How to Charge Your Tarot Deck

How to Charge Your Tarot Deck

Charging your tarot deck is something you can do to give the cards a cleanse and an energy boost. Just like when you recharge your own batteries!
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Hi Tarot Bumblebees,

Charging your tarot deck is something you can do to give the cards a cleanse and an energy boost. Just like when you recharge your own batteries! If you want to learn more about spiritual cleansing, make sure you check out my video on spiritually cleansing a space, as many of those practices can be used to cleanse your Tarot Decks.

As with everything I share, take what resonates with you, and simply leave the rest.

1. By the Light of the Full Moon or Sunlight

The moon and sun are powerful charging energies. By placing your tarot deck (can also be crystals and sacred tools) under the full moon, you allow the lunar energy to bathe them in light. Doing this can also connect your deck to the Moon Goddess. The sun is another wonder charger and can connect you to solar Gods and Goddesses in your work.

Be careful when leaving your decks out in nature. I only leave my decks on a window sill as I know the local family of raccoons will take off with my deck if I leave them outside or they will get damaged by the elements.

2. Give Them Some Reiki

If you’ve done Reiki, give your deck some Reiki love! You can also use your knowledge of energy healing, and magic to give your deck a recharge.

3. Reorder The Deck and Place on Altar

Put your tarot deck in order from The Fool all the way to the King of Pentacles (or whatever suit you want to put at the end). Then place your newly re-ordered deck on your altar to charge.

4. Crystal Grid Your Cards

Create a crystal grid for your deck to sit in. Have the crystal grid in your working space or on your altar. You can direct energy to and away from your deck. For example, place smokey quartz points away from the center to direct negative energy away from the deck. Place citrine points towards the deck to bring joy and positive energy to the deck. Use clear quartz to charge the deck with power.

5. Clean their Aura, wrap in Silk and Place in Wood

Clear the deck with a spray or smoke and then wrap the deck in silk and place in a wooden box. The deck can be kept in there for as long as you feel it needs. You’re essentially bathing the deck and tucking it in bed for a tarot nap.

6. Crystal Bowl and Singing Bowl Bath

Put your Tarot deck in a crystal or singing bowl and use the bowl to shake free any sticky energy. Leave the tarot deck in the bowl for 24 hours.

7. Beach Day, Forest Walk, or Sacred Place

The next time you visit the beach or a sacred place ask permission of the land if you can put your deck down to be changed in its space. You will know if you have permission to do so if you tune in and listen. I always like to say thank you to the land, flora, and fauna by doing a little rubbish cleaning in the area. Be mindful of sacred spaces listed as heritage sites; they are fragile and aren’t places that you should be taking from. Do your research on the site beforehand.

If you have a collection of Tarot Decks cycle them out every once in a while. This keeps you connected to your decks and you may learn new things with each different deck. It also gives you a break from a deck that you have seen over and over so you aren’t resting on your laurels. I like to change out my decks seasonally, choosing decks that reflect the changes I experience with the Witches Wheel.

Until Next week...

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