Wicca and Taking a Patron Goddess and God

Wicca and Taking a Patron Goddess and God

There is a saying in Wicca, you met and know the Goddess first and then the God.

This is completely my opinion and experience and I in no way claim to be an expert or the authority of how one is to take a Patron Deity.

I have always loved Ancient cultures and especially keen on their many myths and legends. I collected series of books about it and borrowed the Penguin dictionary of Classical Mythology from the library more times that I can count in grade 8 at high school. (I now own a copy of that book and still read and reference it)

One Goddess always took my interest. It was Greek Goddess Athena. Right from the very start I was drawn to her. The fact that her own Father was frightened of her power, that she was a warrior Goddess but a Goddess of wisdom as well. That she won the city of Athens from Poseidon to have as her patron city. Yes some of the myths were not so nice and that is life I guess but her strength and wisdom were very appealing to me. I even remember this episode of Hercules (yep when Kevin Sorbo was all the rage in his pleather pants, I loved that show and Xena) where Athena was featured with her owl giving advise to the man with the mighty chest hair.

It was absolutely no surprise that she claimed me as her own. I didn’t even have to do anything or ask. She was always there. She has been and will always be for me what I seek to be. Wise and strong. Isn’t that what we should want from our Patrons, something that we can see in ourselves? The things that we strive for? The lessons that we are trying to learn? I know that she will always be the first and only Patron Goddess that will stay with me for life. I am truly a Priestess of Athena and I know from working with her for nearly 13 years now that this was always going to be something that I was going to find. So finding my Patron Goddess was not hard, she found me and claimed me. I know that not everyone is so lucky.

When it came to find a Patron God, it was a little harder. There is a saying in Wicca, you met and know the Goddess first and then the God and this was true for me. Maybe it was because I had such a powerful masculine type Goddess that I didn’t feel the need to take a Patron God. But alas the call was also always there, just a little subtler. Which is funny when I clicked at what the God was.

I have always loved the ocean, always. I went into a Marine Science scholarship at High School and have surfed, spear fished, snorkeled, wreak dived and everything but scuba dived. (my lungs making that dream impossible which I was gutted about and still am a little) I have been passionate about saving the Whales ever since watching Dot and the Whale when I was really little like 6 years old and I still am. Every time I entered the water I would ask for protection and vow that I would leave it as I found it, never littering and being thankful for the cleansing water. I feel like I hum when I get out of the ocean and it has been my one place for cleansing for many years. So of course Poseidon was and again always will be my Patron God.

While most people see a older man looking more like Zeus, I have always seen him more like the picture. He is also another strong Patron, but I like that. The working relationship in a spiritual sense with Poseidon is something that I want to work on more. Practically it has been easy to work with him because of the amount of connection I have with the ocean but I know that there is much work to do on that connection with the masculine divine. And after Thor’s entry to circle a little while back, man can they be powerful or what!

It is funny to think that both of my Patron’s battled for Athens. While I have and will always work with other Goddesses and Gods these two are really very much a part of me and that is what the Divine is, they are now separate from us completely, it is all connected after all.

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  1. I think this is really awesome. Personally for me, I found my God first. As with your slight “obsession” (for lack of a better word) with Athena, I have felt for Hades. I don’t know what it is with him, but I have always been drawn to him, and Greek deities all together. I had always struggled to find my personal Goddess, and when I did a meditation about a week or so ago (after an amazing yoga session), I asked and “Kali” was given to me. I don’t know why she picked me, to be completely honest. I don’t follow any form of Hinduism and have never worked with any of their deities. I do work with chakras and I do yoga (I am interested in eastern belief systems, but more so Japanese rather than any of the others), so I’m still really confused. I don’t feel a connection with Kali, other than the fact that she is a really strong mother Goddess (something I admire). So I dunno.. I think I’m going to keep searching for now, and see if she keeps coming up.

    1. Kali is amazing! Reading this, I asked myself who my Patron Goddess was (I connect to many) and it’s definitely her. Don’t be afraid of her. She’s actually quite gentle and just wants to help us let go of what no longer serves us.

  2. I have a similar situation, I did a guided meditation to try and meet my goddess. And she was clear and vivid in my mind and told me who she was, athena. And she was the one calling me for years. I asked her what my name was to be. And she told me, but a devotee of athena told me it wasn’t like her to call someone this. But she told me I am Son of Athena Guardian of the Old Ways. I am honored but I was told to be careful. What do you think? Please feel free to email me MailGuard('madkeith5','gmail.com')">

  3. Hey! Im surprised it worked out for you, working with 2 techincally enemy gods! Athena and Poseidon rivalry, yet being connected to both-
    Funny thing is, Lady Athena is my patron goddess, yet Poseidon is the patron (i suppose you would call it that?) of the month in which i was born- I’m kind of scared I will mess up but I don’t know-
    Glad you posted this because it was so great to read!

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