What To Do When A Client Doesn’t Want To Hear It

Hi Tarot Tribe, today I want to talk about what to do when you have completed your Tarot reading and your Client doesn’t want to hear it. As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest.

Before I jump into the strategies for dealing with this as a Tarot Reader, I want to set the stage so you know exactly to what I’m referring to. I have made up below that is a culmination of different experiences I have had as a professional reader.

Betty has come for a Tarot reading with you about her love life. She has shared a little bit about her situation with you: she has just started to see someone and after a few wonderful weeks this person has completely disappeared. She has come to you wondering if she will hear from this person again and what she did to make them pull a Houdini.

Betty shuffles the deck and cuts the cards and pulls out the Seven of Swords, The Three of Wands, The Hanged Man and The World. You let her know that it is unlikely that she is going to hear from him again. The Seven of Swords indicates that there was something he hadn’t told her and the Three of Wands stating he is not looking to come back and has probably moved on already. The Hanged Man lets Betty know that she did nothing wrong; it was his choice and The World is a sign that there has been a completion to their relationship, even if it was not what she wanted.

You deliver the reading in a professional and compassionate way, being the messenger of the Tarot and Betty looks at the cards on the table scanning them as if to try and find something you must have missed. I call this looking for the lifeline.

She looks up at you and says with complete confidence “that simply cannot be, we were so connected.  I have never felt like this before. Maybe his mother is sick, or they were abducted by aliens, or they had a work emergency”.

You pass on how sorry you are that this was not a more favorable reading and that maybe there is someone better matched for her out there and did she want to take a look at the cards for that. Betty is still monologuing that maybe this person is working undercover with the FBI and you know in that moment you have lost her and she is not going to take anything else in.

She is in Tarot-Denial. You contemplate hitting her with a little sass and tell her he is just not coming back, but that may not go down well if she is hurting (and it is not something many readers feel comfortable saying). You professionally close out the reading only to receive an email from Betty later that day basically all but telling you, you are wrong. She still hasn’t heard from him, but you are wrong.

So now what do you do?  Fear not my fair Tarot Reader!  I have a simple three-step program so you can shake it off and not let it derail your day or bust your confidence.

1. Deliver Your Reading

You delivered your reading.  You have done your job. If you are reading this post before a situation like this happens to you, know that this is what people are coming to you for. Whether you get the shitty feedback during or after the reading, your role is to conduct the Tarot Reading in a professional manner that you would be proud of.

Personally, I do not lie about the meaning of the cards to make my Client feel better. Firstly it would make me look stupid when the lie doesn’t come to pass and there goes my reputation with that person and I wouldn’t feel good, it is wrong. I will tell it like it is, in a nice way but I am not going to deceive my clients.

When you get feedback from a Client where they are simply not hearing or taking in what you have to say, repeat that that was what the cards said. This is why I like recording my readings. Betty can go back later and listen to it when she is in a better place to do so.

To reiterate. Deliver your reading with integrity.

2. Detach From Your Client

Does it suck that someone ghosted on Betty?

Yep, it sure does.

Do you know how crappy that feels cause that has happened to you? Yep, you sure do. Is that your burden to carry or wrong to right?

Nope, it sure as shit ain’t.

While I do have fond fantasies about a Tarot Reading Vigilante Superhero (I would kill to see this, maybe I should write a comic) who rights the wrongs of the broken hearted and misused of the world, after readings have closed for the day it is not our jobs and also, it’s illegal, and probably really expensive.

There is a reason Bruce Wayne is a multimillionaire.


Or to fix their life, their car, their computer, their cat, their funky wardrobe, nothing. Take a big ole step back, acknowledge what is your energy and what are your lessons and responsibilities in life and what is theirs.

We can be compassionate and I have totally become friends with some of my long term Clients but I am also not responsible for fixing my friend’s lives. Ground, centre, aura spray, sage, dance naked in the rain, have a bath or do whatever you need to do to clear off and detach from your Client so that you can remain present in your own life.

3. Move On and Keep Reading

Keep going. Keep reading the cards. Keep studying and honing your craft.

Sometimes you are going to be wrong and you know that many times Clients are just not in the space to hear it when they come to you. They will likely contact you later telling you just how right you actually were and book with you again.

There is another thing here that I want to say that I feel is important. Sound advice from a Tarot teacher of mine was never to read to someone when they are in crisis energy.

They are unlikely to hear any of the news you are going to give them and probably need a hug and a cup of tea rather than the universe giving them some truth through the Tarot.

If someone has come to you and is using language that is putting up red flags, refer them to someone who they can talk to like a counseling hotline or chat. Otherwise, give some time and space before you read for them (at least a few days).

I have said it before and I will say it again. Tarot Readers hear all sorts of not so nice things. This is something to take into consideration when looking at becoming a professional reader. Even if you are extremely empathic (like I am) there are ways of working on holding space for others and keeping your energy yours. If hearing and delivering uncomfortable news is not something you want to be doing, this may not be the professional path for you. That is something only you can decide.

What if it doesn’t make sense? Well I have another post and video about that where I talk about that very issue. You can find it here – What If A Tarot Reading Doesn’t Make Sense.

I hope you have found this helpful. I would love to hear from you all wonderful community. Has this happened to you? What did you do?

If you are looking to make the leap in 2018 to becoming a professional Tarot Reader I invite you to come and check out my Tarot Readers Academy with Tarot training that includes one on one coaching with myself.

  • Garrett Jurss
    Posted at 17:35h, 09 January Reply

    I haven’t had this happen, but I think it’s because I do the same thing you suggest in number three about not reading for people in crisis mode. I’ve had a couple of people contact me about love readings and from their initial language I could tell that they only wanted to hear one outcome.

    I was very honest, and let them know that I didn’t think I would be the best reader for them and offered some suggestions. I was also very upfront about my policies, ethics, and the type of reader I am. Later, after some discussion and me putting up some very firm boundaries, they asked if they could still book a reading (that respected my ethics and boundaries).

    I think the reading ended up being quite successful and they were open to what the cards said because of the expectations I set up front before agreeing to read for them.

    Thank you so much for all of this advice though. It’s definitely good to keep in your back pocket if/when this situation arises.

    • Ethony
      Posted at 16:01h, 10 January Reply

      I am glad that you haven’t had it happen yet. Not reading for people in crisis is something I have found works well.

  • Katharine Ingham
    Posted at 10:04h, 10 January Reply

    Thank you, Ethony! I so needed to hear this – it’s not my job to fix my client’s life. I’m not a tarot reader; I am a counsellor and I forget that it’s not my job to fix someone’s life. It’s my job to listen, to help brainstorm, and maybe to share options. Thank you for the reality check!

    • Ethony
      Posted at 16:01h, 10 January Reply

      Glad you found it helpful

  • Solaris
    Posted at 14:55h, 10 January Reply

    Wow! Wonderful article. You are right about the reader’s job is over when the reading is done. All we as readers can do is be compassionate and really listen while the client vents and later do something to clear the cooties. The cards don’t lie, even though the answers are sometimes hard to accept. Thanks, Ethony!

    • Ethony
      Posted at 16:00h, 10 January Reply

      Thank you for watching and for the lovely comment.

  • Emma Mason
    Posted at 23:38h, 10 January Reply

    I have had this happen. Similar story: someone asking about their love life. I qas asked to do two readings, one on the ex, and one on the possible future. I explained that the ex wouldn’t be returning, moved on etc, but in the second reading, the cards did show of someone coming up in their future who sounded lovely.

    She didn’t even acknowledge the s find reading – even though she had asked for it- and then proceeded to give me a negative review saying “she didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, although there was a lot of information, I don’t think that tarot is accurate because what I’m thinking and what she told me is completely different”

    I was devastated- my first negative review after trying to help her. I did reply and point out that I was sorry that she didn’t hear what she wanted to, but the cards did show a lot of positive changes ahead and I wished her the best for her future.

    Every time I have a free reading session, she asks the same question and when I post motivational quotes etc, she always comments negatively, saying she will always be alone and that tarot has neglected her, let her down.
    I had been warned of these types of people, but it was still a shock to come across one as my experiences have always been pretty positive.

    I’m glad I’ve found your article though, as the point about it not being your problem to fix people is probably the best advice I’ve ever heard for reading tarot for others. Thank you Sometimes I need reminding that I’m not Michael Jackson and I can’t “heal the world!”

    As my Nan used to say: “It’s not your circus, they’re not your monkeys!”

  • Odetti Kougea
    Posted at 07:38h, 11 January Reply

    Thank you so much for this article!

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