6 Tips for When It All Turns to Crap in a Tarot Reading

6 Tips for When It All Turns to Crap in a Tarot Reading

Tips from my 18 years as a Tarot Reader for when it all turns to crap in a Tarot Reading
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Hi Tarot Loves, it’s Ethony and today I’m answering a question from a lovely Tarot Student at the Tarot Readers Academy.

Before I jump in, please note that you can take what resonates with you and incorporate it into your personal practice and leave the rest.

Amanda asks: What do you do when a Tarot reading starts off positive but then gets dark and hard? Do you have any tips and suggestions for navigating this with your querents?

This is such a great question.

That’s the thing about the 78 Cards of the Tarot, there’s light and shadow and ups and downs. I believe it’s an accurate representation of the book of life; a reflection of what we go through and it ain’t all pretty. You also never know when you shuffle those bad boys what’s going to come up.

It could all be the Two of Cups, the Ten of Cups and then The Tower appears and the lesson, message, and vibe of the reading completely change.

Here are some of my tips from my 18 years as a Tarot Reader for when it all turns to crap in a Tarot Reading

Plant Ally Cards

1. Be Prepared

At some point, this is going to happen. Statistically, it’s impossible for it not to if you read the cards with any sort of frequency.

When you accept that it’s going to happen and that you, as the Tarot Reader can aid someone find their way through a difficult time; it shifts the fear of being the deliverer of bad news to the person who’s their guide.

You’re not the cards and you’re not a bad person if you have some harder messages to share. People come to the Tarot for a reason. If you have a fear of not being liked or wanting to be a people pleaser then maybe do some work around this for yourself. I personally believe that we as Tarot Readers will have a more successful relationship with the Tarot and with our clients when we’re okay with not having everyone love us.

IMG_57132. Hold space for your Client and Yourself

If you’re an empathic person before your readings start ensure that you have energetically protected yourself or are in a space where you’re able to observe and not absorb. You don’t want to take on other people’s energy, especially when it affects you.

Have tissues ready for your clients for the reading and allow them space and time to feel what they need to. Reassure them that feeling is all part of the healing process and that release is healthy and positive.

Have a tool to help with shifting the energy after the reading. I don’t recommend that you smoke cleanse your client while they are sitting right there unless an energy healing/shift is included in your services.

3. Learn how to find a positive opportunity in the harder cards

There’s always something positive in each Tarot Card.

The Ten of Swords holds the positive message that what is done is done and all of the cards are on the table, nothing else is going to pop up and make the situation worse or harder. You have endured it and it’s about to shift and move on.

The Tower holds the positive message that all of the illusions, fake friends, and distractions have been removed. You can now see things for what they really are. It’s a divine aha moment and the strong foundations have remained.

The Five of Cups holds the positive message that grief and allowing those feelings that are less than positive is actually part of the process to move into the future in a healthy way. When we embrace our pain and don’t shove it down and pretend that we’re okay, we are not delaying our healing.

Every card has multiple meanings so there is always something that you can give your clients as a light in the darkness.

4. See it for the possibility that it is

Depending on whether you believe in fate or choice this may or may not apply to you. I believe that we have free will and that some things aren’t set in stone. The cards can be a warning that your client is best to shift behavior to possibly avoid the crappy outcome. Forewarning can be a gift.

If your Tarot reading does turn to poo, pull some clarifying cards to see if the course can be corrected or avoided. See what your client can change and control and what they can’t. Give your Client some options and give them some power too.

Love Tarot Reading

5. Tell the Truth

Transitioning into this, I don’t sugar coat things in a way that takes away from the heart of the Tarot cards.

If you smile and say ‘it’s all going to be fine, unicorns and fairy floss for all time’ and then things don’t turn out that way; you’re not honoring the Tarot as a sacred tool, yourself or your client.

That and your reputation takes a hit. Always tell the truth, it’s all in the way in which you’re able to share the message of the Tarot to your clients.

6. Always leave the reading on a positive note

Remember what I said about giving your client choice and power? Hope is also powerful. Not false hope. Leave things on a positive note. Wrap up the whole reading in a positive way.

This is another reason I love closing out my Tarot Readings with an Oracle card draw because it helps ground and focuses the reading at the end.

If all else fails there’s always, wine, hard liquor, chocolate, and retail therapy. Use these remedies wisely, my friends.

These are my tips for you all, I would love to hear what you do when things turn to poo in your readings. Have I missed anything? What has your experiences been with this? Let me know!

If you have a question about the Tarot or building your Tarot Biz that you would like me to chat about please email me at

Spiritual Business Coach

Until Next week...

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