Starting a Tarot Business Part 1

Starting a Tarot Business Part 1

In the first part of the Starting a Tarot Business series, we discuss knowing your craft, knowing the law, giving yourself permission and more!
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How to get started as a Tarot Professional.

This is a series of videos that were requested. I was asked about how you get a Tarot Business started and here are my thoughts. Nothing I say here is the gospel. Take what you resonate with and leave the rest.

This advice can be used for Oracle Card Readers, Angel Card Readers, Healers and Energy workers as well. I use the Tarot as my main Spiritual Tool and run a Tarot Business so this is the perspective on which I speak.

Transcription of the Video Below

In this video, I am going to go look at three elements.

  • Knowing your Craft
  • Permission
  • Knowing the Law

Know Your Craft

First, let’s look at the elements of Knowing your Craft.

We all start somewhere and we are always learning. But how to tell if you know your craft?

You are the only one who is qualified to answer that question.

It’s more than memorizing the meanings of the cards and a handful of Tarot Spreads.

It’s being comfortable with your practice, it’s all in how you feel. I can’t tell you more than anyone else if you are knowledgeable enough.

For me I knew, I knew my craft well enough to start reading for others when I didn’t need to reference any book for my readings, when I found a consistent flow, when feedback was positive and resonate for the people I read for. It was a personal goal for me to know the meaning of the 78 cards, I wanted to know the meanings. It doesn’t have to be for you, you may read 100% intuitively. It also really helped for me to do a structured course and have a mentor. It really boosted my confidence to have a Tarot goddess say to me that I have a gift and should be doing this work.

I still read Tarot books, I’m still learning and adding to my tool kit but I am proficient in my craft and I know my sh*t.

If you want to do a course or get certified by a trainer then there are a lot of courses out there, the one on my academy included. If you resonate with the teacher then work with them.

Check-in with your feelings. If you feel good about what you are offering and the service you are delivering then you are on the right track.

Give yourself Permission

Give yourself permission to start your Tarot Business.

No one is more qualified than anyone else to give you permission.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of certifications out there, including the one that my academy has and I pride myself on that certification because of the one on one time I put in with each student.

However, if you feel ready, then you are ready. If you don’t feel ready address the reasons why you don’t feel ready or get some mentoring and have a professional help you bridge the gaps and give you some more confidence. If you are hesitating ask yourself – ‘What do I feel is missing for me to become a Tarot Professional?’

If you write down, I only have one Tarot deck and that’s not enough or I need a $10k website to be a professional then I call popicock and also there is something else under all of those excuses as to why you are keeping yourself from starting.

What are you afraid of and what are you waiting for?

If you are waiting for a sign that you are ready, then this may be it.

Your Permission Poster

Know the Law

This one will make a few people groan and the law is not the most exciting subject for many people but it is important. So embrace the spirit of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and get your Harvard on, just for a moment.

It is important to know the laws in your area around your practice. There are different laws for conducting an online business and a location-based business.

You will have to consider things like taxes, insurance, liability, and finding out if you have the right disclaimers on your site. What kind of business are you going to register? A sole proprietor, partnership? There are requirements for each kind.

There are even some places in the world where reading Tarot is illegal so do your research. It is worth it.

It is a huge subject and I am not a lawyer so make sure you consult the professionals for advice. A great place to start is to check out this amazing post from Benebell Wen on conducting business online. This woman knows her stuff. There is a ton of excellent blog posts on Tarot reading and the law. 

Link –

I want to hear from you! When did you know you were ready? Are you still working on it? Did you give yourself permission today?

What do you want to learn about running a Tarot Business? Let me know so I can make a video for you. Click here to read part 2: Starting Your Tarot Business -Your Business Model 

Want to work with me as your Tarot Mentor? – Find out more here 

Take your Tarot Business to the next level with One on One Coaching 

Until Next week...

7 thoughts on “Starting a Tarot Business Part 1”

  1. Hi, Ethony,
    Great post and video!
    When I got into Tarot, I started with just reading for myself. Then I started practicing on reading for friends and co-workers from the job I had at that time. All the while, I hadn’t considered going pro.
    It wasn’t until one day, a co-worker (from that same job) approached me and said, “I hear that you read Tarot. How much do you charge for a reading?” In that moment, my Tarot reading business was borne, because I realized that there were people who would pay for a reading.
    Looking forward to the future parts of the series!

  2. This the awesome article to become a professional tarot reader. Every tarot reader should have to prepare for all the terms about tarot reading. This is the Impressive. These can be the best ways to become a tarot reader.
    Good luck for you.

    Warm Regards.”

  3. Hi!
    I am a beginner and have been watching tarot online for a couple of years to guide me!
    Boy what a amazing journey! It has helped in my life tremendously! It’s sort of funny because I never thought about being a professional tarot reader I was out and about one day and I had this urge to buy a tarot deck, the place I went to only had one deck left that was available and I purchased it then I started giving myself personal readings every day. Unbeknownst to me my angels and Spirit guides have pushed me 2 give help to others because I have a natural gift that I didn’t know I had! I am ready to pursue this and help others and I have just begun my research part to learn about the law and how to get set up online. I just want to thank you for your help! I am so thankful that I have finally found my calling ♥️

  4. Hi Ethany,
    Thank you for this series. I know I will do readings, I am ready and ready or not, it is time. I am simply not sure what genre I will address. I am very concerned with the laws as I am in school for psychology. I also found your approach beyond refreshing.
    Thank you,

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