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How to Work with Your Goddess

How to Work with Your Goddess

You found your Goddess, now what? Today I'm going to be touching on how you can deepen your relationship with your Matron Goddess or Patron God.

Hi, my Bumblebees,

You found your Goddess, now what? Today I’m going to be touching on how you can deepen your relationship with your Matron Goddess or Patron God.

If you’re feeling a little confused and you’re asking yourself, “How do I know when a goddess is calling to me” then stop what you’re doing and check out Part 1 of my Goddess Series. In Part 1, I share how I discovered my matron Goddess and some of the things you can be on the lookout for when discovering yours. This information is also applicable when you want to find your Patron God as well.

As with everything I share, remember, this is just my experience. I don’t speak for the entire community. Take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest.

1. Set Up a Dedicated Altar

There are a few ways you can set up an altar; regardless of what you choose, it should be a place for you to hold space and to commune with your goddess. If you’re able to have a physical alter, it can be a dedicated space of your home or smaller than a shoebox. If you’re unable to have a physical altar, I’d recommend a more digital approach. It can be as simple as changing the wallpaper on your computer or phone. The size or complexity of your altar doesn’t matter; it’s all about the intention behind it!

2. Daily Devotionals

A daily devotion is a prayer and intention that you speak each morning into the world and to your Goddess. This doesn’t need to be a long, elaborate thing; it can be as simple as a few lines. Make this a routine so you can connect with your Goddess or God first thing.

3. Daily Tarot or Oracle Card Draw

Pull a card a day that specifically connects to your goddess or god. Ask your Goddess or God a question and pull a card for their answer.  Here’s a list of a few questions you could ask:

  • What message does this goddess have for me today?
  • How can I connect with this goddess more today?
  • How can I honor this goddess today?

Add the card to your altar for the day and reflect on it before you go to bed.

4. Meditate with your Goddess

Bring yourself to a space in your meditation where you’re comfortable, open, and calm. Formally invite your Goddess or God into your meditation space. Before closing out your meditation, thank them for joining.

5. Channeled Session

You can have a channeled session while writing, painting, drawing, typing, etc. Whatever you choose should be personal to you! Channeled sessions can be done by entering into a semi meditative state and formally welcoming the goddess into your space. Using whatever tool you’ve chosen, allow yourself to get out of your own way and be fully immersed. Do not stop until you feel as if the session has finished. This is a wonderful way to connect. 

For some added oomph, burn incense that is sacred to your Deity. Research beforehand what herbs, spices, and resins correspond to your Goddess or God.

6. Moon Rituals

If you’re trying to strengthen your connection, formally invite your deity into your moon ritual. This can be a very simple ritual – the point is to have a space for communion. You’d work together in a collaborative way to heal, gain guidance, or for assistance with your Tarot reading.

7. Wear Dedicated Jewelry

Buy or make a dedicated amulet or talisman and wear it every single day. If you have a Goddess or God who has a stone that’s sacred to them. You’ll be walking around carrying the deity with you throughout the day. The jewelry will be a reminder of your deep connection.

8. Read, Research, Learn

There’s no such thing as having too much information about your Goddess or God. Have a deep dive and read different interpretations and tellings of their myths and legends. You may even find there are new interpretations. Check out graphic novels, books, tv shows, or movies.

So that is my list, lovely ones. I hope this gave you some great ideas. Let me know how you work with your Matron Goddess or Patron God in the comments below!

Until Next week...

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