Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread

Hi magical ones, today I want to talk to you about Dream Interpretation and share with you a new Tarot Spread designed to help you decipher your dreams.

Before I jump in as with everything that I share please take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest.

I have been a vivid dreamer as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I had very detailed reoccurring dreams and nightmares.

I was fortunate to have parents who helped me through the nightmares with positive meditations which is where a lot of my strong visualization and energy working skills have come from. I am very thankful for my strong connection to the dream realm. My moon in Pisces definitely helps.

I find that some dreams that stay with me for a long time after. It is often during these times that I use the Tarot to help order my thoughts and find deeper meaning.

Dream interpretation is a deep art and I am not going to cover everything about it in this post but I will cover some 101 information about dreams and interpreting them.

Dream interpretation is reflecting on your dreams and finding meaning to the symbols, actions, environments and general going on’s that happen while we are sleeping.

While there are plenty of dream dictionaries etc out there, this is just one thing that needs to be taken into consideration when working on understanding our dreams. Symbols, words, people, and environments are very personal and there is no one meaning for them. This is where working with a magical tool like the Tarot can help bring some more clarity.

There are different types of dreams and understanding them is the first step to being able to interpret your dreams.

Reoccurring Dreams

These dreams are often linked to an event that created a deep imprint, or some trauma. They often hold a lot of meaning in regards to healing messages.

If you are having recurring dreams that wake you up or upset you, then I highly recommend speaking to someone a professional who can give you extra tools to move through and heal to complement the magical and spiritual healing work that you are doing.

Reoccurring dreams keep coming up for a reason. Work with all of the resources you have to heal yourself and come back to wholeness.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are when you become aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. It is a trippy experience the first few times this happens and it is a skill that you can learn and develop.

People who lucid dream can control the dream in various levels of effect. Goals vary in lucid dreams – you might want to enjoy the dream you are in, explore potential pathways, or simply observe the dream with your full awareness.

Prophetic Dreams

These dreams are the ones that come true.

A Prophetic dream is something you have clearly dreamt of before and know is going to happen.

Sometimes a small aspect of the dream will come to pass, or sometimes the whole thing can play out in front of you like a movie you have seen before.

Tarot is an invaluable to help you get clarity on prophetic dreams. You can check if you can avoid something coming to pass or even figure out if the dream was actually prophetic in nature in the first place.

If you want to hear my thoughts on things like prophecy, choice and fate check out my blog post and video here.

Subconscious Recall Dreams

Dreams are the ideal playground for when you’ve forgotten or are repressing something. The conscious side of your grey matter is no longer in the driver’s seat when you are asleep. This is often when strong shadow work theme come out to play.

You may find that common themes come up in these dreams or a variation of the same dream happens until the issue is resolved in real life. This is common when people are repressing how they really feel or are having conflict and stress in their relationships and workplace.

Replay Dreams

These are dreams replay what happened in your past or in your day and may have altered events of what happened.

This can be your brain simply doing what all good computers do – shutting down and dumping data that it no longer needs.

I have found that these dreams often don’t have as much going on message wise but that doesn’t mean you should disregard them completely. If you use the Tarot spread below with one of these dreams and you get nothing coming back, it may be that this dream was simply a brain dump and it doesn’t have any insight for you.

Not everything means something.

Past Life Dreams

These dreams are when you are dreaming of one your past lives. These dreams often happen when you meet or are in a relationship (non romantic or romantic) with someone from a past life. Especially if there are lessons being learnt and strong connections still at play.

If you are having these dreams working with your past lives as well as dream interpretation can be very insightful for working through these lessons and connections.

Astral Travel

I am putting this here as I am sure I am going to be asked. Astral Travel is a completely different topic and magical practice which I can talk about in the future.

What if You Don’t Dream?

Well that is okay too. Not everyone is going to remember their dreams for a number of reasons. It may just be an avenue that is not open to you.

I do recommend if you want to work with dreams to try out my dream pillow and recall charm to see if that will help get your dreaming happening.

This Tarot spread is designed to help you get meaning and decipher your dreams. When using this spread I first write down as much detail as possible about my dream in my Tarot Journal so that I am working with as much of that dream energy as possible.

When you have laid out the entire spread make sure you look at the whole reading. There is likely to be something in one of the cards that connect to the dream. It may be a symbol, number, word, person or environment.

It is in these cards that I find the most information is to be found. Other cards in the spread may not hold as much weight for the reading. The more you work with dream interpretation and tarot the easier this becomes.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about dreams and interpreting them with the Tarot and I hope you enjoyed looking at the Tarot spread.

If you want to work more with remembering your dreams make sure you check out my blog post on the energies of the New Moon in Pisces as there is a dream pouch recipe, dream journal download, and a dream recall charm included in that post.

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