Energetic And Psychic Protection: Part 2

Energetic And Psychic Protection: Part 2

The second part of my Energetic and Psychic series on protection tools and practices.
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Hi Tarot lovebots, it’s Ethony and today is Part 2 of my energetic and psychic protection tools and practices. If you missed Part 1, here is the link to that blog post and video.

As with everything that I share, take what resonates with you and incorporate it into your practice and leave the rest.

The first tool I use are the lovely shiny earth gifts that are crystals.


Crystals are so hot right now. They are beautiful looking and so, so shiny and the amount of decks, books, businesses, drink bottles and pretty much anything you can attach a crystal on out there is staggering.

crystals-for-protectionThey are pretty rad and energetically very powerful so it is super cool to see them become mainstream. I am not sure if I am alone in this, but I really think about how they are mined and the potential damage we do to the surrounding areas. It could be my resources industry background but I always think that. It is the same thing with the recent explosion of palo santo and how that is harvested. I am trying to be more mindful when sourcing my sacred items. It usually means you pay more but I feel that is worth it. Now that I have departed from my little soapbox, I am going to share some of my favorite crystals for energetic and psychic protection.

Here are some popular crystals for energetic and psychic protection. These stones listed do have other properties, but they all have the protection element in common.

  • Smokey Quartz – This stone is excellent for transforming negativity of all kinds.
  • Moonstone – So good for night terrors and nightmares. I have this under my son’s bed and also used to have it by my bedside.
  • Black Tourmaline – I feel like this crystal is the Godfather of protective stones.  It is usually one of the top selected stones in this field.
  • Amethyst – Another great stone for peaceful sleep and getting rid of nightmares. It is a gentle stone that helps bring peace as well and is good for calming energies in people.
  • Amber – Awesome for cleansing out negative juju in your environment
  • Labradorite – Helps protect the aura
  • Lapis Lazuli – Helps ward off psychic attacks
  • Malachite – Malachite is also good for absorbing shock and trauma.
  • Garnet – I adore this stone and it is one I used to wear daily when conducting Tarot readings. I feel this stone helps create a barrier in the aura to block icky shit.

Cleaning and cleansing your stones on the regular is important too. They collect dust which you will want to remove through light water cleaning or dusting, some crystals react and even disintegrate with salt water so please be careful about how long you leave them in water. Google that shiz. After doing that, I like to leave my crystals on my window sill under the full moon to charge them up.   

You can even program your crystals. The lovely Vix from New Age Hipster recently had a video on this subject, I will link it below and it will also be over in the blog transcription.

I am going to be doing a video soon on how you can use crystals in your Tarot Readings so watch out for that one.

Smoke Ceremonies

I love nothing more than to open all the windows in my apartment and light up some Sage and Palo Santo and cleanse each room with my feathers and fans. I use both together as Sage is very good at cleansing the whole space clear and the Palo Santo brings in a grounding and uplifting vibe. It is nice to bring some other energies in after the cleansing to set a lovely vibrational tone to your space. It also smells amazing.

Room-SpraysSage bundles with a complimentary herb like lavender, sweetgrass, cedar, rose and rosemary are popular. You can also make a loose incense out of any of these herbs and they work just as well. You can add sacred resins like Frankincense and myrrh. Another wood that is wonderful for space cleansing and protection is sandlewood.

If you can’t do smoke, you can use Room and Aura-Sprays. I use these in my cleansing ritual and throughout readings. My friend has a wonderful collection of Room mists, I adore the Smudge off when I can’t burn my incense, sage and woods and the Stomp your Feet is a great one for connecting and grounding.

Salt Lamps

salt-rock-lampI have had Himalayan Salt Lamps for years. I even brought over one of my lamps from Australia when I moved to Canada, I think I have had it for over 10 years now, I have ones with the bulbs in our bedrooms and also the candle holders for reading spaces.

Salt is incredibly protective and cleansing and that is enough for me. They are said to aid in cleansing the air, aiding with sleep, helping with electromagnetic radiation neutralisation and a bunch of other things.

You can argue the science behind them just like everything that is seen as woo-woo but I don’t care. Salt is protective and the light they give off is gentle and warm. I am sensitive to bright synthetic light so this suits me perfectly. Two birds one awesome salt lamp stone.

Salt & Herbal Baths

Most of us know about the cleansing and healing powers of water and there is an abundance of items on the market for cleansing and healing bath teas, salt mixes and bath bombs that you can use. Even bathing with epsom salts is just as good as the fanciest blend you can make or buy.

cleansing-swimWater cleansing helps your body as well as your energy fields which is why I have included it as a practice in this video.

Baths are not everyone’s jam. If you are a shower person you can make oat and herb scrubs out of cloth bags and use that to wash your body and cleanse your space just as well.

The most amazing way for me personally to cleanse my space with water is swimming in the ocean, which I used to do frequently in Oz. Natural bodies of water are incredible for getting you clear of any unwanted juju.

Aura Sprays

I love me my Aura-Sprays. I use them every day I am conducting readings and if I am feeling as though I need a little energetic pick me up.

I have three different sets and you certainly don’t need that many, I have just been lucky to have been given a lot. They are gentle and don’t set off fire alarms and you can carry them easily in your purse. They are a must have for me.

Amulets and Talismans

Amulets and Talismans are  defined by the dictionary as “an ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease” and they go back a long ass time in history. Humans are such a superstitious bunch.

Like anything you wear you give that symbol power. One of my favorite movie witches, Sally Owens in Practical Magic says it better than I can when she is talking to Gary about his police badge. “Your badge – it’s just a star, just another symbol. Your talisman. It can’t stop criminals in their tracks, can it? It has power because you believe it does.”

This pretty much sums up Amulets and Talismans. There are ways in which you can empower and consecrate these symbols in ritual that can give them more meaning too.

Some common symbols that you will see on amulets are:

  • Pentacles
  • Pentagrams
  • Hamsas
  • The Evil Eye
  • Runes
  • Sigils
  • Ankh

This is a small list as there is really no limit to what can be seen and taken as sacred to a person.  

As well as wearing an amulet, you can also place these sacred symbols around your home and I have had them on the back of my doors for added protection.

I do advise that you do not use any sigil or symbol that you don’t know or haven’t researched and read about. I mean go for it, but I personally wouldn’t.

I hope you have found this video helpful. What are some of the ways you use the tools and practices in this video for your own energetic and psychic protection? Leave any questions or comments below, or tweet me at @ethonytarot. 



Until Next week...

4 thoughts on “Energetic And Psychic Protection: Part 2”

  1. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!
    I want to know from where I can buy Himalayan salt lamp? Am in USA.

    Thanks again!

    1. You can get them on Amazon! I have also found a lot of new age stores carry them, spa supply stores too. Try to get them local or with free shipping as they are heavy

  2. Thank you for this, I love Crystals and use them everyday. I especially love tigereye, I call it my soul stone! lol I also use black tourmaline and labradorite alot! Actually they are all awesome! I use them during my tarot card readings.
    I love moons, can that be a talisman?

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