20 Signs That You Are A Real Witch! + Real Examples

20 Signs That You Are A Real Witch! + Real Examples

This is by no way meant to be a witch checklist. If there are things on this list that you don’t resonate with or feel I’ve missed, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a witch. There are different types of witches with different interests and skills.
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A common question I get asked is whether or not someone qualifies as a “real” witch. It can be a very hard question to answer as everyone’s journey is different. Some people come to the craft for a lifetime and some for a season.

Some of the things I share are true in my experience, others come from witches I have known over the years. I talk a lot more in the video about each point including some of my own experiences growing up so watch the video when you have a chance.

This is by no way meant to be a witch checklist. If there are things on this list that you don’t resonate with or feel I’ve missed, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a witch. There are different types of witches with different interests and skills. A lot of witches, for example, have a green thumb. While I somehow manage to kill succulents. I just can’t keep plants alive well.

However, the art of divination is something I’m very strong in and some other witches don’t feel drawn to that practice at all. We’re all different, and that’s ok.

One last thing before we get started. Sometimes when we were children, our natural inclinations shone through but as we developed into adulthood they dropped away. Some of the things on this list may feel familiar even if you aren’t practicing them now. That’s ok. Trust whatever you feel drawn to.

So let’s jump In!

20 Signs That You Are A Real Witch!

1. Energetic and Emotional Sensitivity

You identify as a sensitive person. You feel the environment you’re in, get a sixth sense about people and generally feel all the feelings. This is a superpower (even though sometimes it might not feel like it!)

2. Nature Treasure Hunter

You love to collect rocks, shells, feathers, leaves, and other natural treasures. You like to keep them in a special place or on your altar. If you did this as a child, you might not have known you were creating magical nature magic altar, but now you can see it for what it was.

3. Talk to the animals

You have a deep connection to nature. You love watching the seasons change. You prefer that flowers stay alive in the ground than in a vase. You adore animals and see the magic in every natural space. You might talk to animals and even the moon.

4. Early magical tendencies

You made potions and spells as a child. You used sand, rocks, twigs, leaves, flower petals, or anything you could find to make magical potions. The world around you was (and still is) full of magic. You pretended that you were magical and a witch (my gateway witch was Glinda from the Wizard of Oz.) Anytime you got a chance, you would play someone with magical powers. You’re still mourning that you didn’t get a letter to Hogwarts.

5. Fantastical beings

Anything with magic in it is immediately the best. You want to be a fairy (I do!), mermaid, and/or unicorn. You collect stories, trinkets, movies, and media that that includes magical beings – you need it all in your life.

6. Living thermostat

You’re able to change the mood and energy in a room by just being in it. If not kept in check, an off mood affects others around you in a negative way. Likewise, when you’re in a good mood, you lift everyone in the room with you. You can also feel other people’s energy levels and emotions.

7. Emotion whisperer

You know what other people are feeling without them saying anything. You know when someone needs a hug or if someone needs space and often intuitively act and respond without a single word.

8. Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares

You dream a lot and tend to remember large portions of them. Your dreams (or parts of them) literally come true. The good, the bad and the ugly. You might dream of someone you haven’t thought about in ages and then they contact you the next day. You might even have a premonition about a pregnancy, death, or opportunity.



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9. Ancient Mystic

Mythology and ancient history have always fascinated you. You love learning about the gods and goddesses of ancient times.

10. Ritual lover

You create little rituals throughout your life. You have lucky days, numbers, pieces of clothing, or jewelry that you wear at all times or for specific reasons.

11. The Craft feels like home

When you started to read about paganism and witchcraft you felt like you had come home. Things began to click and you may have been doing a lot of the practices of a witch without the label.

12. The moon must be full

You knew it was a full moon without looking out your window or without tracking it because you were unable to sleep.

13. What the future holds

Divination arts fascinate you. You may have even read your friend’s palms or tea leaves as a kid. You might have created your own divination system. You see patterns in the clouds and in nature. Tarot cards, pendulums, and other oracles are must haves.


14. You’ve already seen

You remember the details of a past life. You experience déjà vu when you go somewhere new or with people that you meet for the first time.

15. This Is Halloween

Halloween decorations are all year round home decor (not just seasonal items). You get excited every year for Halloween collections. This was hard for me as a kid in Australia as we don’t celebrate Halloween like in North America but I’m making up for it now! The Nightmare Before Christmas is still one of my favorite movies of all time.

16. You’re a rebel, baby

You may not have felt like you ever fit in with any large organization or institution. You walked your own path and to the beat of your own drum.

17. Consulting with the Internet Oracle

You have Googled ‘Am I a witch?’ (which is a bit of a giveaway lol.) You’ve been looking for themes and wanting to see if they fit with how you’re feeling.

18. The call is coming from inside the house

You think of someone and they call or email you. You may even know who’s on the other line of a call before you pick up.

19. Love the shadow

Your shadow side has never been something that you ran away from. You may even have had an understanding and interest in death, darkness, and a lot of things others find morbid.

20. My Body, My Pleasure

You have a healthy understanding of sexuality and are free to be yourself in your skin. You never understood what is wrong with consensual sexual expression.

I hope this is something that you have found helpful or at least entertaining.

I would love to hear from you if any of this was also something you found to be true, or if you can think of any signs I have missed.

Stay magical.

Until Next week...

31 thoughts on “20 Signs That You Are A Real Witch! + Real Examples”

  1. Love it!!! I thing nearly all resonate with me. I didn’t just collect rocks and feathers and leaves as a kid. I also collected spiders and reptiles. My mom said the when she did my laundry she had a stick that she’d use to poke my pockets inside out as there could be something living there. Once she found 2 baby copperheads alive in the shorts I’d been wearing. More than once my co-workers have come in while I was having a conversation (my back turned to him) with Sherlock (my service dog for those that don’t know me). I’m only aware that they’ve entered the room because I hear the giggles. We had a ritual in my home to leave milk or bread with butter and sugar for the brownies in the home. I also collected dragons and fairies. Yeah. Magic has always been a part of my life.

    1. dude im not even joking im still doing those things and im still a child. i always had a factionation with myths and just fairyales. i love gems stones and jewlwy. i can read how someones feeling by just looking at them. i have a sixth sense of detecing whats bad and whats right. i always have darkness in my mind tho. even in happy moments.

  2. You had me at collecting rocks and feathers!, Moods in the room.. Dreams then seeing that person and event. Eek. It’s not a surprise anymore. I love masquerades and collect masks. And the sensuality awareness. Ohhlala!,

  3. Yes on all of them, including the feeling of being a few seconds ahead in a group of people at strange times! A couple more things that gave it away for me were people always wanting to tell me their life stories, even strangers, and even when I was a kid! And bugs and animals being abnormally drawn to me, and insects showing up to die near me. Kids and elderly, too, have always had a special connection with me and I with them. And of course, spirits and energetic beings showing up, and hearing music in specific places that no one else heard, which I later learned was the song of the land.

    I love your “You consulted the internet Oracle! If you googled ‘Am I a Witch, that’s pretty much a dead giveaway!” Haha

    And WORD on The Nightmare Before Christmas and all things Halloween!

    1. Brittany Crowe-Howell

      What is the song of the land? Where I live, I always think I hear music outside like someone is pulled up in a vehicle but no one’s ever there

  4. Great video, Ethony!

    I’m new to understanding the witchy way, but it feels more like home than any other ritualistic organization/establishment. I know I have a lot to learn, and am very appreciative of The Awaken Soul Coven..

    I’ve always been an empath, and like you, can change the barometer of a room. I remember sitting in the sea of chairs at the DMV and the teenager sitting next to me bounced his knee like a jackhammer. It’s the first time I projected calm and it worked.

    I also love collecting things in nature and never cut flowers and bring them inside. The lovely family who owned the house before me were truly gifted. My yard blooms pretty much year round and every spring when the cycle begins I look forward to pulling into the driveway and seeing what decided to bloom that day.

    I’d love to understand the shadow more. I’ve always had a fascination with the afterlife and past lives. I died once and when I came back, it totally changed my point of view of westernized religion and caused riffs in my life with many of my “friends”. They keep telling me I’ll burn in hell—and I quote the Wicked Witch of the West, “Just you wait and see, my pretty.”

    As always, thank you for sharing your journey and Lulu-Hermoine-ness.

  5. I am all of these as a xhild i was fascinted with all things magickal even though i didnt know they were. I always followed the moon, talked about death to my nanna. Read jy horoscopes. Knew who rang us and why, and dads home id often say 5 mins before he arrived

  6. Almost every single point resonated me. I talk to animals and when I do I see them perk up. Like, “Did she just talk to me?” look. Most of my dreams and intuitions have been right, especially when I know something wasn’t right. I’ve seen things move while everyone I knew didn’t. When I walk into a any shop that has the witchy vibe or going to a psychic fair, I light up. I feel at home. I’ve experience a lot of dèjà vu with my past life and even something that could happen a day ago. I always played a witch, because deep down I know I’ve always been one. I know this is from what you experience, I trust your intuition. Thank you.

    1. I am happy to hear so much resonated with you! It is such a great feeling when you find those stores or places where you feel home and can just be yourself.

  7. Stephanie Wiggins

    Thank you for telling me all of this important information this is so true about me. All my life I’ve been the person that stands out everybody look at all strange that I see certain things before everybody else did I can even tell about this and that is scary for me sometimes. I can tell when someone’s pregnant and that’s definitely scary.It’s just nice to have someone who understands me to understand the path and I’m trying to go even though I’m coming out of so many different kind of religions and ways of life that I’m trying to find sister had the accident understand everything that I’m going through. I hope that you all can help me become stronger and a better witch.Fully I can be strong in people except me as well as you are I live in Georgia so I know that it’s gonna be hard to do I can never find anybody where I live and that’s the hard part. Maybe you all can give me some suggestions on people that is in my area thank you very much actually and thankful. Blessed be

  8. I love this! I can relate to almost everything you said … Ive always felt weird & never felt safe telling anyone. Just for people saying or giving me that crazy look. Hate that… Especially feeling their thoughts after telling them. Its annoying. Email please i have more questions

  9. Thank you for sharing…I resonate with every single one and it feels great to relate to someone finally.. my 9 year daughter. Is just like me and most people just think I’m crazy!!! As I am not afraid to show my true colors…ppl fear what they dont know!!

    Stay magical

  10. Someone jokingly asked me the other day if I was a real Witch, and I laughed it off. But it made me think. And its something Ive wondered before. Then I did a little Searching… I hit Every. Single. Point. Here. Ive often felt a resonance. You are all beautiful people. Thank you for sharing your stories. And yes, I believe men can be Witches too.

    1. It feels good to know we aren’t alone. Trust me people Will either think I’m crazy or they try to say they are the same way but I can feel people out I can feel when you’re feeling honest. I always tell them yeah my exes didn’t believe me until they started dating me now they all believe and fascinated. I’ve had 3 bfs and they do you have to be with me very long until they witnessed themselve that I was a witch even my first figured out for himself without me telling him. Now his gf thinks everything that goes wrong in her life I’m responsible for even though I am not and I don’t practice black or dark or negative energy. But that’s just because he went and opened his mouth but he also told her I don’t mess with dark magic. I love positive energy and healing.

  11. As a kid I was always so interested in magical items or the concept of “magic”. I would stay up late as midnight and just look at the moon, nothing else just the moon. And my mom always said whenever we went out I would always find a way to sneak in about 10 rocks or leaves or stickers from outside. And I still do it. Once when visiting my grandma we were all walking on the rocky beach and suddenly she walked up to me and handed me this in my opinion a very interesting looking rock. It had clear crystals like minerals in the rock but the rock itself was very smooth and had a lot of earthy tones. My family just said it was a normal rock but me and my grandma just knew that this rock was special no questions asked. And I still have the rock even though it’s been a while since I’ve gotten it. I don’t know if this also counts. But in my old house when I was a kid still living with my parents my mom said that I would randomly look at the space right next to the light switch. I would look at it and laugh like someone was talking to me. But apparently it all stopped when we moved to the new house.

  12. Um hi so. I am a kid and I have a connection to all of these. To be honest I am not that young. A teen I should say. I have chickens and ducks I take care of and they are just the best. I collect there feathers but the roosters hate me. Anything with rocks, feathers I love. I like to paint and love animals. I connect with the Earth and I have these WILD dreams. They always come to reality. At least sometimes. I can’t really remember them all that much but I know they make me feel so much deja vu when they come to life. My mother has those dreams where she knows when a family member is going to die and she is always right. I remember something maybe about my past life, but not so much. It was maybe something how I died or just SOMETHING ABOUT MY PAST LIFE. If whoever wrote this is it true? Can I be a witch? I get confused when I here the Earth talk to me. And to be honest I think this pandemic is the Earth telling us something.

  13. I have always been really excited by anything mystical or magical…. from matilda to witches of eastwick to Harry Potter and a discovery of witches…. I’ve been told by physics that they can sense it in me….. I’ve even had a reading before were open I nearly passed out when entering a room and when I exited… my dad had died afew yrs before and I’ve seen him felt him quite alot… and its like he’s guided me to help my mom through her tough times…. I also have really bad deja view…. to the point I can feel myself playing it out…. I’ve known when people are in trouble too…. I get shivers sometimes like someone is with me …my grandad once told me his grandmother was a white witch….

  14. I always knew I was different since a child. I at least collected stones and crystals spiders reptiles I was known as a tomboy and I loved to be in the woods nothing really scared me and I used to see spirits constantly and dream of people passed away or I would dream of what I believe was my past life and I would have the same dreams over and over within years anyways as I get older everything seems to get stronger and my senses my dreams my visions my connection to earth and nature and my belief and I am more open to who I am and accept it and people around me who do not believe in such magical powers out there tend to believe after spending time with me and becoming fascinated which is great because then I know I’m not crazy and thinking this is all my head but at times things I know I don’t want to know like for example 2 days before my ex fiance left me I came to him and told him you’re going to leave me and he looked up at me and said I could never leave you I love you more than anything and I couldn’t live without you and I knew he meant this but two days later he left me and I couldn’t believe it my heart was broken he was the first and only man who has ever broken my heart and the last I ever expected or I will dream of someone or something happening and it does and I already know it’s going to years ago I didn’t know until it happened now I know it’s going to happen but it’s also a blessing I’m unique and I love that about myself and people are drawn to me nature animals are all drawn to me and I am drawn to them I have plans everywhere my home I have crystals and stones everywhere my home is very unique and I love it I can sense the spirits I can sense emotions from people my mother was like this or is but I seem to be stronger now than my grandmother was also like this and people thought she was crazy they’re the only ones my family besides myself who have these powers I wish I know more people like me we can learn and grow with each other

  15. Does anyone know of any signs on your body or actual spells to really prove you have these powers? I did two spells and they were both two weeks apart Good look fortune spell and I did it in front of my boyfriend and both times I got lucky first time I won 600 in the second I want a thousand off of scratch off tickets now I don’t buy scratch off tickets I just had a feeling that I needed to and I couldn’t believe it and neither could he but other than that I want to know how far my powers can go now I do not practice black magic or focus on negative energy I’m quite the opposite but it would be nice to know what I am careful so if there’s anyone out there who can help me I would appreciate it I’m 34 years old and I am use to getting lots of attention. I know I’m pretty but I think it’s because people sense more than me. I like to help and inspire people I like to make others happy but I do not like to be taken advantage of I just want to know more about myself. Someone like me born this way not someone trying to be this way but someone never had to learn it just comes natural what I mean is a real witch not someone who just decided one day. And maybe that’s how it worked for them I’m not putting them down in any way I’m just saying I want to speak to someone like me.

  16. I’ve seen spirits ever since I was a kid I always thought my mind was just playing tricks on me and making me scared but as I got older I realized that I’m not crazy and it won’t stop ever and I can literally feel energy and it’s insane, I tell my mom things like this and she calls me a witch and I also have always collected rocks and crystals and wore them on my necklace and the ancient goddess thing all that got to me lol and I never wanted to consider my self a witch but reading all that makes me want to and it feels right

  17. Was overwhelming how these 20 things set with me it’s crazy I felt so alone for so very long now I just need to figure out what to go from here. Thank you love

  18. Having dreams which may likely come true I normal for most teenagers nowadays.
    Nevertheless I do feel auras of negativity or positivity but that still doesn’t mean I’m a witch cause I try casting spells and none of them work.

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