6 Strategies To Work With Stalker Tarot Cards

6 Strategies To Work With Stalker Tarot Cards

Today we're talking about Stalker Tarot cards. Stalker Tarot cards are cards that come up over and over again in a reading. They are the cards that simply can not leave you alone. Here are some ways that you can work with your Tarot stalker cards.

Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

Today I want to talk about Stalker Tarot cards. Stalker Tarot cards are cards that come up over and over again in a reading. They are the cards that simply can not leave you alone. Here are some ways that you can work with your Tarot stalker cards. As with everything that I share, take what works for you and simply leave the rest. With that, let’s jump in.

I pay attention to the Tarot cards that come up over and over for myself. Like many of our community members, I feel like they have something special to show us. This is why I am a big fan of having a Tarot journal and dating my readings and entries. It’s nice not to have to guess when a card is coming up a lot or even in the same position over and over again.

Some of the things I have done to work with these cards are the following:

1. Keep a Tarot Journal

Write about the card.  You can either write about your day or just free-flow write. This is also a fun excuse to do some automatic writing and see if your Spirit Guides, Ancestors and helpers on the other side have any additional wisdom for you.

2. Do a Comparative Reading

If you have a lovely tarot collection, get a few decks and go through them and take the stalker card out of every deck. Lay them out all in front of you and see if any of the other Tarot decks’ art speaks to you. Is there another interpretation that sparks your intuition differently? Is there a symbol in one of the other cards that mean something to you? By expanding your view of the cards, you may find some hidden knowledge.

3. Your Tarot Books

One of the beautiful things about the Tarot is that we all have different ways of viewing and interpreting the cards. So when you have a card that won’t leave you alone, go to your bookshelf and get out a couple of your Tarot books (because we all know you have a library of them, or is that just me?) and see if there is anything in the words from another perspective that sparks your understanding, or links you to something new about the card that you have not yet considered.

4. Look at the Progression

The Tarot has a specific structure for a reason; there is meaning in the way that the suits, the Major Arcana and the Court, were designed and can often be overlooked by readers. When a Tarot Card is constantly being pulled, take the card out and look at the cards before and after it in the Tarot’s structure. When I do this, I look at the cards as telling a story about where I have been and where I am going. The card before the stalker card is where I find I’m either refusing to let go, or I have simply not learned the lesson that is in the transition between the stalker card and the next card in the progression of the Tarot structure.

Here’s an example:

I’m stuck on the Seven of Wands. If I look at the Tarot card in the structure and progression of the suit of wands, before it, I will see the Six of Wands. The lesson that I would get from this is maybe I’m holding on too tightly to the success and victory that I have had.  I may be overprotective and pushing people away because I am worried that someone may take what I deem to be mine. Then if I look at the Eight of Wands, the next card in the progression, I see that I need to literally let it go and allow flow and action in my life. The Seven of Wands got me stuck!

This is one of my favourite ways of exploring the Tarot, and I love using it with Stalker cards. I talk about the importance of the progression of Tarot cards in the Tarot Struction briefly in this blog post and video if you want to learn more about it.

5. Get a Professional Reading

This could be your higher self telling you that you need an outside professional’s perspective on things, especially if the stalker card in question is potentially shifty like The Moon. No offence Moon but you can be elusive AF. When there is something that I simply can’t get a good grasp on, no matter how hard I have tried, I get a reading from a trusted Tarot professional.

6. Why Are You So Obsessed With Me Spread

This is a quick way for you to get some clarification on your Tarot stalker card.

Why Are you So Obsessed With me Tarot Spread

Step 1: Take the card that has been stalking you and place it in the middle in position A.

Step 2: Shuffle the remainder of your Tarot deck while focusing on the card in the middle.

Step 3: Layout the rest of the cards as numbered in the image below.

A. The Stalker Card
1. Why you are stuck
2. The action you need to take
3. The help you should/can seek out
4. Where you are going

A while back, I asked the Members of the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group how they view and deal with these cards, and here are some of the members’ responses.

“Stalker tarot cards! I love that! LOL Well, I keep a tarot journal, and I keep a separate sheet that lists repeating cards. I take a look at that sheet about every 2 weeks or so since I don’t write in my journal consistently. Then I try to figure out what those repeating cards are trying to tell me. Most of the time their message is about something I’ve overlooked.” -Nefer

“I think stalker cards are themes that cannot be ignored. For example, I’ve had #9’s appear, especially the 9 of swords and the hanged man. Also, it’s not only cards that I draw, but I’m also taking into account cards from tarotscopes and from events like live chats or general daily cards from groups etc…” -Cristina

“I have to think it’s the universe’s way of yelling at me to listen. I keep getting the same message so clearly, I’m not a very good listener.” -Kayti

“A burning issue that needs to be addressed before anything else, a message that you are neglecting/overlooking something or are in denial. I have seen some spreads for stalkers; I would probably use the one I like.” -Anupama

“I think it is that there is a hidden theme or connecting arc to the events in your life. I usually take some time to really study and contemplate that card and look at my life and at the lives of those who connect to me most directly and see what sort of action can be taken to address it. Sometimes, and I swear this happens, if I specifically MENTION that a certain card has been giving me issues when it comes to understanding it, it will show up EVERYWHERE until I get a better understanding.” -Joshua

Did I miss anything? How do you deal with Tarot cards that come up over and over again in your readings? Do you feel they have something special to them? How do you work with the cards that won’t leave you alone? Let me know in the comments.

Until Next week...

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  1. I’m definitely doing this spread. Last month and the month before, the tower was stalking me. Now Justice is stalking me. Question, if I do decide to get a professional reading about it, what question would I ask the reader?

    1. Are you asking any specific questions or are they daily draws? Sometimes a question around that card may help. Like what is Justice trying to teach me?

  2. Hi, I just ordered your tarot deck earlier today, I never got an email confirmation, I just want to make sure everything is right, the money was withdrawn already. I truly hope everything is good, can’t wait to get them.

  3. I’m so glad I found this blog. I’m going to investigate what ten in of wands want to tell me. I get that card often in my tarot layouts for myself.

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