Yule Tarot Spread

Ethony Yule Tarot Spread


1. Rebirth

The mythology around Yule is that of re-brith. Whether it is the rebirth of a Sun God or the duelling Holly and Oak Kings. Birth, Death and Rebirth are an important theme of Yule. This position in this Yule Tarot Spread is about your personal Re-brith. What is being awakened in you after a long slumber? What is going to be gaining momenmtum as the days grow longer?

2. Midnight

Yule is the longest night of the year. What does darkness mean to you? Are you afraid of the dark or the darkness in you? Does the Witching hour call you? This position in the Yule Tarot Spread is meant for contemplation. What is it in ourselves that we fear to shed light on?

3. Gift

Gift giving is a large part of Yule and other seasonal celebrations this time of the year. What is your gift? Do you hide your gifts and talents for fear of judgement if you shine them out into the World? This position in the Yule Tarot Spread is a reminder of your gifts and a gentle nudge to embrace them and share them with the World.

Tarot Deck Exploration – The Light Grey Tarot

Title: The Light Grey Tarot

Creator: Collaborative deck brought together by the Light Grey Art Lab

Publisher: The Light Grey Art Lab

Format: 78 Cards and a booklet

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: 78 Cards and the Booklet


From The Light Grey Website – ‘The Tarot, Mystics, and Occult Exhibition incorporated 78 artists from all over the world, brought together to create a collaborative tarot deck and unique art collection. Keeping the entirety of the project in mind, each artist recreated a single tarot card, merging together contemporary illustration, ancient symbolism, and storytelling to make captivating and meaningful interpretations of their tarot card.’

The Light Grey Tarot Major Arcana

I have an interesting history with collaborative Tarot Decks. This is because there are so many, 78 in fact different visions of the art presented. Not all art is going to connect with you as an individual and that is the way of art but even when you don’t like an individual piece of art it is still stirring a reaction in you which is what great art is supposed to do. That is why art is powerful.

This is a very powerful deck, there is so much energy and vision in the deck and there are some cards that I really connect with and love. The artists could use different mediums which also makes for an interesting deck as a whole. I use this deck a lot for my own personal readings and enjoy re-discovering the cards each time I pull one as not only is the card going to be a surprise but the artistic interpretation is also a joy to see. The Light Grey Tarot is my favourite Collaborative Tarot deck I have had the pleasure of owning and using in my Tarot practise.

The cards are on nice card stock and are easy to shuffle. The card stock is a little light but not flimsy. I am sure after a few years of use they are going to bend for sure.

I do wish that they had the card titles on all of the cards because some of them are not easy to recognise straight away as to what they are. The upside to this however is that it may free readers up with making their own connections to the cards without the titles. The Major Arcana and the Court Cards are all titled.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: This deck is a BARGAIN for $25, get your copy in the Light Grey Art Lab site.

The Light Grey Tarot Major Arcana 2

The Light Grey Tarot Aces

The Light Grey Tarot Minor Arcana The Light Grey Tarot Court Card

The Light Grey Tarot Backs

Tarot Instagram Artsists you NEED to Follow

Instagram is full of amazing artists and quite a few of them are taking on the task of creating Tarot decks. Most of them are creating them independently but I have come across at least one who is working with Llewellyn.

If you are on Instagram and are a Tarot enthusiast follow these incredible artists to follow the creation of the Tarot decks to completion.

Click on the pictures to follow through to their Instagram pages. I am so excited about the release of a number of new decks from some of the talented people below. I love the internets.

I may not have found everyone, so I would love to hear from you all to see which Tarot creators you follow on Instagram.

Eight.coins Instagram

Eight.Coins Tarot

Tree Talker Instagram

Treetalker Tarot

Wormling Instagram

Wormling Tarot

Siolothompson Instagram

Siolothompson Tarot

Baronhigbee Instragram

Baronhigbee Tarot

Tattoosbyanya Instagram

Tattoosbyanya Tarot

Black_Magus Instagram

Black_magus Tarot

Passion Planner – How Did I NOT Know About This?

Passion Planner 3This is an incredible tool. Not only will it enable you to keep track of all of your appointments like a BOSS but you can mind map, set personal and work goals. There are monthly overviews and prompting questions to get your inspiration flowing. I am in LOVE.

My friend posted a link to this fantastic Kickstarter campaign for the compact version on her Facebook timeline and I jumped on board. The full sized planners would be perfect for the office but I adore the fact that you can pop the compact sized one in your handbag and take it with you everywhere.

Passion Planne

It is hard to find a good planner and this seems like it may be THE ONE for me. Perfect timing too, as 2015 is right around the corner and I believe that this planner will really help me with my business and life. Writing things down is still my go to even if I do keep appointments in my Google Calendar. My To-Do lists and goals are often written down and re-written again and again until they are accomplished.

You can check out the campaign HERE or visit the site www.passionplanner.com for more information on the classic and compact sized planners. There is time left to secure your for 2015. The full sized ones are available on the website and on the Kickstarter campaign and the compact are only available for now in the campaign. There are more than 2 weeks left to get yours.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used the Passion Planner before. Did it meet your expectations? Would you use it again for 2015? What is your favourite planner? Passion Planner 2

All images are the property of the Passion Planner’s creator Angelia Trinidad. What a total GIRLBOSS I love seeing young female ladies blazing trails. I am not getting any kick backs for sharing this project with my wonderful readers either. I just love stationary A LOT and enjoy sharing ultra cool projects that I come across with you all.

2015 Tarot Reading Banner

Tarot Deck Exploration – The Sacred Isle Tarot

Title: The Sacred Isle Tarot

Creator: David Higgins

Publisher: Self Published

Format: 78 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: The 78 Card Deck – 8.3cm x 13cm

The Major Arcana Only Deck – 7.2cm x 11.6cm

What You Get: It really depends on what you want to spend. With all of the deck choices on offer there is no little white booklet.

The Sacred Isle Tarot Minor Arcana


This deck has to be one of the most beautiful decks I have ever seen. The imagery really connects with me and pulls me in. The artist David Higgins really has a love for the Tarot and put a great deal of time, love and energy into completing the deck. It really shows. There is so  much detail in this deck, without being too busy or having it take away from the beautiful colours used.

The Sacred Isle Tarot is really a joy to read with. The cards are almost singing out their meanings and I have loved getting to know them and using them with my Clients. They are clear and welcoming which is a lovely combination.

This is another deck where I much prefer the images do most of the talking as my words won’t really match the beauty of the art work.

The only annoying thing about this Tarot deck is that both sides of the cards are not laminated. Which makes me worry about using them a lot and handing them to people, as cards can wreck after a lot of wear. Plus I have been known to spill more than my fair share of cups of tea over the years and at least you can salvage a laminated deck from that kind of accident. The original Major Arcana only deck is laminated on both sides.

There are so many options in regards to what else you can get with the Tarot deck. You can get the original Majors Only deck as well as the complete 78 Card deck. There are mugs, T-Shirts, Tote bags, calendars, art prints and the list goes on. So scroll down to make sure that you are purchasing what you really want. There is a lot on offer. With the package that I ordered I got the Value pack 2.

They are taking pre-orders for the black border version of the 78 card deck on the site as well. There is also an app for this Tarot Deck available via The Fool’s Dog.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: The Sacred Isle Tarot Website

The Sacred Isle Tarot Major Arcana

The Sacred Isle Tarot Court Cards

The Sacred Isle Tarot Aces

The Sacred Isle Tarot Backs

The White Back is from the 78 Card Version of the Deck and the Purple is from the Majors Only Version

The Sacred Isle Tarot Major Only

A sample of the Majors Only Deck

To Tarot App or Not to Tarot App?

Tarot Apps 2Technology is really great and it has lead to the wide spread availability of many different Tarot decks around the world. Which I love of course, being a Tarot Addict. There is pretty much an App available for just about everything it seems and Tarot is no exception.

There are a ton of Tarot Deck and Oracle Deck Apps available ranging from free (or initially free with in app purchases)to $9.99. At least if you have an iPhone and an iPad the app can be used on both of the devises and you only have to pay for it once. I am not sure if the same goes for Android apps and other tablets.

I have bought a couple of apps over the years and to be honest I rarely use them. Here are a few of my pros and cons in regards to whether it is worth buying a Tarot or Oracle App.

Pro – If you forget your Tarot or Oracle deck while you are out you have at least one always on the ready.

Con – They, like every app ever made can crash.

The Tarot SamplerPro – Transporting a lot of decks is easy and The Fool’s Dog even has a Tarot Sampler 1,  2 and 3 which is pretty cool to see what there is on offer without having to carry around a lot.

Con – If you have already purchased the physical deck you are going to have to shell out more money in a lot of cases for the App as well.

Pro – You can save a lot of your readings on the apps and some even have built in Tarot Journals.

Con – You are holding either a phone or a tablet and not the cards themselves. Some people may not see this as a Con but I certainly do.

Con – Reading for other people on a iPhone or iPad may be awkward, I would love to hear from anyone who does this successfully.

Like most things it is really going to come down to personal preference and how you like to read the cards. Do you believe that it is important for you and or your Client to be able to shuffle the cards and put their/your energy into the reading? Or doesn’t it matter? Do you think that random code works just as well as intuition?

Tarot AppsFor me Tarot apps have been something I bought a couple of, used and then totally forgot about. There are no Tarot or Oracle deck apps on my phone at the moment but they are still on my iPad. Still unused for the most part. I like building a Tarot spread with my cards and I also enjoy the ritual of reading the Tarot. Creating sacred space for those I am lucky to call my Clients and for myself.

Maybe I am just getting old before my time and may turn into one of those people who shy away from new technology, which I doubt as I am an avid gamer. There is however something sacred and luxe about sitting down with a deck of Tarot cards and shuffling them. It is the same with books, the printed word may some day stop being printed but too many people still adore holding a book in their hands.



Invited to Dinner – Samhain Tarot Bloghop

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The topic of the Samhain Blog Hop this time is to discuss or show, via the Tarot or any other oracle, who you would invite to an afternoon tea on the Day of the Dead. What do you imagine they’d be like? What Tarot card (or cards!) would represent them? What would you ask them? What would you like to learn from them? Your “guest” can be living, or dead, but imagine them there and then represent them in a Tarot card (or more).

Ian McKellenI have a confession to make. I love Sir Ian McKellen. More than someone who has never met the gentleman. Probably more than the average 31 year old woman does. Not only is he a brilliant actor he was a pioneer for LGBT rights and was proudly a voice for gay actors when most were still afraid to speak out and be who they are. (And no judgement, people aren’t exactly inclusive now all the time let alone all of those years ago) He also has that kind of friendship with Sir Patrick Stewart that is just amazing.

Sir Ian plays some of my favourite characters in movies but my absolute favourite has to be Gandalf. My Mother giving me a copy of The Hobbit was one of the best of my reading life and I adored the wizard ever since reading it for the first time.

What Tarot Card/s would represent them?

Due to my character imprinting I see Sir Ian McKellen as The Hierophant, The Magician and The Hermit.

tarot__the_hierophant_by_sceithailm-d5yktr6Firstly The Hierophant I love this depiction of Gandalf by artist SceithAilm. Honestly this whole deck is so amazing I wish it was actually a real hold in hands deck. While it isn’t my first pick for Gandalf there is the connection to society and its institutions in The Hierophant so that makes sense. Right up until he is betrayed by Saruman he believes in the integrity of the Order and in its members. Which is another aspect of The Hierophant.

The Hobbit TarotThen there is The Magician from The Lord of the Rings Tarot. Gandalf uses magic in a way of the true Magician, he never shows off and I love the line in the LOTR movies where he reminds Bilbo that he is not a conjurer of cheap tricks. He wields and understands his power. Just like The Magician in the Tarot. He also understands that great power also comes in small packages; the Hobbits and he trusts that and them. Which if that trust were misplaced could have ruined them all. More than once. But being the wise man that he is he knows that even one person can change the course of the world.

Lastly I see him as The Hermit, why? It is just the first card that pops into my head. Maybe it is because he is the light and he brings the light to so many situations which is what The Hermit does, he illuminates. Gandalf also helps other characters find their own way from within which is exactly what The Hermit card is all about. This Hermit is from the Robin Wood Tarot. The Hermit Robin Wood Tarot

Being an Actor I am sure that Sir Ian could be pretty much any of the Tarot cards but this is just my take.

What would Ian be like?

I don’t know I am not sure I would want to project what I think he would be like. You know what they say about people meeting their idols etc.

What would I like to learn from him?

If I ever had the pleasure of meeting Ian I would just want to listen, I would ask him to tell me of things that he has learnt in life and what has really stuck with him in his experiences. I would ask about his time in the world of Middle Earth and in the Marvel Universe. I would ask him where his favourite places to gather his thoughts are and what he want to accomplish still in his life. There is just such a twinkle in this mans eyes.

I probably will never get the chance to connect with Ian but at least he is immortal on film.

Many Samhain blessings to everyone reading this Tarot Blog Hop and I have included my Sabbat Tarot Spread for Samhain below as this time of year in both Hemispheres is an excellent time for Divination.

Samhain Tarot Spread

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Tarot Deck Exploration – The Alice Tarot

Title: The Alice Tarot

Creators: Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony

Publisher: Baba Studios

Format: 79 cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7.8cm x 12.8cm

The Alice Tarot Minor Arcana

What You Get: It depends on what set you would like there is a Standard Deck which is what I purchased. That set comes with the Tarot deck, a beautiful decorated storage box and a little white book. There is a Large Format deluxe edition that comes with a Wooden box and a Silk Tarot pouch as well as everything in the Standard edition. I believe the Large Format deck is sold out.

The Alice Tarot Major Arcana

The Alice Tarot Court Cards

Impressions: This is yet another beautiful deck from Alex and Karen and it will enchant fans of Alice in Wonderland and the Tarot. If you know the stories of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland I am sure you will gain a deeper understanding to the cards as they use what seem to be all of the characters from that universe. Even the more obscure ones. There are even quotes from the books  in a lot of the cards.

The Alice Tarot is based on the familiar Rider-Waite Smith tarot. The metallic embellishments on the card ad such a beautiful element to the deck and they are on every card and in many different colours. All of the Baba Studio decks are on excellent paper stock so that you can shuffle them for years to come without it wearing.

It is a whimsical deck full of character and colour and is another stunning addition to the studios amazing Tarot collection.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: At the Baba Studios Website

The Alice Tarot Backs

The Alice Tarot Backs

The Alice Tarot Aces

Three of the Ace’s in The Alice Tarot

See Your Future this Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve is one of the two most powerful days of the year to divine. The other being Beltane. These are days where the veil between the worlds are the thinnest and messages are the clearest. Samhain is also a fantastic time to call on our ancestors for guidance and to honour them. We are very close to one of those days, the 31st of October.

So after the trick or treating is done and the candy eaten or stashed away why not take the time to see what your future holds.

HP-sufferThere are many forms of divination on offer to the seeker and through exploration and experience you can find which one of these modalities or more than one works best for you. I have found over the years that many people have a natural talent with at least one form of  divination.

Here is a list of some common forms of divination you may want to try your hand at.

CartomancyTarot and Cartomancy – did you know you can have your cards read with normal playing cards? It’s not just special Tarot cards that can be used but a number of oracles as well. Cartomancy is the art of divining using cards, this includes the Tarot. The Tarot is my favorite form of Divination. There are decks of cards for everyone’s taste on the market. Including a lot of Pop Culture fandoms. If you don’t own a deck you can get readings online, buy an app on your phone or book a reading with a professional.


Crystal Ball GazingCrystal Ball Gazing – The image of a psychic using a crystal ball is so imbedded in our cultural psyche that it is used in so many cliches. It is however a very powerful tool. I have to admit I have had minimal luck with crystal gazing but I know people who have. You can also use glass balls as well as crystal ones, which can help your bank account a little.

Natural Scrying Pool

Mirror and Water Scrying – Using a mirror or black mirror to divine is another method of divination you can try. Brings new meaning to the words ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ hey? Water Scrying uses the surface of pools of water either natural or contained in a special vessel is yet another form of scrying. The method of a lot of surface scrying is very similar.


Pendulums – A pendulum is a weight suspended by a pivot so that is able to swing freely. The most popular pendulums are usually crystal but you can use other items like rings. The pendulum will swing over an answer usually on a chart when you hold it and think of what you desire. The great thing about the pendulum is that you can create what ever chart you like.


Tea leaf or Coffee readings – I love tea so partnering it up with divination seems only natural. This is a well known practice and can be very insightful. All you need is your favourite herbal tea or coffee and a reference material on symbols. If you come across special tea cups and saucers to use in this practice then even better! You can also book a reading with a talented professional as well. It is really fun to practice this type of divination with a group of people so they you can all have a turn at looking into each other’s cups.

Runes Wooden

Runes – Are the alphabet of the ancient Germanic people that have been used for language, magic and of course divination. The most common Runes are the Elder Futhark. Commonly Rune sets are either wood or crystal. Runes are either cast or pulled out of bags when using for guidance and messages. Each one has their own meaning and vibration.

This is just a small taste of what is available in the world of Divination. I will certainly be taking advantage of the energies on Samhain night and hope that you do too.






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