Major Red Flags When Receiving a Professional Tarot Reading

Major Red Flags When Receiving a Professional Tarot Reading

There are some things that you don't NOT want to hear when you are getting your cards read by a professional. In this blog post and video, I'll go over all of the things that you should watch out for, and if you see any of these things, RUN!

Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

Today we’re talking about red flags you should be on the lookout for when receiving a professional Tarot reading. I think it’s incredibly important to shine a light on the shadier aspects of our profession. I love the Tarot; I’m a Tarot Reader, deck creator, author, and teacher. The Tarot has been in my life longer than it hasn’t. As a Tarot reader, I’m honored every time someone opens up to me in a reading; I take that seriously and as a privilege. To hear that people are giving my profession a bad name with sketchy practices makes me a little she-hulk.

These are a few of the red flags I’d be on the lookout for when receiving my next Tarot reading.

1. They break out the guidebook

Let me preface this by saying I’m not referring to Tarot students or people who are learning. I’m referring to “professionals” you’ve paid good money to see for a reading. The clients should know upfront if the reader is actively learning and still needs a guidebook for their readings. If you’re calling yourself a professional, people expect a level of experience and skill to go along with that. It’s important to give people what they expect and pay for.

2. Are forcing you to spend more money

If your Tarot Reader says you need several expensive sessions every week for the unforeseeable future, run. This is someone who wants to keep you on the hook and milk you for every last dollar.

3. They use victim-blaming language

If your reader is saying everything is your fault, and you put yourself I this situation and you manifested trauma or abuse, you need to get out. Victim blaming is NOT cool and doesn’t belong at the reading tarot. If your reader is using victim-blaming language and is not trying to empower you, this is a definite red flag to me.

4. If they disempower you

If your reader is trying to take away your power and convince you everything is out of your control, then you’re not receiving a reading from a professional. For example, you may hear statements such as “everything is out of your control, you have no choices, there’s nothing you can do.” This is complete bullshit when it comes to most people’s lives. With that said, many people are in very tough situations where there are a lot of complex problems. It’s still the job of the reader to relay sensitive information and make people feel empowered. Remember, you have more power in your life than you understand. 

5. All they see is doom and gloom

When the reader predicts everything you do will turn out terribly, that’s not a great sign. They’re gloom forecasting you.

6. Insistent that something has happened when it hasn’t

Something happened in your past that you know didn’t happen. I know this sounds crazy, but this has actually happened to friends of mine while I was there. For the full story, watch the video above. If this sounds too outlandish ever to happen, please trust that I’ve seen and heard it all. Needless to say, this is a red flag.

7. Insists that you’re cursed

Your Tarot Reader says you have a curse or hex on you, and they will remove it for a fee (usually in the hundreds) that you have to come back more than once for. This also includes giving them jewelry for curse removal. Perhaps even your family line is cursed. This is a scam and is a big, fat red flag. To watch my more in-depth thoughts on this subject, click here.

8. Trust your gut

If your guy is telling you something is wrong, and you don’t feel comfortable, that is a red flag. You have every right to stop the reading and leave.

Now, what do you do?

Know that you have the ability to say no and walk away. You have every right to put your boundaries in place. You paid the money for a professional reading. Not everyone will be comfortable asking for a refund, but you don’t have to sit through it.

Thankfully, I’ve only heard a few horror stories, but there’s enough out there that makes this information important. Check out this blog post here if you’re looking for advice on how to guarantee a great reading when seeing a professional Tarot Reader.

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