My Tarot Reading Doesn’t Make Sense!

My Tarot Reading Doesn’t Make Sense!

A guide to navigating possible tarot reading confusion as both a Tarot Reader and someone who is getting a Tarot Reading.
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A guide for navigating tarot confusion for both Tarot Readers and Tarot Clients.

What do you do when you have laid your cards out for a Tarot reading and you are completely STUMPTED. You look at what is in front of you and have NO idea what the cards mean or there are cards that just make no sense in the context of the reading.

It happens to all of us at some time or another here is my guide to navigating this as both a Tarot Reader and someone who is getting a Tarot Reading.

Prevention Guide for Tarot Readers

Preventing this from happening is so much better than trying to course correct during a reading. Here is a handy little checklist for you to go through to make sure you are setting yourself up for success when conducting a reading. This can also be helpful for those who are about to get a Tarot reading too.

Check your energy – where was it when you started the reading? Did you connect and ground? Have you cleansed your space and your energy of your stressful day? Take some time to check in and get into the energetic zone. Rituals can help with this. Smudging or cleansing the space with aura sprays. Some of my favourites are sage, palo santo and my Aura-Soma Archangeloi sprays. I love to light a candle, cleanse the area, my cards and self and say my protection and guided prayer to start my readings. It sets the mood and gets me in the right space. Find what works for you and let your intuition guide you.

Clarity – Try to keep your mind focused when you are with a Client. Train your mind to be still or completely tuned in to your Client when they are talking to you, when you shuffle your cards and while they shuffle your cards. So no checking Facebook on your phone while they are shuffling. (RUDE) and get rid of anything that can be distracting. By creating and holding space for yourself, the reading and your Client you are allowing for a much smoother reading to take place.

Deck Energy Blocks – Even if you are not a Tarot reader who lets their Clients handle their cards or you read remotely energy can build up. If you are feeling like the cards are heavy or not giving you clear readings it’s time to cleanse and recharge them. My favourite way to do this is to leave them out under the full moon with the crystals they work with overnight. They feel all sparkly and new after this. We all love a little TLC and our spiritual tools are no different.

Confusion During a Tarot Reading

Query – Crappy questions lead to crappy answers, unclear questions lead to unclear answers – Go back to the question that was asked. Was is a closed question? Was is vague? I am not the kind of Tarot Reader who likes to give a reading when I have no idea what is going on. I am not just a diviner my Tarot reading style is holistic. You will find what works best for you in time and through practice but I find that due to the depth of the Tarot and the levels that each card has context for me is very important.

I talk a bit more about questions in this blog post as it is an important part of the Tarot reading process and as a Tarot Reader it is a skill to take what your Client gives you in regards to their queries and help guide your Client to forming the best question for their reading.

Action – What is actually going on in the card, what is the card showing us is physically happening. What stance are the figures in the card taking? What action are they playing out? How does that relate or what does that mean in your reading to to your Client?

Feeling – Time to get all cozy with the feels. How does the card feel? How would you feel if you were in the situation? How does that match up with the question and your Client? If your Client and their situation was represented in the card how would it feel?

Impressions – What are you first drawn to in the card? What symbol jumps out at you or what is so predominant in the card for you? How does this relate, what revelations does this shine on to the reading?

All of these things can help give you the connection that you need to get your reading back on track again.

One tip that my Tarot mentor gave to me was that silence and dead space can feel like it goes on forever. So she recommended and now I am to you that you just start talking and allow it to get back into a place of flow. Pick one of the prompts here, Action, Feeling or Impressions and start talking. It rarely means you will be dribbling out garbage within a few seconds you will get back in the zone.

Confusion After a Tarot Reading

If you have just come from a Tarot reading, finished up a Skype or phone reading or read your reading via email and it feels like nothing gelled my biggest piece of advice is to give it time. Not everything is understood, apparent or revealed in an instant no matter how much our impatient human minds want it to be.

Record the date, moon sign, sun sign and just a little of what is going on around the situation or you when you relieved the reading and then try not to dwell on it.

Often it takes time but it things start to click into place later on.

Tarot Reading OnlineI have had many emails from Clients who contact me weeks or months after a reading letting me know that even though in the moment they weren’t sure what it meant they totally get it now or that events did unfold as predicted as the most likely outcome.

There is a chance that the reading was just a bust. Sometimes these things happen. We are all human and Tarot Readers are not perfect. Hopefully this happens very rarely it’s not a nice experience for either party.

If after a time it still didn’t resonate or nothing that was given as the most likely outcome came to be so much of what was in play could have channed the outcome or you could have changed the outcome due to having information about the path laid infront of you that you looked down it and went HELL NO and got onto another path.

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Until Next week...

4 thoughts on “My Tarot Reading Doesn’t Make Sense!”

  1. This is a really great post! I love your advice about avoiding silence/dead space.

    May I ask what the deck is with the deer of pentacles? Thanks!

  2. Bente Kristin Olsen

    Hello, I`m a woman, 53 years old and I have done Tarot for many many years, but I still need some help. My dreams used to happen or could be difficult to understand. I`m kind of psychic, but I need help to understand my abilities. I know when something really bad happens, as dead. I don’t like it… It is so much and difficult to explain, I`m from Norway and it is not easy to explain in English. right now I don’t find the right words for explaining u my psychic’s abilities. Once time along ago I read my sister, I used 7 cards, and it started with card 7 from the great arcana and the following cards were 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13!!! All from the great Arcana and they came after each other. I have never seen a reading like that, not before or after. can u help me to try to understand the reading? I never forget it. I hope u can help me to understand and learn me, my physicist. I wish u a peaceful and great weekend. Sincerely Bente Olsen

    1. Hi Bente, Thank you for reaching out. It is hard to make sense of someone elses readings especially when it was so long ago. As for your abilities, training may help if you want to learn to work with them.

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