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Readers Studio 19 Recap & Magical Goodies Haul

Readers Studio 2019 was amazing. That pretty much sums up the incredible weekend that I had with some of the most fabulous tarot people in the world. Press play on the video for all of the overview of the event and a big walkthrough of all of the goodies I purchased and got gifted over the weekend. A Huge thank you to Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone for the invitation to be on the mainstage this year and for hosting this wonderful event. I am already counting down the days until RS2020. Shops that I purchased items from: Carrie Paris

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Witches Give No Fucks – Stop Worrying What Anyone Else Thinks And Live Your Best Life

As I’ve gotten more known in the Tarot community, more people see my content. And they have opinions. So many opinions. And some of them aren’t nice about it. I get emails criticizing me every day, comments on my videos and social posts. What I can say, is I honestly don’t care if some people don’t like me. I know I’m not for everyone. I’ve been told since I was young that I’m a lot and I choose to see that as a whole lotta awesome. I couldn’t be doing what I love and sharing my work on a large

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