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22nd July Tarot Reading

More 30 Day Tarot Pic Challenge Photos

I have completed the 30 day Tarot Pic challenge and I am pretty pleased with myself. We had a bit of delay due to the new addition to the family but I finished it today. I’m pleased with myself because I am a Gemini with a short attention span and my track record of finishing projects isn’t great. One peek under my desk at home and you will see a bunch of unfinished Tarot pouches that need sewing that I haven’t done anything with as proof.

So to celebrate the fact that I finished it and am pretty happy with my efforts
here are some of the pics from the last 30 days and come on over to Instagram and follow me for more Tarot goodness.









Tarot Deck Exploration – The Ellis Deck

Title: The Ellis Deck

Ellis Tarot

Creator: Taylor Ellis

Publisher: Self published

Format: 78 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: Boxed cards and a little white booklet. The booklet is not in the box as it is A5 in size. The booklet is well written and it would be great if Taylor ever wrote more about his deck.

Ellis Tarot Deck

Impressions: I am pretty sure that this is the boldest Tarot deck I own and I adore it. A very cleanly designed Tarot deck with striking colours and great symbols.

The back of the cards is a mirrored black and white image.

The Ellis Tarot Deck Back

There is even an app for the Ellis Deck and you can check it out here.

Where to Purchase: At the Ellis Tarot Site

The Ellis Tarot Deck Majors The Ellis Tarot Deck Court


Welcoming our Baby into the World

I am sure I am not the first mother or the last who would wake up at night when pregnant spiking with anxiety about child birth. It didn’t happen every night and it happened more the further along in the pregnancy I got. Thankfully it usually just took me getting a hug or even holding my partners hand to settle me and then I went back to sleep or we would talk about it a little and then I would calm. I am glad I didn’t obsessively read about child birth and about all of the things that could go wrong but I knew enough of what ‘could happen’ most to-be mothers do. Childbirth is one experience where you are in very little control of the situation. It is natural to fear an experience that we are not in control of, at least a little bit.

On Tuesday the 24th of June 2014 just before midnight my back started to ache, it was familiar as I had some Braxton hicks a couple of weeks before and they had been pretty consistent with the back pain. Our baby was sitting on my spine due to my tummy scaring which I had from surgery at birth, so my back pains weren’t unusual. Then the pain started to get worse and started to come in waves. I dealt with it for 5 hours and then woke my boyfriend letting him know that I was in pain and that today may be the day that we have our little one. He woke at 7am and made the decision to work from home as much as he could and see how I went.

The pain subsided a little by 10am so I had a shower and then went for a walk around the neighbourhood trying to get little baby to get ‘engaged’. Lucky for me it is Summer so it was a good day to get some exercise. I also tried having a bath for the back pain.

It worked, at approximately 2.30pm I was in real pain having what I hoped were contractions and not just more Braxton Hicks. The contractions were about 6 min apart and we went to the hospital. When I was seen we I found out that I was only 1 cm dilated and was given some techniques to cope with the contractions from a lovely nurse and an option for drugs (I said no) and then was sent home and told to come back when my water broke or my contractions were closer together and stronger and I couldn’t handle the pain any more.

We went and got some lunch while I talked to my Dad all the while having contractions. At home I just had to keep riding the waves while playing a game with myself, first I would try and get to 6pm then to 6.30pm etc knowing that the longer I waited the further along I would be. I was able to do this until about 8pm when I couldn’t take the pain any more and we went back to the hospital.


Our birth suite in Hospital

Our birth suite in Hospital

We went straight back to the birthing rooms and they checked me and I was only 3cm dilated. They couldn’t keep me still and offered to give me some drugs so that I could sleep as there was no telling how long this stage of labour would last and I had not had any sleep. My wonderful boyfriend went down to get some paper work and the nurse who was taking care of us Jill gave me an injection of morphine. Our little guy had other plans and with the next contraction my water broke. It was a shame that my boyfriend missed the look on my face. Jill then confirmed that I wasn’t going anywhere and they were going to move me to a birthing room. We got the big room :) So much for the pain relief, it was going to take 45 min for the medication to kick in so it didn’t ever take effect in my body.

Trying to lay down while having contractions for me was the worst. I was scissor kicking and my back was in agony so I walked most of my contractions and my boyfriend and I would dance a little as rocking helped me too. Not to mention holding (or slightly crushing) his hand also helped. So I rocked and danced and walked for the next few hours with my boyfriend in the room with me.

I tried staying off the drugs as long as I could but I really wanted to have something for the pain around 11pm when things were really getting close together and very intense. I tried the gas which I wasn’t really good at sucking down, it just made me feel dizzy and suffocated so I ended up throwing it away from my face most of the time. My boyfriend had to keep reminding me that my amazing animal noises were not in fact the correct breathing. For the most part I remembered to breathe.

The Dr who was on call was in the operating theatre giving a C section so I was going to have to wait at least 20 min for any pain relief. The nurses were prepping me to get some drugs when I had a sudden urge to want to poo (sorry folks that is what it feels like, you want to poo, to push) and I really wanted to push. I told the nurse Jill and she checked me again and I was fully dilated. No drugs for me, I was ready to start pushing and was in total disbelief.

I was already laying down but before I knew it my feet were in the stirrups and we were getting ready to push. It was sweet relief. Being able to put your energy somewhere is so much better than just having to ride the waves of contractions. I spent the majority of my time with my eyes closed focusing. When our baby’s head was crowning I was in such disbelief nurse Jill grabbed my hand and put it on his little head so that I knew it was happening. I asked for a mirror to see it and that was pretty great. It sunk in in that moment that I needed to work to get this little baby out. I asked for the mirror to be taken away so that I didn’t get my ‘if I can see it it hurts more’ thing going and I just grabbed on to my boyfriends hands (forsaking the grips on the bed, the poor man) and pushed when they told me to and held it when I was instructed. Jill our nurse pretty much delivered our baby with another Dr coming in to guide the cord off from around the neck and stitching me up. She was an amazing nurse.


Proud Dad with Baby Dominic less than an hour old

Proud Dad with Baby Dominic less than an hour old

Another nurse had to strip my gown off to put baby skin to skin and they were pretty great with letting us have hours with baby before they started to do anything like weighing etc. It also took us about a min to find out if he was a boy or a girl, we waited until the birth to find out but baby was all curled up and not facing Dad so we had to wait to find out that we had a beautiful baby boy.

Little Dominic was born at 11.59pm on the Wednesday night. He arrived within 30min of me being fully dilated. Which is pretty quick and I was not complaining. So there I was quicker than I ever thought it was going to happen laying with my little new born baby on my chest. It took Dad a couple of goes with the scissors to cut the cord, it was a thick cord. I was still out of it a bit it took me some time to realise how much I had sweated while pushing etc and everything else was happening. My afterbirth was out, I was getting a couple of small stitches. Thankfully I had no big tears.photo 1

I told my boyfriend I could do it again and was up going to the bathroom in under and hour after baby was born while Joel had skin to skin time and I also got some food. The nurses were surprised I was up and about and that I didn’t faint. Thanks to the time differences I was also able to talk to family in Australia as well which was so lovely. We were wheeled down to our room at 4am and 30 hours later we headed home with our little Dominic Kenneth Todd.

We had a pretty great birth experience. The hospital was great, the nurses were great and helpful when it came to learn how to breastfeed. Which took me over a week to get the hang of and we are both still learning. Yes giving birth hurts there is pain but it was also one of the most empowering experiences of my life. I felt strong and capable and very close to the Divine while giving birth. I am extremely thankful to my boyfriend for being the most amazing support and to all of the staff at the hospital.

So that is our birth story.


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Baby Has Arrived

So sorry all for just going M.I.A.

We welcomed our son into the world on the 25th of June and it has been a BLUR since then.

We are still trying to get a lot sorted but I will be back.

Thank you for understanding while we get used to the parent thing.



Why Reading the Tarot is an Art Form

There is a good reason that not everyone who is drawn to the Tarot will choose not to read the cards for others. Or that they will read for other people but only for a select few like friends. It is because it can be a hard art to learn and then an even harder art to carry out when you are adding the pressure of being PAID to be a Sage of advice and insight.

I wanted to touch on the four main variables that make up a Tarot Reading and why it can be a tricky business.

Elements of a Tarot Reading

The Tarot Cards

Learning the basic meaning of 78 cards can be overwhelming for a lot of people. If you can flip over each card in the deck and know your own personal meaning and/or a more traditional meaning of the card or a couple of key words that is nothing to scoff at. Then ad on the added layers of each card and it begins to multiple the complexity of each individual Tarot card. Is that Court Card that has popped up in your reading a person around the Client or is it an aspect of themselves and how do you know the difference? How can one Tarot card completely throw you in a reading and have you as the Tarot reader sit quietly hyperventilating about how it fits at all in with the other cards. These things can happen and do when you are learning the cards. The Tarot is a complex system with many layers and it can be a life times work to study them.

The Client/Querent

Tarot Reader Vintage

I remember being told something invaluable by my first amazing Tarot Teacher Gail that I am passing on to you now, people often come for a Tarot reading when they have tried nearly everything else to get clarity or are going through a hard/emotional time in their lives. Read that again and let that sink in.

It is like when people go to the Dentist, MOST people only go when they have to. I am certainly one of those. Some people do have more of a regular schedule for readings but most of the time it is during a time of need that people are coming for a reading so this can carry a WHOLE lotta energy and challenges to a Tarot reading for a professional. I have witnessed and also been the deliverer of messages to people in a reading and you just know that they are not hearing you. They are either too upset or are focused on hearing what they want to hear and nothing else. It can be so frustrating as a Tarot reader and I can imagine it is just as frustrating for the paying client. Your Client is also brining their past, their experiences, their values and views to the reading so this is another set of elements that get put in the mix. (Client can also be you) Gail makes it a rule never to see anyone who is in crisis, which is a great way to approach it when you can book people in to see you. When you are working a fair however that filter is gone.

The Tarot Reader

Tarot Reader

Witchy Woman by KLP Studios – http://www.deviantart.com/art/Witchy-Woman-438834946

Just as I mentioned about the Client above, we as Tarot professionals bring our own experiences and perspectives to a Tarot reading. When I read I go through a ritual to turn off my own stuff as much as I can and tune in for my Clients and with my Spirit Guides (I know that is working when I say something without even knowing what I just said) but sometimes my own experience will come through and at times it has been perfect when it has.

A great tip for people who are looking to go Pro is to get some readings done by professionals and see what they do and what they offer. I remember doing that when I was thinking of going Pro and I was relieved because up until that point I thought that I wasn’t giving enough to my Clients. After a few readings I found out that I was giving WAY too  much in some cases.

The other thing about Tarot readers to take into consideration is that we all have our own styles of reading. Some Tarot readers will involve you in the reading, others won’t even look at you. Some Tarot readers will tell you what each card means and others will not even reference anything in front of them. We are all different and that is what makes this art go great.

The Tarot Spread

Confused Tarot ReadingThe final added layer in the amazing layer cake that is a Tarot Reading is the Tarot spread. Tarot spreads are very personal and each reader will have their preference. Some will make up a Tarot spread on the fly for each new Client, others have a few well memorised that they use all of the time and others won’t even use any.

When you do start to learn and use Tarot spreads this can assist you getting a lot of pin point clarity for your Client and Tarot spreads are the roadmaps for Tarot readings for a lot of people but they can also be hard to learn. When a card comes up in a reading that doesn’t seem to have a meaning that matches the Tarot spread position then that can get difficult. When you get a card like the 9 of Swords in a position that is labelled as ‘Positive Aspects’ then that can be a little hard for a Tarot reader to make sense of it. There are of course things that you can do to assist with those situations when they come up but that is definitely another Blog post for another day.

A good Tarot reader can bring these elements together and provide a great reading for their Client. A GREAT Tarot reader has learnt from experience and not shied away from the prospect that some of these elements may get wild every now and then.

So if you are learning the Tarot and are pondering if reading for others is something you want to do or not, I hope this helps ease your mind in regards to just how each of us who have come before you have had to learn from our failures and successes and we often are always learning.


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Litha Tarot Blog Hop – Joy

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Litha Blessings to everyone!

This season’s Tarot Blog Hop theme is JOY! So I made a list of things that make me Happy and feel Joy coupling it up with Tarot Cards from my Collection.



Tarot Card – The Lovers – The Mary-El Tarot

Tarot Card Key Words – Duality through relationship with another and choice (and most relationships are choices).

The Lovers Mary-El TarotI am exceptionally lucky to have the most amazing man in my life who I am also best friends with. He can make me laugh, is very supportive and loves me for who I am. He is also going to be an incredible father. I am happy to see him everyday and share my life with him. It’s love when you know the person, good and bad and still light up inside when you see them. It also helps if they like some of the same things you do.


Tarot Card – The Sun – Stolen Child Tarot

Tarot Card Key Words – Joy, feeling alive and achievement

The Sun Stolen Child Tarot

Even though baby is still growing (although this may have changed when this is published, I am scheduling this because baby could arrive any day now) I still feel a lot of joy and love towards the little one. Every time baby moves I smile and I can’t imagine how I am going to feel when I am able to hold our baby in my arms. It is something that I was told may never happen for me so this is our miracle. Life is going to change but it is going to be incredible to watch this little body, mind and spirit grow and I can’t wait to see if we are having a boy or girl and what little parts of me and little parts of JT baby is going to have. Exciting days.


3 of Cups Tarot IlluminatiTarot Card – 3 of Cups – Tarot Illuminati


Tarot Card Key Words – Celebration, friendship and being social

Little in life means more to me than my closes friends and even when I am half the world away from the close friends I grew up with thanks to the wonders of technology we are able to be in contact and they are in contact with me every day. Which means so much when I am experiencing a lot of huge life changes without them. I was very blessed to have a great group of friends around me for the majority of my life once I hit High School and I know that these people have made my life better, encouraged me to be a better person, laughed with me and sometimes at me and accept me for who I am, even when I put my foot in my mouth and that happens a lot.

Queen of Pentacles Light Grey TarotNature

Tarot Card – Queen of Pentacles  - The Light Grey Tarot

Tarot Card Key Words – Earth signed person and practicality

Nothing lifts my spirits like being in nature. Living my life mostly by the ocean and studying Marine Biology at School and swimming nearly every day really cemented this for me. While living in Australia I have swam with Whale Sharks (which if you EVER get the chance will blow your mind, even one woman on the boat who couldn’t swim well and was aided in the water came back on the boat crying tears of joy) Dolphins, Seals and Sharks. I learnt to snorkel (thanks to my lungs I can’t scuba dive but that’s okay) spear fish (I was never very good at that) navigate on a boat and swim very well. More than that it has fostered my love of the ocean and the protection of our oceans is something I am still extremely passionate about to this day.

Now living in Canada I am closer to the other part of nature that I am really in love with which is forests and mountains. Wondering the dense green paths around our home is cleansing and amazing. I am looking forward to more hiking once baby is here and is settled and sharing and exploring with our little family and passing down (hopefully) the love and respect of the natural world. We only have one Mother Earth, can you imagine a world where we ALL felt her and acted like her partner and not dominator. That is a world I would love to see and live in.


3 of Wands Hezicos TarotTarot Card – 3 of Wands – Hezicos Tarot

Tarot Card Key Words – Synthesis, exploration and new ideas

I have incurable wanderlust and hope that is never is cured. Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is one of the best things for spiritual and personal awareness and growth. I was very lucky to have a Father who was always encouraging me to go out into the World and seek new adventure, experience and meet people. He tells the most amazing stories about his travels in the UK, Europe and Canada and that always inspired me.

I have been blessed to walk the jungles and sulphur mines in Java, Hiked some of the Andes and Machu Picchu in Peru, experienced the wild beauty of Bolivia. Adored sight seeing in Singapore, some of the USA, China, Thailand and have been to every State and Territory in Australia. I also backpacked across Canada in 2007 which was incredible. My list of places of where I still want to go is so long I may never get there but, also I may.

An amazing thing happens when you get out of your own little world of your home town or place of residence, you are forced to connect. Of course it depends on how you travel and if you are looking to be a tourist or a traveller. Connecting to people as a traveller, visitor to homes I would never have dreamed and cultures that are so different, but similar to mine in some ways has changed me for the better every time.

It has also forced me to rely on myself, become more confident and meet some amazing people.

Writing, Reading and Art

King of Scrolls Chrysalis TarotTarot Card – King of Scrolls (Swords) – Chrysalis Tarot

Tarot Card Key Words – Intelligence, Curiosity and Air sign person

I have been writing in my journal since I was 11 years old and adore writing. Writing can be a cruel mistress for sure. Some days I can write 3000 words and others I just want to hide from the world and not think about it. But I always come back to writing.

Reading was encouraged in my home growing up and I knew that I had a better chance of having my parents gift me books than anything else and the library was always one of my number one places to be. I hope to pass on the love of reading to my children.

Art has always been something I have enjoyed and I have probably made nearly everything in regards to art and craft, I have never been the best drawer or painter but I love it and I guess that means more than being good at it.


Temperance The Halloween TarotTarot Card – Temperance – The Halloween Tarot

Tarot Card Key Words – Alchemy, moderation (keep the chocolate chip cookies away!) and timing.

I am a baking queen and I love cooking. I have great memories of sitting in the kitchen watching my parents cook and my mother bake. My mum was so great with me in the kitchen, I wanted to bake all of the things and would try and help as much as I could. Licking the spoon was an obvious advantage as well.

When ever I think of holidays I think of my Mum’s cooking. I still make some of the amazing treats that she made and still does.

I participated in cooking classes at school, catering classes and was making meals for my family when I was in High School. I still love preparing food for people. It brings me such joy. My poor boyfriend however has also put on baby weight cause mumma has been cooking and baking while she has been at home over the last 2 weeks. Sorry babe.


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All Hallows Tarot Unpacking Video and Pics

All Hallow Tarot Set

The All Hallows Tarot was a birthday present for myself this year and I was really impressed with how the Tarot Deck came packaged so I wanted to share.

This is not an edited photo just me and my Mac with bad Vancouver lighting. There are scans of some of the Tarot cards below as well.

If this is a deck that you are interested in getting I would snap it up before it is out of print again.

To get your own copy of the All Hallows Deck check out -

The Tarot Connection

All Hallows Tarot All Hallows Tarot 2 All Hallows Tarot 3

All Hallows Tarot Tin

Full Moon Tarot Spread

The Full Moon Tarot Spread

Oh Lordy is is ever a Full Moon today. People be acting crazy. I went to pick up something from Fedex and there was nearly a full on brawl between the Manager of the business and an old guy reeking of alcohol. I think after that little outing I am going to stay at home for the rest of the day.

A lot of people are also talking about the fact that it is a full moon on Friday the 13th which is a powerful day for those who actually know more about the day than the silly superstition.

Today in my 30 Day Tarot Pick challenge is to conduct a Tarot Reading for myself so I decided to create a simple Tarot Spread and do the reading with that. Works out well really.

Here are the cards that I pulled for myself today.

Full Moon Tarot Reading

My Interpretation

1. What You Know – The Five of Swords

2. What is Hidden – Queen of Cups

3. Where to Focus – The World

4. Drop the Illusion – The Emperor

Guess it is time for me to take a look at where my Five of Swords is coming from. am I creating the drama for myself? Which I find interesting considering how little drama I actually have in my life right now and I am not fighting with anyone. Maybe I am just fighting with myself.

To focus on the bigger picture and that we are at the conclusion card is a good thing and I am taking the appearance of the Emperor as me not being too much of a control freak and that it is ok not to know everything or what is going to happen or what I am going to do.

Maybe I have to really except it.

Blessed Full Moon everyone.

Tarot Cards Used – The Mystic Faerie Tarot


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30 Day Tarot Pic Challenge – Days 1-10

I am really enjoying seeing so many people on Tumblr and Instagram and even Facebook take part in this. Thanks to Constantine-Spiritworker  for setting this up.

Here are my first 10 days. If you feel so inclined to join us and follow the rest of my journey (aka stalk me on Instagram) you can here.

photo photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3