Starting Your Tarot Business – Part 2 – Your Business Model

Starting Your Tarot Business – Part 2 – Your Business Model

In the second part of the Starting Your Tarot Business series, we discuss choosing a business model and more!
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This is video two on my tips on how to get your Tarot business started.  Nothing I say here is gospel. Take what you want and leave the rest.

This advice can be used for Oracle Card Readers, Angel Card Readers, Healers, Energy workers and many other Spiritual Entrepreneurial businesses as well. I use the Tarot as my main Spiritual Tool and run a Tarot Business so this is the perspective from which I speak.

Business Model Worksheet –


In the first video we went over

  • Knowing your craft
  • Giving yourself permission
  • Knowing the law

In this video, I am going to be talking about deciding on your business model and some of the options that you have available to you. This is not an exhaustive list in regards to where you can conduct business as there are too many to list in one post.

No matter what you do, you are going to need a website. I know that I certainly look to find out more about someone from their website. I want to read about them and learn about their knowledge and what they offer. You don’t need a huge amount of money to have a good site especially with providers such as weebly, squarespace and wix providing easy to build, free or low cost websites.

I personally use WordPress and have a site that is purposefully designed for me needs. The benefit of learning WordPress is that once your site is up you can add content and change things like menus on your own.

Decide on your business model

One of your main choices will be whether you are you going to be a 100% online business or are you going to conduct your business in person.

Let’s Look at Online

The Pro’s

  • You get to do what you love
  • You can set your own hours
  • You are 100% your own boss
  • Start up costs are low
  • No daily traffic or commute
  • The internet never sleeps and you can have potential clients find you all the time
  • You can work in your PJ’s if you want, although I don’t recommend it. Having a good routine working at home is just as important as if you were going to work in an office


  • Work can be endless, there is always something to do
  • You have 100% accountability for your business (insurance, law, accounting)
  • It can be lonely, as a matter of fact being an entrepreneur can be very lonely
  • If you house is stressful work won’t be fun (nor will prosperity flow). A messy, busy house may not be the most aligned to your work.
  • There are millions of websites and an abundance of people doing what you want to do and it can be hard to stand out

Possible Online Avenues

Online Stores


.20c USD per listing fee

3.5% transaction fee on the sale price (not including shipping costs).

If you accept payments through Etsy’s Direct Payments system, they also take a processing fee

There is the thought that Etsy is the marketplace to be because of their already established followers and this can be true. But it is always what you do with your avenues.

Storenvy – you will have to use stripe which is why I didn’t go with them.

You can use a plugin on your site like Woocommerce and sell directly from your website or just set up buttons.

Direct Readings

  • Skype
  • Readings via email – PayPal? 3%
  • Phone
  • Record videos and send the links


There are so many opportunities here although the profit on products can be low and the expense to get them done (considering what it is and how you are going to do it) can be very high.

  • You can make a product like a Tarot or Oracle deck
  • You can import or sell other peoples products that are aligned to your business.
  • You can work on commissioned work and customised creations

Getting Paid

You are going to have accept payments via a service, I use PayPal. I have for years. I am happy with their services.

Face to face


  • You get to do what you love
  • You get to connect with real people and be a part of your community
  • Word of mouth Clients are easier to find when you work face to face
  • Your risk is lower when you work from a reputable store
  • You can set your own hours to a degree
  • Your money cycle will be more noticeable – peaks when you work, nothing when you don’t (this is both a pro and a con)


  • Your money cycle will be more noticeable – peaks when you work, nothing when you don’t
  • Taking holidays can be hard (this can be the same for online work too)
  • You will be working when everyone else is having fun – weekends, nights, holiday periods (this can be the same for online work too!)
  • Some areas are not very open to the work you do
  • The setup cost can be more if you are going to have a physical location

Getting Paid

For face to face work I accept payments via cheque, direct deposit, square reader and cash.

What do I do

I carry out my business both online and face to face. I like the blend of working with people and also the flexibility of online work.

A lot of businesses need a face to face aspect for their Clients but there are always way to integrate online revenue streams into your business.

My advice is to follow what makes you excited and what suits your individual situation. If you have a shoe string budget then I wouldn’t put myself into debt starting a business that I am not sure I could support. Stress to the max!

The best thing I ever did was have my Tarot Business as a side hustle while I worked full time. It was the best way for me to do what I loved, build my Client base and reputation and put money into my business because I had steady income coming in.

Then when I was ready I was able to transition into working as a Tarot Reader, Coach and Teacher full time and invest in creating my Decks! It gave me security, time and capital and I wasn’t stressed about making money, I was just able to do what I love.

I have created a little workbook for you which you can it HERE to give you some ideas and inspiration for your business.

I want to hearSpiritual EntrepreneurMasterMindTraining from you! What do you want to learn about running a Tarot Business? Let me know so I can make a video for you.

If you are running a business or about to launch a Spiritual business I would like to invite you to join me on the 20th of February for a Mastermind Training session. It’s called  “Your Ideal Clients and Where to Find Them”. This could be the most valuable $13 you have ever spent. Find out more here –

Thank you for joining me for part two of Starting your Tarot Business. Click here to read part 3: Starting Your Tarot Business – Your Offers And Pricing


Until Next week...

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