Weekly Articles on Tarot and Witchcraft


The Secrets to Reading Tarot for Yourself

Reading the Tarot is a wonderful and fun way to reflect and tap into your inner guidance. Some people can find reading the Tarot for themself a little tricky though. I’ve put together a guide to help you get the most out of having a Tarot reading table for one.

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Tarot Spreads

Is This The Right Decision? Tarot Spread & Example Reading

This tarot spread has been created to aid you with your decision making process. For this tarot spread, it’s best to have the decision you’re thinking about making in mind. I walk through the entire tarot spread in the video and show you some of the ways you’re able to work with it.

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20 Signs That You Are A Real Witch! + Real Examples

This is by no way meant to be a witch checklist. If there are things on this list that you don’t resonate with or feel I’ve missed, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a witch. There are different types of witches with different interests and skills.

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