7 Surefire Ways to Make Sure You Get a Great Reading

7 Surefire Ways to Make Sure You Get a Great Reading

Let’s break down what you can do to make sure you get a great reading from your chosen Tarot Reader.
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Hi Tarot Tribe, it’s Ethony! Today, I wanted to share some hot tips for getting a fantastic tarot reading. Whether you’re getting a tarot reading from your favorite reader or are looking to book your first-ever tarot reading. I hope these tips help you make the most out of your time with the tarot.

As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Let’s break down what you can do to make sure you get a great reading from your chosen Tarot Reader.

1 . Get a referral, look at testimonials and reviews

There’s a reason that we trust our friends when they recommend something to us, whether it’s a restaurant or a good movie. Their experience gives credibility to what they’re sharing. If you’re looking for a Tarot Reading, asking for referrals from friends or from our community is a great place to start. You still have to like what you see and vibe with the person but it helps knowing that they’re trustworthy. Sites that have testimonials and reviews are also a good indicator that this person is legit. I really like that sites like Etsy have verified reviews; you know that person has purchased from that store. Having things such as referrals, reviews, and testimonials give security.

I know extremely successful Tarot Readers who work on referrals alone. As mentioned, always trust your gut. Someone may just be starting out and may not have a lot of testimonials but if you feel they’re the right reader for you, go with it. You may be the person who gives them their first shining review.

2. Price Point & Certification doesn’t always reflect the talent

There’s a bunch of psychology around pricing that marketing specialists spend a lot of time looking at. Pricing does play a part in our purchasing decision but be aware that it’s not always an indicator of talent.

Tarot Readers who are just starting out may have a lower price point than readers who have been in the game for a longer period of time. That’s pretty normal. You may also find that you pay varied prices from $5 to well into the $300+ range for some.

There tends to be a sliding scale that goes up when people become more well known, published, booked and popular. As I mentioned before, trust what you feel above all else when booking a reader. At the same time, please know that paying a shit load of money does not always mean you’re going to get an incredible reading. Use the price point as just one of the things you consider when hitting the booking button.

When it comes to Certification and organizations of Tarot Readers, that is a topic that everyone in this industry has an opinion on. I offer Certification over at the Tarot Readers Academy, but I have never stated that you NEED to be Certified to be a fantastic reader.

We have all had shitty experiences with other professionals that have gone through training, certification, qualifications and sometimes even PHD’s. It is not a guarantee that the reader is going to be awesome. It can indicate that the person has gone through training and vetting and has done the work. So it can be a great way to choose a Tarot Reader. A student of mine, The Whimsical Arcane, wrote a blog post about this recently, you can check it out here.

3. Try to avoid getting a reading when you are emotionally charged or in crisis mode

When you are emotionally charged, both in a positive way and also in a crisis, there is a point where you simply cannot process any more new information in a way that you normally would. This is because our survival and emotional minds take over the parts of ourself that are fantastic at integrating new information and critical thinking are bypassed (why do you think that the news is told to you in a certain way? Fear and survival are extremely powerful ways to sway people).

Not only will you not really be able to take in what the reading may have for you, but your energy is going to likely be a shit storm. The Tarot Reader is probably going to feel it. If they are empathic like me, they are probably going to feel you coming from a mile away.

When you are emotionally charged and looking for aid or an answer to something, you are also more likely to hear what you want to hear and not what is actually being said.

I have turned people away when they were in a space where they were highly emotionally charged. It is a fantastic rule not to do anything when you are feeling intensely about something, especially if it is an outcome you want badly.

It is better for all parties for querents (people seeking a tarot reading) to be in a open space when they come to a Tarot Reading.

4. Get clear about what you really want to know

Simply put – mud in, mud out.

If you are looking for a reading that is going to have a significant impact on your life and give you a lot to work with, get specific. Most people when they book a Tarot Reading what to know something. There is a motivating factor behind actively seeking a Tarot Reading. Don’t be shy about asking for what you want! You paid for the reading, get the most out of it.

As my mother said to me, and I am sure someone has said to you before. You don’t get if you don’t ask.

Now there are many Tarot Readers who read ‘cold’ where the querent will say nothing when they sit down and the Tarot Reader doesn’t ask any questions. That is totally one authentic way to read the Tarot. But not all readers are like that. I cover this in a point further below.

5. Write your questions down before the reading and get it recorded

Take in a list of the questions you want to cover in your reading so you don’t forget them and so that you can prioritize what is the most important things to cover in the time you have with your Tarot Reader.

I have seen it many times over the years. Querent’s sit down for a reading and admit that they completely forgot what they wanted to ask. Before all of my live readings and coaching, I recommend that people to write down what they want to cover so they don’t forget.

Doing this may also show that there is a theme or underlying issue that connects all of your questions and that may be the key to getting your game changing answers.

On top of this, ask if you can record the reading if you are doing a face to face or Skype reading. There is usually a lot to take in. I have never said no to a Client when they have asked for a recording, I even recommend it and used to have a tape recorder (yep I am old) for Clients. All of my email and video recorded readings are on record so I have no problems with Clients being able to go back and re-read or watch the reading. I find it extremely valuable for my Clients.

6. Ask your Tarot Reader Questions and or Research Them

We all do it, let’s be honest. We Google, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter stalk people we want to work with in most instances. I totally look at Tarot Readers sites and web presence when I look at booking with someone. (Yes I get Tarot Readings too, I don’t like reading for myself all the time. I’m going to write about this soon.)

The web is the modern business card and it totally matters how people are presenting themselves to the world if they are a professional. Now I don’t mean really stalk the person. But if you are looking at booking with a reader that you are not familiar with, google them and see if you vibe with them or not. You want to at least like what they have to say if you want them to read your cards, right?

7 . Trust Your Gut

Above EVERYTHING else on this list and whatever else you hear about booking a kick ass reading for yourself, you HAVE to trust what you feel. Listen to that little inner voice on whether the person is the right reader for you. We all connect with different people in our lives as friends, mentors, teachers, hairdressers and Tarot readers. If you get a good feeling about the person, go with it.

I hear it daily that people book with me cause they like my vibe. (Thank you for that babes!) I don’t think there is any higher praise than that.

That is my list tarot love bots, I hope you found that helpful.

I would love to hear how you go about finding a Tarot Reader to book with. Let me know in the comments below. And if you like the cut of my jib? You can always book a Tarot Reading with me over at www.ethony.com when you are seeking divine answers for your life.

Thank you, as always for watching.

Until Next week...

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