Energetic and Psychic Protection: Part 1

Energetic and Psychic Protection: Part 1

In part one of this series, we discuss what Energetic and Psychic Protection is and why you should care.
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Hi Tarot Tribe and Witchy Wonders.  It is Ethony and today is the first part in a series where I discuss Energetic and Psychic Protection. I was going to have this as just one post but it became rather large so I am splitting it up into two parts.

As with everything that I share, this is just my experience and knowledge. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. I would also love to hear from you all about this subject as we all have different experiences and beliefs, which is one of the things that makes community awesome.

So let’s dive in.

What is Energetic and Psychic Protection and Why Should I Give a Shit?

You don’t have to care about this at all, you could be watching out of sheer curiosity. However you may be more interested if you an energy worker, light worker, Tarot or oracle card reader, healer, shaman, witch, pagan or energetically sensitive. Heck you could be all of those things.

Energetic protection for me is also taking care of my energetic hygiene, it is not all about warding off attacks and negative energy.

It ensures that after a Tarot Reading for a Client my space is cleared and I feel grounded. It is physically and energetically cleaning my living space so that energy flows through it and doesn’t get stuck. It is about creating a welcoming and warm environment where I live. It is giving myself a little extra protection on the road or while I travel. It is also shielding myself from energy that I don’t want to have affect me. These are all forms of Energetic and Psychic Protection.

Many of us are energetically sensitive, we walk into a space and can sense immediately if we should be there or not. We get the feeling of being hung over after a very late night out, even if have had nothing to drink. If you are feeling this way often, it may be your bodies way of communicating that you could spend some time cleansing your space and working on your protections. 


Here are some of the ways that people experience energy that is not their cup of tea or bad vibes:

  • You feel drained after leaving a space or person/people
  • You can’t focus and feel that there is static around you
  • Physical heaviness or pressure pains
  • Bad smells
  • Sympathetic pains on the body where there is nothing actually wrong with you
  • Night terrors and bad dreams
  • Sleep paralysis

Now please remember that this does not mean you are under psychic attack or that someone has cursed you. You may actually be sick and fighting off a cold, or just need a good night sleep. Or have medical sleep apnea. As a matter of my personal work, psychic attack or negative vibes are the last thing I look at when it comes to diagnosing any of these for myself. Usually I just need a shower and sleep. For the love of the Goddess, please do not get all panicky about it after watching this video.

Your Mindset

Now I want to talk about belief. Have you examined what do you believe when it comes to energetic and psychic protection? Seriously, cause that is going to shape your reality.

  • Do you think that sage smoke will cleanse an area or it is just a burning shrub?
  • Do you believe that there are malevolent forces out there that are going to come and get you?
  • Do you believe that if someone gets a hold of a lock of your hair that they can do serious magical damage to you?
  • If someone believes it is all nonsense, can they be affected by it and just call it a different name or not even notice?

The mind is extremely powerful and what you believe has a huge impact to your experience.

I would love to start a conversation here about magic and protection. If you are watching this video, I would take an educated guess that you are at least a little bit interested in the subject. So what do you think? Do you think that an incredible practitioner/(insert name of evil force here) could do some damage, to the most well protected witch/light worker? Or do you believe that if you are vibrating at a certain level, you are untouchable? Or somewhere in the middle? What about areas of the world that still have a very active magical system in place and cultural belief that sees this kind of phenomenon as normal? Let me know!

I feel it is valuable as a magically inclined person, or all out Warrior Witch to ask yourself these questions. Maybe even journal them in something like your mirror book and date it. As you grow and experience new things, your ideas may change and evolve.


A basic aspect of protection is the control and training of our most powerful organ, our mind. One of the great things about this is that you already have all of the tools you need! Visualizations have been talked about in many books, videos and blog posts so I am not going to completely unpack it here. What I view visualizations as is entering a meditative space or at least a mindful space if you don’t have the time to get into a trance like state, and then seeing in your minds eye the desired effect.

It is like playing a movie in your mind. The more detailed the visualizations are the more chance they have of being successful and integrated as truth to your mind. It takes practice but the following visualizations can be great to add to your tool box when it comes to taking care of your energetic hygiene.

I am going to offer one way of doing each of these visualizations. You can change them and adapt them to your own practice. As to how often you do these visualizations, it is completely up to you.

The Mirror

This visualization is where you would see yourself surrounded by a ball or egg of light which is reflective and bouncing energy off of you. Just think like Wonder Woman’s Gauntlets but egg shaped surrounding your body.


1. To start this visualization you would calm and center your breathing and close your eyes.

2. Then you want to see yourself on the screen of your mind. See your whole body.

3. You see yourself holding your hands out in front of you like you were going to catch a basketball.

4. Between your hands you start to feel heat (you can also do this psychically while you have your eyes closed, it helps) and light gathers there. Just think of some cool movie special effects.

5. This light is brilliant blue white and is the protective energy that we all have access to. It is how ever you see this, reiki light, life force, universal love, Christ light.

6. Once it is big enough, you are going to expand your hands wide stretching the energy.

7. As your arms pull further apart the energy forms a ball around you, going over your head and under your feet.

8. Once you have that clear in your mind (you may also feel it around you, which is awesome) see it crystallize and become firm, but breathable. Like an egg shell.

9. Then you are going to gliterize it and see it having a mirror finish on the outside.

10. Intention of bad bounce back

11. When you are ready open your eyes.

Cutting Energetic Cords

Energetic cords are the energetic representation of the connection we have to people. Good and not so healthy. It is what I believe connects twins and why they can sense each other. Or why Mothers have their incredible sense about their children. If you have had a relationship with someone there is a bond between the two of you. You may see these as cords.

If you want to cut the cords to someone or a situation it can be very freeing and healing. It is like saying you no longer have access to my energy bodies and space. I am also one for healing the cord and sending love back to the person. Cause the last thing the world needs is more assholes. This can be a bit of a more complex visualization so if you don’t see any cords don’t stress. There may be nothing there to cut!


1. To start this visualization you would calm and center your breathing and close your eyes.

2. Then you want to see yourself on the screen of your mind. See your whole body.

3. Think about the person/situation/relationship that you would like to heal and separate yourself from. All the while focussing on the image of your body in front of you.

4. Your body’s energy and image will start to change.

5. As your body begins to rotate, look for cords that may be coming out of your aura. These can be different colors. While some people say never to cut a certain colored cord, I believe that if you are focusing on the person/situation/relationship that you want to release, you will only see the ones that need removing.

6. At this point I call in an Archangel to aid me in this, but you can simply see a pair of scissors or a sword.

7. With intention and one at a time cut the cord from your aura. See the end that was coming from you healed and your aura whole again. I do this with universal light.

8. See the end that you removed also bathed in light, send the light and love back up the cord to the person/situation/relationship you are healing and removing.

9. Do this for each one of the cords and spend the time healing your space and theirs.

10. When you are all cord free you can do the mirror ball one too to but some protection in place or I sometimes take a universal light energy shower.

11. When you are ready open your eyes.

Breathing Light In & Toxins Out

This visualization is great for shedding unwanted energies around and from within the body. It is not a substitute for medical care however. I like to send the energy down to Gaia for transformation and cleansing.


1. To start this visualization you would calm and center your breathing and close your eyes.

2. Then you want to see yourself on the screen of your mind. See your whole body. With this visulaization you can see yourself standing or sitting down. Either works well. If you want to do some chakra work, I would be sitting and also see myself sitting in the screen of my mind. As the root chakra is connected to Gaia this way.

3. You are going see universal energy flow from above you and all around you.

4. Now every time you take a breath in you are going to breath in this light and see it fill your body.

5. Every time you breathe out, you will see grey energy being removed from your body. I do this with my breath and I also see it going into Gaia, to be transformed.

6. You can do this for as long as you need, you can also breathe light into each of your chakras if you like or any place in your body you are experiencing pain.

7. Again when you are ready, you can do the mirror ball one too to but some protection in place or I sometimes take a universal light energy shower.

8. When you are ready open your eyes.

As I mentioned before this is just one suggestion as to how to use visualizations.

This is where I am going to wrap up this post and video.

I will be discussing crystals, cleansing space, amulets and a bunch of other things in Part 2.

Thank you so much for joining me and I look forward to reading the discussion about this topic in the comments below.

Until Next week...

6 thoughts on “Energetic and Psychic Protection: Part 1”

  1. Hi Ethony Thank you so much so very helpful and just what is was looking in this moment! I looked at my inbox after skyping someone where we had been talking about psychic / energetic protection and there was your Oracle Wednesday ! Hugs!

  2. Thank You Ethony! All my life I have been described with terms like precocious, imaginative, sensitive, empathetic, perceptive & more. Yet I sometimes feel so overwhelmed, burdened & chaotic after some situations & encounters, it can take me days – sometimes longer – to feel ‘normal’. I tried your Mirror Energy Ball visualization & feel fantastic! I wish I had known this technique years ago, it feels like I am surrounded in protective shell of light energy. Thank you so very much!

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