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Is Your Tarot Reader Scamming You?

Hi Tarot Tribe, it’s Ethony and today I want to talk about Tarot Scam Artists and how to spot that BULL SHIT from a mile away. I posted a Tarot PSA a few weeks ago on my Facebook page and there was SO MUCH response. So many of our Tarot community have had experiences that mirrored my own with clients, friends and family who have been preyed on.

I have spoken for years now on what I believe the Tarot can and cannot do and what kind of Tarot Reader I am, so I am jumping right into some of the shadier aspects of our profession. I fucking love the Tarot, I am honored every time someone opens up to me in a reading. I take that seriously and as a privilege. I have been reading for a long time. The Tarot has now been in my life longer than it hasn’t so to hear that this stuff still happens makes me a little she-hulk like.

I have lost count of how many clients over the years that have come to me and told me some truly horrific things that Tarot Readers, Psychics, Mediums, Palm Readers and diviners of all kinds have told them in the name of scamming them out of money and or creating co-dependancy on their services. This also runs rampant in the coaching community too.

Before I continue, I know that there are con people in every profession. I know that you do not need a Tarot deck to be a shitty person.

I know that people who pray on people in pain and fear give us and the Tarot profession a bad name.

I know that so many professions use the psychology of ‘pain points’ to sell everything and anything.

I know that this is also seen in all different cultures and religions.

I am not bashing anyone’s religion or culture. Because being a asshole is not exclusive to one religion or culture.

I know that there are cultures where magic, hexing and cursing is a very real belief, as in not just a few people believe that this can happen to you, but everyone knows that you can go and get someone to curse or bless a family. I have seen it with my own eyes. So I am not trying to invalidate cultural importance of mystical practices. That would be hypocritical of me anyway.

I am talking about people who are in a position of power and influence using it to scare people and take their money, belongings and power.

So how do you know if your Tarot Reader (or any psychic or diviner) is scamming you?

Here are some examples:

  • If your Tarot Reader says you have a curse or hex on you and they will remove it for a fee (usually in the hundreds) that you have to come back more than once for. This also includes giving them jewelry for curse removal. This is a scam. Don’t even get me started on the ‘readers’ who tell people their children are cursed. That is below low and unfortunately it happens.
  • If your Tarot Reader tries to sell you expensive candles, creams, statues, evil eyes and spiritual trinkets because they say you are in danger. This is a scam.
  • If  your Tarot Reader claims they can make someone fall in love with you? Scam. Also do they believe they are some fucking Disney cartoon villain? I mean really?
  • If your Tarot Reader says you need a number of expensive sessions or you will never find love. Scam.
  • If your Tarot Reader say that they have some mystical special gift that NO ONE else does and that they alone can help you. Scam.
  • If any Tarot Reader tries to fear monger you or pray on your fears, this is not cool.
  • If they try to get huge amounts of money out of you for curses, hexes, spells etc, they are FOS. I am not talking about people who have etsy stores for home made spell kits or handmade intention candles. I am talking about the shit that usually starts with ‘ I can remove that curse on you for $200’
  • I have been told this stuff before. I have people try to persuade me to hand over my power to them. I have simply thanked them for their time and walked away.
  • If you find ever find yourself in a position where you have someone say something like this to you, remember you are in a conversation. You have permission to end that conversation and leave. If you feel trapped and I have had clients tell me they have felt trapped and didn’t know how to leave, pretend you’ve got a urgent text, pick up your phone and call a friend while walking out and not coming back.

What we can do in the Tarot community, is speak about this stuff, to let people know that it is not what most of us do and to be professionals and stay in our integrity. We can support our fellow readers that we know are good people and wonderful professionals. We can do what we can to reassure people who come to us after having one of these horrid experiences and do what I believe we are here to do, help people.

I am not the first person in our community to speak out about this. But I wanted to add my voice and continue the conversation.

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