. My favorite color has always and will probably forever be orange. But as of late, the color I am attracted to is a deep dark green. It holds the spirit of the Dragon. I am working on my power currently because like other people I struggle with self-worth and this dark green hue helps me strengthen my faith in how and why I am developing as a spiritual being here on Earth. I see my favorite color changing every day – it’s just part of being The Color Mage, I guess.

You can follow Bernard via the links below.




BIO Bernard Charles is a rainbow enriched color expert, meditation coach and author of The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude. He empowers victims of self-doubt to build a well-developed personal relationship to color through his 3-month color mentorship program. Bernard is certified in meditation, law of attraction and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). He enjoys tea, social media and often wears an orange scarf when he needs that extra boost of courage. You may discover more about Bernard and color at

Tarot Reading Banner 3

Imbolc 2015 Tarot Blog Hop

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temperance1This seasons theme was for us to explore times and encounters with cards that for some reason or another stuck out for us, or that challenged our usual way of thinking, or was different than expected

There has always been one card in the Tarot Deck until about a year ago that I always got a little stuck on. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the interpretation of the card it was more that it felt lofty and hard for me to put into real life perspective.

The card was the Major Arcana card of Temperance.

Temperance appears right after the transformation of the Death card and seems like the calm in the eye of the storm before The Devil card. It felt to me a little out of place.

Transformation on one side and material entrapment on the other this pretty angel with similarities to the Aquarius zodiac sign and The Star tarot card would stump me.

I knew it called for patience and to take things a step at a time. To avoid extremes and bring together the mind for awareness.

Where this card really clicked for me was in the key meaning of patience.

I am a Gemini. We are not a zodiac sign well known for our patience and moderation. Most Gemini’s I knowRWS_Tarot_14_Temperance talk a lot and want everything yesterday. Which can be very frustrating. Very frustrating.

What the Temperance card taught me was that all things have their time and space and that sometimes no matter how much we want to force it it won’t happen through sheer will power alone.

globalight-angelic-00689Being pregnant was a huge test of patience and being fully in the moment and embracing it. Not wanting to rush every little thing. Waiting those long last few weeks where you just want to meet the little one so much and you are so over being tired, bloated, unable to sleep and sore. I was so out of control in that situation it got me to a place of surrender. Not all the time mind you. Sometimes it would still irritate me that I wasn’t in control. But then I would be gently reminded that it was all about the journey and about my unborn son not me and that I was also going through a huge shift in all of my energy fields. Another aspect of Temperance is alchemy and I really connected to the concepts of alchemy while being pregnant. I was a walking, talking chemistry set and still am as I am breastfeeding.

So I finally was able to connect with this card that I found lofty and aloof through my experience of patience, pregnancy and alchemy.

And what a beautiful lesson to learn with the Angel of Balance.

Imbolc Blessings Everyone! Thank you to Karen for organising this Tarot Blog Hop.

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Imbolc The Craft Meditation

Shine a Light on Your Love Life

It is the Full Moon in Leo on Tuesday and hold on to your pants it’s going to be emotional.


Because Leo and Aquarius are fighting in opposite corners pulling all sorts of strings internally.

We want to focus on ourselves and please others as well and that does not always make for a harmonious time.

The Sky God Uranus is the Key.

Uranus is supporting this full moon and it is through breaking away from our old patterns and embracing a new way of being that we can grow and prosper in our relationships.

I created a Tarot Spread for the full moon and I am offering readings with it for a discounted rate until the end of February 2015.

*Click on the Image of the Tarot Spread to order your Tarot Reading*

Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

1. You and your deep relationship with love.

2. How you project yourself to the world to be.

3. What needs to be considered.

4. How to grow in a healthy way with love.

The Tarot Reading will include the reading using the Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread. One question from you in regards to your love life, relationships or love and an Oracle Card. As with all of my readings you will get a photo of the cards as well as the reading.

These will be via email.

Normally this would be over $37.00 but until the end of February 2015 you can order this Tarot Reading for only $21.00.

Click on the image of the Tarot Spread to order yours.

Full Moon Blessings to you all.