How Do Remote Tarot Readings work?

How Do Remote Tarot Readings work?

How remote readings over the web actually work.
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How Remote Tarot Readings Work and Tarot and Oracle Deck Selection.

I have been conducting Tarot Readings via the internets for a long while now and I can’t really believe that I have not talked about how I believe my readings work and what my technique is. So here it is.

There are four options to have Tarot Readings with my little self. If you are in Vancouver or you catch me while I am travelling you can get a Tarot reading with me face to face. Most of my Clients connect with me via Skype, email and video readings. Video readings have become my total favorite of late, I can channel the messages for the readings to my little heart’s desire.

So how do remote readings over the web actually work?

This is my perspective. I fully recognize that every Tarot reader works in their way and has their own beliefs around how the Tarot works. I have talked about how I believe the Tarot works in this blog and video post.

My Personal Practice

Setting my reading Altar is what I do first. I will light my spirit candle and pull any crystals that I would like to work with for the day. I then cleanse the space, connect with my guides and give my decks a good warm up shuffle.

Custom Tarot Spreads are totally my thing. I have a few Tarot Spreads that I have used a number of times over my many years of reading the Tarot and these are good go-to spreads but I feel that having the ability to create something that gives the attention that is needed to the situation and question for my Clients is so much more personal and gives much better results.

Some of these will have firm positions such as, Future, Situation, Next 3 months for example and then I would look at how they all work together. Sometimes I am lead to create more of a narrative where each card builds on each other to create a complete picture.

I also use Oracle cards from decks that I am drawn to and that complement the reading I am working on.

Online remote Tarot readings for me are treated like any other reading. I will talk and write to my Clients as if they were across the table from me. I find that when I am even reading someone in person I don’t always look at them anyway, creepy staring at someone is probably not the way to make someone comfortable.

What I Get From My Clients

I gather some information from my lovely peeps when a Tarot reading is booked with me and it all has a place and importance.

I use my Client’s name and date of birth to use that as a way to connect with them. I have permission to connect with them in my sacred space for their reading when they have booked me. I wouldn’t do this unless I had permission to do so.

The Question/s that I get from them focuses my and the Tarot readings and allows me to direct the energy to the area of my Client’s life that needs the Tarot light on it. I also ask for some additional information to give context, their perspective and energy for the reading. As I have mentioned before. If you ask vague questions you are going to get vague answers.

There is another reason that I ask for this information, it helps me to get messages from my guides. I often start getting information for my Clients as I am reading their questions and situations. The movie screen where I get information starts to focus in.

Selecting Tarot and Oracle Decks

I sit with my decks for each Client and for their specific situation. I do have a wonderful collection of decks and I seasonally rotate my working decks. Sometimes a real random deck calls me from my shelf and won’t shut up until I pick it up.

There are Tarot and Oracle decks in my collection that are perfectly aligned with certain readings. I have decks that are most suited to love and relationship readings and some that read for career coaching like a dream.

There are Tarot and Oracle decks that really want to work with certain Clients. (Who says that decks don’t have their own personalities) and some decks I have a personal connection with and read with every day.

Because I work with more than one deck in my readings and sometimes in the same layout of cards there is usually a mix of the above in play when I pick my decks for my Clients.

So there you have it, a little bit of info on how I believe remote Tarot Readings work and how I do my thang. Do you read the Tarot over the webs? Have I missed anything? I would love to hear about how you do your thing.

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2 thoughts on “How Do Remote Tarot Readings work?”

  1. Isabel* Zandarin

    I received a readying with Ethony on Skype. I got the guidance that I needed from her. From that I decided to become her student. Ethony knows her craft. She `is honest and very professional. Her Ethics are 100% on the spot.
    At this moment I am doing the Tarot Reader Certification and I am absolutely pleased! 🙂 She also gives so many free Tutorials on line as well. She gives back to the Universe no joke. Blessed be Ethony!

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