6 Things We Can Learn from the ‘Scary’ Cards in a Reading

Hi Tarot love buns. Are there certain Tarot cards in the deck that you pray don’t show up in a Tarot Reading? Do you feel like a Tarot card is stalking you? Today I am going to share some reasons that a Tarot card may be coming up a lot for you. As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

1. One Dimensional Interpretation

Let’s face it, it is pretty hard to be optimistic about getting the Three of Swords if you only believe that it has heart break to deliver and not anything else. I have come across readers who will see a Swords card and only ever interpret them in a negative way. I still stand by what I say about there being no wrong way to read the Tarot. This way isn’t wrong, I just find it limiting. There is light and shadow in everything, everyone and every situation. If you are finding that a card freaks you out, firstly don’t hide from the hard stuff, but also look at the other side of the coin. Look for the positive. Expand your understanding of the card. Often this can help you move forward too.

Some examples of the ‘scary’ Tarot Cards are below. I only go into one aspect for both the harder and lighter side of the cards. They are complex and have a lot to offer, my goal in sharing the meanings below is to give you an example of the positive side to some of the scary cards in the deck.

The Tower – Yep, looks like a crappy situation, I have a fear of falling so I get why this card can be scary. Yes the card does mean sudden and swift change outside of your control but it also means liberation and the shattering of illusions.

The Devil – If you are religious I totally get why this card can be THE WORST. Traditionally the Tarot Card may mean enslavement to the material realm and addiction but it also means the material realm, you know where you and I spend most of our days. It is a place for learning and choice, that is a positive thing indeed.

Death – Most of us, understandably so don’t like the thought of dying and there are so many stereotypes of this card in movies etc that it gets a bad rap. Death means death, but rarely, very rarely an actually physically death. It can mean that we have been freed from a shitty job we hated (death to our current employment status) or the end of a relationship. These things require adjustment, but also they give you freedom.

The Scary Cards in a ReadingThe Three of Swords – Heartbreak sucks and the imagery is in your face about it but the positive side to this card is that we only truly heal through feeling and grieving. We can’t hide from our pain but we can learn to understand it and heal it.

The Five of Swords – People can be dick heads, they can be rude and mean. Strangers and friends alike. The positive side, you know who your real friends are and you also can choose whether to walk away or engage in this guy’s bullshit.

The Seven of Swords – Hey, where the heck are you going with my shit? People who steal….urgh. Here is the thing, are they stealing or are they escaping from the empire with tools that the rebellion needs?

The Eight of Swords – The person is trapped, but did you know you were? The lighter side to this obviously binding card (on more than one level) is that it is a wake up call. You are stuck, now you at least can’t use that blindfold as an excuse to keep doing what you doing.

The Nine of Swords – One doesn’t want to hear it and the other doesn’t want to see it. Or they both have hangovers and ringing headaches. In this position people can still turn the tide, they are close to the 10 of whatever is happening being resolved and have woken from the Matrix.

The Ten of Swords – No, that dude is not getting up. He is deader than Jon Snow and no Red Priestess gonna help him. The good news. It is over, no more looking over your shoulders waiting for those swords to cut you down. Everything is out in the open, now you can move on without any secrets.

The Five of Cups – I know that was some good wine you spilled over there you lush but it will be alright. Just look there are more waiting for you if you would just put your attention to something more positive than moping, maybe after your bar nap.

The Five of Pentacles – Bilbo Baggins just booted these guys out, he meant it when he said official party business only. Seriously though it sucks to be out in the cold and face to face with the dangers of the night. The bright side to this one, and one of the harder cards in the deck in my opinion, money troubles are the WORST. Is that what you are doing is clearly not working, it is time to change it, or end up wolf food. #choices

See how I talk a lot about choice in my more positive interpretations of these cards? We all have choices. Empower yourself and your Clients to see opportunity where there is a challenge. Also I love the suit of the Swords, I feel it doesn’t get enough love or understanding, like sharks.

2. Too Close


If the Tarot is hitting to close to home, it can get a little uncomfortable. If you find this to be the case, take a step back. Look at it like it was a friend going through it. Talk to another trusted reader about it to get a reading from someone else so the message isn’t coming from you. Being too close can also result in you having NO idea what a card means when it keeps coming up. You are literally too close to have an objective point of view.


I have seen Clients look at a card and burst into tears. Clearly there is something in the words or images of the cards that have triggered them. There is always a breakthrough offered with the Tarot. There is never just doom and gloom,  If that is the case, I would say you need to find another Tarot Reader or work on finding the balance in the cards’ energy and messages.

3. Too Illuminating

This is when the Tarot shows you something you don’t want to see. The Tarot is a mirror and sometimes the truth can be a little hard to take. If this is happening, reflect on why it is triggering you. Journal or ask yourself where your fear is coming from. This is classic Shadow work, where there is something confrontational in the cards.  You need to acknowledge your darker side and integrate it into your being, becoming more whole and aware in the process.

Tarot Reading Gets Too Close

4. Patterns and Lessons

When a Tarot is pulling a Stalker move, it can indicate that you may be stuck in a pattern or not learning the lesson life is offering.

One way you can move past this is to take out the card, shuffle the rest of the cards and pull a new card to help you move forward. Another great way to look at the patterns and lessons is to take the cards in the progression of your stalker card, the one before and the one after, and see what you are missing.

For example, say you are getting the Four of Pentacles, ALL THE TIME. Take the Three of Pentacles and the Five of Pentacles. Then, take the knowledge of the Three of Pentacles, either through your intuitive interpretation or from a more classic interpretation. Have you been organised? Have you looked at collaborating and putting the work in (effort does have an effect)?. Then look at the Five of Pentacles. Have you addressed your fears around poverty or not having enough? Is this why you keep holding on to things too tightly or why your friends call you a scrooge?


5. Too Much Power

I really hope that this is not news to you, but the Tarot Cards are just cards. Even the shitty, hard and scary ones are just cards. If you find that you are afraid of a Tarot card, like really scared, you may be giving the cards too much power. Belief is a powerful thing. Don’t give something outside yourself too much power over your life and choices. In so doing, you are also giving away your potential for happiness.

6. Too Hard and Confused

This is when a Tarot card or cards are hard to interpret and get us generally confused.  I actually like when this happens because it is like the Tarot is forcing you to learn the card. Not just memorize what the card means, but also what it can mean in life, love, work and our spiritual journey. When I started reading the Tarot, I hated when the Court Cards showed up as they were hard to understand. But by this happening, it forced me to get really comfortable with them.

I honestly believe that knowledge is always a great way to transform fear. Love too. Knowing yourself, your tool and your limitations, and continuing to learn about the cards is such a great way to overcome your fear of any Tarot card.

Do you fear certain tarot cards coming up in a reading, not just, oh man I don’t want to see it but pray to the Tarot gods for it not to show up? I hope that some of this has been helpful. Did I miss anything? Let me know, sugar plums.
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